Bulletproof Butterflies Strategy (PREMIUM) (Simpler Traders)

Bulletproof Butterflies Strategy (PREMIUM) (Simpler Traders) digital download.

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Bulletproof Butterflies Strategy (PREMIUM) (Simpler Traders)

Type: Digital download

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Simpler Traders - Bulletproof Butterflies Strategy (PREMIUM)

Simpler Traders - Bulletproof Butterflies Strategy (PREMIUM)

What’s Included:

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Recorded Live Trading Value $397

Do you struggle with generating consistent income through crazy market ups and downs?

With all that’s happening in the world, the market once again kicked into “crazy” mode. You’ll have to adjust your trading strategy, or watch your account balance plummet with no hope of recovery.

That’s why Bruce Marshall developed a new twist to a reliable short-term setup — so you can turn these swings into weekly income!

There’s serious money in the market… with the right tools

What’s great about “Bulletproof Butterflies” is that you can profit even if the market doesn’t move as you expect. Plus, you can defend these positions easily if need be…

Bruce poured his 30+ years of experience as a full-time trader into this strategy. He made a name for himself managing 100-plus million-dollar funds on Wall Street. “Bulletproof Butterflies” is his answer to repeated questions from new and seasoned traders wanting to develop consistent income. When you trade an uncertain market, you know a nice upward trend won’t last — maybe not even a few hours. So the question becomes how to make consistent money?

Bruce sticks to what has worked for years… a time-tested butterfly strategy for any trend in the market. “Bulletproof Butterflies” are great because they’re meant to be flexible. So you don’t have to be “dead on” correct to come out on top!

You can trade them small or stack them, and they’re designed for short-term cash flow. There’s plenty of money to be made in this market, you just need the right tools.

In Bruce’s income class, you will discover:

How to “dial” up or down your risk over the life of the trade.

The complete details of this low-maintenance setup.

Learn a simple weekly strategy that works over and over in bullish or bearish conditions.

How to instantly tell a good setup from a bad one and properly calculate your risk vs. reward.

Learn the pros and cons of trading weeklies.

What to do when your trade gets into trouble.

And a whole lot more…

Want to watch how Bruce live-trades Bulletproof Butterflies?

The Premium Package is the next step that takes the Bulletproof Butterflies Strategy Class and combines it with Live Trading Recordings with Bruce.

You can follow Bruce’s demonstration of exactly how to apply this strategy. These recorded live trading sessions bring together everything you learned in the Strategy Class.

Simpler Traders - Bulletproof Butterflies Strategy (PREMIUM)

During market hours is when everything you learned in the Strategy Class comes together and you finally turn knowledge into action.

It’s amazing how much you can improve your skills with these recorded sessions…

Many past students have said watching them made a huge difference.

We’ve shown from years of experience that a faster way to absorb and internalize this strategy and make it your own is by immediately using your new knowledge using live-market examples.

Class members tell us there’s nothing like being able to watch over Bruce’s screen in these recordings as he identifies “set and forget” positions for consistent profits.

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