Burt Goldman - New Moon Programming

Burt Goldman - New Moon Programming digital download. Info: [18 mp3, 4 png, 4 pdf] | 141.86 MB . Get ready to supercharge your manifestations! I will be...

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Burt Goldman - New Moon Programming

Type: Digital download

Format: [18 mp3, 4 png, 4 pdf]

File size: 141.86 MB

New Moon Programming

Get ready to supercharge your manifestations! I will be with you all the way throughout this course, guiding you and ensuring that you meet your goals. Together, we will unravel the phenomenon that is the New Moon and its power of attraction.

Then, you will learn to harness the power of this lunar phenomenon, starting with your first lunar meditation exercise — which I promise is going to be spectacular. You will also be trained to welcome more abundance into your life with lunar programming. I will be concluding this course with an introduction to The Super Moon, which I must say is utterly exciting, because it takes you to a dimension beyond our realm. Intrigued? Wait till you experience it!


Chapter 1 Introduction To New Moon Programming

Discover the truth behind how and why the moon influences the human mind. In your first guided meditation, begin manifesting your desires with the moon’s help.


Chapter 2 Attracting Abundance

Attain the knowledge to elevate your thoughts beyond the average outer-conscious level, amplify your mind’s influence on the universe and efficiently attract your every desire. Learn how to use New Moon Programming in tandem with any other goal setting technique for enhanced results.


Chapter 3 The Super Moon

Combine Quantum Jumping’s theory of multiple universes with New Moon Programming and get a “Super Moon” that is twice as potent. Use the guided meditation in this chapter to access the Super Moon and leverage its gravity field for the ultimate New Moon Programming experience.