Bud Jeffries - Twisted conditioning I + II

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Bud Jeffries - Twisted conditioning I + II digital download. Info: [2 Ebooks, PDF] | 51.10 MB. Twisted Conditioning is a course about how to combine barb...
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Bud Jeffries - Twisted conditioning I + II

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Format: [2 Ebooks, PDF]

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“How To Combine Barbells, Strongman Training
and Bodyweight Exercises for
The Ultimate in Strength and Endurance”

Bud Jeffries - Twisted conditioning I + II

  • Are you tired of being sold crappy training info?
  • Are you ready to get tough, to do it right, to achieve the results you really want?
  • Do you like to be the best you can be?
  • Are you “twisted” enough to believe that you can have it all?
  • Are you ready to reject conventional training and get the best?
  • Are you wary of those pushing one type of training system to the exclusion of everything else?
  • Are you ready to look into and beyond yourself, to put real effort into your training and get real results in strength and endurance…

Then you’re looking in the right place.

Twisted Conditioning is a course about how to combine barbells, strongman and bodyweight exercises. To our knowledge it is one of the only courses written about this subject and specifically about how to combine these methods for brutally effective training.

Bud Jeffries - Twisted conditioning I + II

275lb. Dumbbell Row

You see, when most people try to put together strength and endurance training they fail. They either get a lopsided result of one or the other or they get mediocre results of both.


Because they don’t have the experience or the know-how to structure their training so they get high-level results in strength and endurance at the same time.

Why settle for less?

I don’t want to be limited or accept the ordinary in my training. You shouldn’t either. That’s why I wrote this course. To help give you a plan to achieve your goals refuse to settle for mediocrity.

Most People Believe You Can’t get Great Strength and Great Endurance Together at the Same Time…They’re Wrong!

It is possible and there are many examples. Especially if you look into the past of the super athletes of the old time era and grapplers, wrestlers and martial artists. They’re people who were legitimately world class in strength and endurance at the same time. It’s just that they knew how to combine their training in a way superior to the ideas of most modern programs, and they never thought it wasn’t possible. They worked for it.

There’s the thing that separates this course from all of the others. It’s going to give you the realities of many different types of training and how to get the best results out of all of it. How to get that strength and endurance together without conflict. How to make yourself the best you can be. But why should you listen to me? Because…

I Don’t Think There is Anyone Else in the World Who’s Done What I’ve Done.

Bud Jeffries - Twisted conditioning I + II

400lb. Situp

I’m not saying this to brag on myself. I’m telling you this to illustrate the facts of how effective this training is and what it’s allowed me to accomplish. To be able to squat 1,000lbs, and do 1,000 pushups and 2,000 bodyweight squats. To lift and carry a 500lb rock and then do hundreds of reps of kettlebell swinging, Indian club swinging, sledgehammer swinging and heavy bag punching, etc. I have been a state, regional, national, and world record holder and champion in drug free, raw powerlifting. As well as a strongman competitor, Highland Games competitor, Girevoy sport competitor, martial artist, college football player, and full contact fighter. All these experiences have shaped my thoughts on training and being able to have all the attributes necessary for all these different activities at the same time. Very few people have been blessed enough to gain the knowledge and background of the different training regimens and routines to be able to put things together in a way you can really apply to your training. To get the best out of your work. To be what you want to be. Because I’ve been in the trenches and trained this way and done most of everything anybody wants to do, then maybe I can help you achieve the goals you want.

If you want the best of everything then you need to TAKE the best of everything and put it together…

…but you have to put it together in a way that’s not going to overwork you and allows all these things to work together.

Listen, if you’re a powerlifter or Olympic lifter and you want to add those missing dimensions to your training…
If you’re a bodybuilder who really wants to be as strong, tough and enduring as you look…
If you’re a general weightlifting enthusiast and you want to really get the best results…
If you’re a martial artist and you really need all these attributes together…
If you’re a strongman who wants help with max strength and endurance…
If you’re an endurance athlete who is tired of being weak…
If you believe in yourself and want to be the best all-around athlete you can be…
If you’re a grappler, or a striker of if you’re a no holds barred type fighter…
If you’re just a tough guy or a guy who just wants to get tough…
If you’re a guy who cares about his training and development and realizes the importance and realities of physical training…

Then you need this course.

