Burt Goldman - Quantum Jumping 2

They want to use this technique not just to make small improvements in their lives - but massive, profound, lasting changes to their wealth, career, health...

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They want to use this technique not just to make small improvements in their lives - but massive, profound, lasting changes to their wealth, career, health and relationships. File Size: 398 MB 



Burt Goldman - Quantum Jumping 2

Burt Goldman - Quantum Jumping 2

Get even more out of your Quantum Jumping experience with this bestselling add-on set of advanced exercises

From magnetic wealth attraction to quantum healing to past life cleansing, Quantum Jumping 2 unlocks even more hidden abilities in your subconscious mind

Let me cut straight to the chase: what you’re about to see is an optional add-on to the Quantum Jumping program you just ordered. And while I highly recommend trying it out, you should know that it’s not for everyone.

You see since I launched Quantum Jumping back in 2008, I’ve connected with thousands of my students through seminars, email and Facebook. And in this time I’ve received countless requests from people who want to squeeze more out of their Quantum Jumping experience.

Some people want to go deeper!

They want more ways to Quantum Jump. They want extra insights, tools and techniques.They want to use this technique not just to make small improvements in their lives - but massive, profound, lasting changes to their wealth, career, health and relationships.

If Quantum Jumpers were athletes, these people would be the marathon runners: the ones who never give up, and keep pushing themselves to be more.

Since launching the original Quantum Jumping and speaking to thousands of students I came to identify additional ideas to transcend their lives.

Take a look which apply to you:

The Insignificant Event Meditation for encouraging the universe to manifest favorable events and coincidences into your life.

The Wisdom Meditation for meeting your most intelligent alternate self, and using their wisdom to enrich your career, relationships, finances and health.

The Quantum Relaxation Meditation for melting away stress and experiencing a previously unreachable level of blissful calm.

The Goal Jumping Meditation for rocketing you towards your goals and eliminating the self-doubt and procrastination holding you back.

The Quantum Healing Meditation for sparking physical, emotional and spiritual healing in yourself and your loved ones.

The Reverse Jump Meditation for turning the tables on the Quantum Jumping mechanic: YOU help your alternate self, and earn yourself some good karma.

The Midas Jump Meditation ford sharpening your Money Consciousness, and becoming an unstoppable magnet for lucrative career and financial opportunities.

The Cellular Jump Meditation for influencing the cells in your body, and channeling more energy and vitality into your every waking moment.

Get immediately download Burt Goldman - Quantum Jumping 2

Can you picture how these tools would turbo-charge your Quantum Jumping experience?

In total, I’ve created and compiled 15 new Quantum Jumping exercises and dozens of extra Quantum Jumping insights, tools and techniques into an advanced add-on program.

If you want the most immersive and transformational Quantum Jumping experience possible - one that takes into account all the wisdom I’ve accumulated over the years, I highly recommend adding this to your order:

Quantum Jumping II

Advanced tools and techniques for a deeper, more profound Quantum Jumping practice. Available exclusively on this site, the add-on Quantum Jumping II home training program gives you new advanced tools, techniques, insights and Quantum Jumps designed to give you better results with your practice.

In a nutshell, here’s what you’re getting:

15 new, advanced Quantum Jumps designed to enhance the areas of life most important to you, from your wealth to your health.

Advanced meditation techniques for entering deeper levels of mind, and amplifying your Quantum Jumping success.

Advanced concepts and insights for elevating your Quantum Jumping practice, including the 4 levels of Quantum Jumping and the phenomenon of Quantum Energy.

New case studies that inspire and show you how to apply advanced Quantum Jumping to different areas of your life.

Your courses includes:

Chapter 1: The 4 Levels Of Quantum Jumping

You’ll learn how to identify your Quantum Jumping ability, and what you must do to reach the next level. You’ll also discover how to take control of the tiniest variables in your life and manipulate them for massive benefits. On top of that, you’ll correct the crippling elements within your past programming.

Chapter 2: How To Jump Further

Learn to transfer energy from other dimensions, accomplish any goal with the Master Jump… and much more.

Chapter 3: The Highest Level of Quantum Jumping

Discover The Quanta For Unbreakable Concentration. Learn how to create Insignificant Events (IEs) and manifest your goals like a ninja.

Chapter 4: An Infinite Well Of Wisdom

Discover the 3 Phases of Wisdom and what you must do to experience them. Learn 3 crucial aspects to consider before making any choice.

Chapter 5: Quantum Relaxation

How to use Quantum Jumping to enter Quantum Relaxation — the ultimate state of relaxation, beyond the Alpha Level. PLUS: 9 life-changing benefits you’ll gain from Quantum Jumping and how to get even more.

Chapter 6: Achieving Goals With The Target Jump

How to get all three levels of your consciousness working together, so you can get the things you want. PLUS, if your visualizations are not working as well as they should — for 9 out of 10 people, this is why…

Chapter 7: Discover Yourself With The Self-Reflection Jump

Clear up your past lives, improve your relationships or Quantum Jump your way to weight loss with an eye-opening Past Life Cleansing Meditation.

Chapter 8: Instant Rejuvenation With Quantum Healing

Learn how to heal not only yourself, but also how to extend a healing touch to your friends, loved ones and even pets with the Quantum Healing Others Meditation.

Chapter 9: The Reverse Jump And Your True Self

Let your twin self effortlessly help you uncover your True Self with this powerful meditation exercise. Also… Could YOU be a Doppelgänger? Discover it through the Reverse Jump Meditation.

Chapter 10: Unlimited Prosperity With The Midas Jump

Discover how making money can really be as easy as taking candy from a baby. PLUS: How to identify a Poverty Consciousness (and stay away from it).

Chapter 11: Unbreakable Health With The Cellular Jump

Why most people lose energy as they grow older — and how you can stay as fit as a teenager… permanently. Fix dysfunctional organs and energize your cells with the Cellular Jump.

Always remember — the best way to experience all these benefits for yourself is to be patient and committed. Practice every day, and you will see results in no time!

Quantum Jumping II: Take your Quantum Jumping skills to the next Level

What’s the difference between Quantum Jumping I & II?

Now that you’ve purchased Quantum Jumping I, you’ll learn everything you need to know about jumping to different universes and gathering life-changing information. With Quantum Jumping I, you’ll become an expert in: The Basic Jump, Dealing with Insignificant Events and Source Foundations, and Working with the Bagha.

Quantum Jumping II combines these basic practices with the power of advanced technology and new exercises - taking Quantum Jumping to a whole new level. In a nutshell, here’s what you can look forward to with Quantum Jumping II:

1. Total Quantum Jumping Immersion

A total of 15 advanced Quantum Meditations await you in Quantum Jumping II—almost double the amount in the original course. Each of these Meditations are designed to dramatically enhance your Quantum Jumping abilities in a specific area of your life, from wealth to success to health. And I’ll be personally walking you through each one, ensuring you enjoy maximum results in as little time as possible.

2. Breakthrough Insights & Techniques

Get immediately download Burt Goldman - Quantum Jumping 2

Apart from meditations, I’ll reveal a host of new information that’ll help you elevate your Quantum Jumping abilities in less than half the time it took you to master the original.

3. Optimized & Personalized Content

Each and every component of Quantum Jumping II has been designed with YOU in mind. Unlike the first course which was created from scratch, Quantum Jumping II’s content is the culmination of customization, research and systematic upgrades based on the feedback of thousands of Quantum Jumpers.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Burt Goldman - Quantum Jumping 2

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