Cal Parnell - Automated Dropshipping Mastery

Cal Parnell - Automated Dropshipping Mastery digital download.

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Cal Parnell - Automated Dropshipping Mastery

Type: Digital download

Cal Parnell - Automated Dropshipping Mastery

Cal Parnell - Automated Dropshipping Mastery

Learn the untold new dropshipping strategy that is making beginners $1-30K Per Month.
NO ads, NO risk.

Zero Risk  Startup Costs

Turn dropshipping on it’s head by never running ads. No lost ad spend, no worry. You just need a shopify subscription.

Copy & Paste Store

Simply follow, copy and apply the exact store setup used to generate $30k per month

Generate  Passive Income

Support your income with automated sales from your store. Quickly and easily scale up based on what available time you have.

What You’ll Learn

The complete start to finish strategy that will get you up and running FAST. No guess work, no trial & error and 100% no risk as you won’t be running ANY ads. Just rely on the magic of social media automation to drive traffic to your stores in the background.

A clear and concise course that will show you how to make your first store, find and list the products, use the automation strategy nobody knows about to generate sales all in your spare time.

The course comprises of seven direct and to the point modules:

  1. Picking Your Niche: I list the top niches CRUSHING it right now. You just pick a winner from day one
  2. Finding Products: How to source, how to pick and how to set your pricing
  3. Create Your Store: I make a real store capable of $10k a month from scratch that you can straight up copy
  4. The Apps: These are the crucial apps I use that run in the background to make you more sales
  5. Instagram Accounts: Your traffic source. Follow my methods for creating top converting accounts
  6. Automation Setup:  Copy & Paste my EXACT automation scripts that make me 30k per month
  7. Order Fulfilment: After your first sale is made, follow my best kept secret for EASY order fulfilment


  • Private Facebook Group for round the clock support
  • Access to the invite only automation platform (not open to the public)
  • I will be personally on hand to support your journey

Automated Dropshipping Mastery

Master the art of automated dropshipping. The EXACT strategies used to generate passive income WITHOUT the need to learn OR run costly ads.