There is so much to learn within its pages, including 94 exercises inside. Where else can you find all of this information put together in a format you can use? A course that can open your eyes to what you can really be. That’s one of the reasons I wrote this course. Because so few people have tried to put this information into a practical program you can easily apply to whatever style of conditioning you like or need.

Bud Jeffries - Twisted conditioning I + II

Hand Bridge with 2 Riders

Here are some of the things you will find in Twisted Conditioning:

  • Full Details on Why this Training is Better than anything else out there
  • Why and How you need to be Training the Three Levels of Conditioning. Miss one level and You’re Not as Strong or Fit as You Need to be
  • 23 Barbell and Dumbbell Exercises designed for Building Maximum Strength including Squats, Presses, Pulls, and Rows
  • Several Variations of the Big 3 Barbell Moves You Must Do
  • 15 Different Strongman Exercises from Pulling a Bus to Lifting Stones, Shouldering Barrels and Much More. These will build the missing link in many people’s programs
  • 30 Bodyweight Exercises for Combined Strength, Endurance and Flexibility, including Pushups, Squats, Situps, Bridges, Full Body Calisthenics and More
  • Plus 21 Alternative Conditioning Exercises using Cables, Indian clubs, the Power Wheel, Punching Bags and More to add more Variety and Better Conditioning to your Training
  • Follow the 9 Sample Routines in the book whether you want to train 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 days a week. Use as is or Customize to Your Level.
  • How to build strength without losing endurance and build endurance without losing strength.
  • Tips on Gaining or Losing Weight whether you need to bulk up or slim down.
  • How to get good at many Different Types of Movements Without Conflict
  • How to be able to do 500 bodyweight squats and still do 90% of your max a few minutes later.
  • Do you work all the levels at once or spread throughout the week. Find the advantages and disadvantages of each method.
  • How to train for specific body parts for either development, strength, or endurance
  • And much more
Bud Jeffries - Twisted conditioning I + II

One Arm Pushup

Everybody Needs to Know, without covering the Three Levels of Conditioning, using Multiple Different Types of Movement and Training Tools You’re Missing Out in Complete Development, and Leaving Gaps in Your Training.

If you want to have the total package, real strength and super endurance then this is the course you need. If you’re ready to move past the simplistic understanding of “my way is the best,” and open your mind to the fact that you can get it all together, then hey you’re ready for Twisted Conditioning. It contains something for everybody. In fact read what some others have said about it:

A Testimonial from Pavel Tsatsouline-“In addition to his off the charts strength Bud Jeffries has other talents. His unique programs maximize different types of strength and endurance without compromise. He is a rare author whose work will equally benefit an experienced lifter and a 98-pound weakling ready to become a he-man. The former will learn unique applications and variations of classic exercises. The latter will learn the strength basics in their purest form.”
Pavel Tsatsouline author of The Russian Kettlebell Challenge and The Naked Warrior

A Testimonial from Matt Furey-“Bud’s newest manual, Twisted Conditioning, is the perfect guide for those who want to know how to integrate bodyweight calisthenics with weight training and strong man stunts. There truly, literally and absolutely is no other course even close to this one on the entire planet. No one puts it all together the way Bud does. To call this an enormous contribution to the world of strength training would still be understating the case.”
Matt Furey author of Combat Conditioning

A Testimonial from Dr. David Woynarowski, M.D –“If you have Any interest in strength you will not be able to put this manual down. Using his breakthrough concepts Bud has created the first new approach to gaining strength in years. If you are serious about maximizing your potential you cannot afford to be without this groundbreaking information.”
Dr. David Woynarowski, M.D Reading, Pennsylvania

If you’re ready to get freaky strong as well as scary conditioned. If you’re ready to get past the infant stage of training. If you’re a beginner or an advanced man still searching for power and endurance. If you’re ready to explore the most productive training you’ve ever done. If you’re ready to master your own body and training. If you’re ready to get to the deeper level of the experience of physical training then this is the course for you.

And you get it all for only $14.95. When you order now you’ll be able to download the ebook immediately.

What are you waiting for? Get started with your ‘Twisted’ training.

God Bless,
Bud Jeffries