Bruce Frantzis - Qigong for Neck Back and Shoulder Pain

Discover how back, neck and shoulder pain can be reduced by working at the level of fasciaIncrease blood flow through fascia and muscles to loosen energeti...

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Discover how back, neck and shoulder pain can be reduced by working at the level of fasciaIncrease blood flow through fascia and muscles to loosen energetic blocks


Bruce Frantzis - Qigong for Neck Back and Shoulder Pain

Bruce Frantzis - Qigong for Neck Back and Shoulder Pain

Welcome to the official release of my new Qigong for Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain Online Program.

Over the last 50 years of teaching the most common question I get asked is:“How do I get rid of my neck, back and shoulder pain?”In this program you’ll find the shortest and most direct way to eliminate neck, back and shoulder pain, without strenuous workouts or potentially harmful movements.

Qigong is a safe and natural practice to build your internal strength, rebuild your musculoskeletal system, and reduce or eliminate your pain…I’m excited to share with you the same step-by-step progression I used to completely recover from own broken back in 1982 and treat over 10,000 patients as a Doctor in China.

Here’s a look at what you can expect in this program:

How to relieve your pain with ancient Chinese exercises

How to target specific areas to release binding, tightness and tension

How to loosen your fascia, muscles, ligaments, and tendons

How to increase blood flow and reduce the stiffness from daily computer work

How to lubricate your nervous system and reduce pain signals

How to uncover the root cause of your pain and heal it at the source

My hope is that when you practice the exercises, you’ll find freedom to live a pain-free life. Because while nothing in life is certain, I assure you that pain is not forever.

If you’re ready to take progressive action toward your own health, then this program is for you.

1. Digital Video Training Program for Pain ReliefUsing our proven video training method, Instructor Bruce Frantzis will present a step-by-step 4 level progression of 5 movements and 45 exercises designed to relieve you of your neck, back and shoulder pain. *Note: Delivered in two installments over two months.

2. The Four Level Progression for Spine HealthYour head, neck, back and shoulders are all extensions of your spine, which is the foundation. During each level of this program you’ll be able to expand on what you’ve learned and gain greater health benefits from each movement.

3. The 5 Fundamental Movements of Medical QigongYou’ll learn 5 powerful movements which are the backbone of your recovery and revisited in each level of the program. Derived from ancient Chinese energy exercises, these five movements will provide the much needed release of muscle binding and fascia tension that cause your pain.

4. 45 Targeted Exercises for Neck, Back and ShouldersEach exercise in this program builds upon itself and expands on your capacity for pain relief. Ultimately, you will be working for better performance in all your physical activities and perfecting these movements over a lifetime.


In Level one the lessons are designed to expand your body awareness and make it comfortable and easy to feel your body. These are the first steps to shift your awareness to the subtle energy of Qi so you can set the foundation for your entire practice. You can expect results almost immediately, and as you progress you will naturally be ready for more complicated movements and exercises.

Practice gentle shoulder movements for stretching of the cervical vertebrae

Find out how to loosen your rib cage to alleviate neck and upper back conditions

Discover the power of circular shoulder movements to open up stuck points

Create space in your cervical spine to release stagnant Qi

Vertically stretch your neck by raising and lowering your shoulder blades and shoulder tips


In Level two you will discover a higher level of sophistication in your exercises. You’ll begin to learn how to use fascia to access the deeper anatomy of the body, releasing Qi as an internal healer and health generator. Although these exercises will require more body and mental awareness, they easily yield significantly more benefits than normal stretches.

Learn how fascia internally connects your anatomy and either promotes or alleviates pain

Discover how back, neck and shoulder pain can be reduced by working at the level of fasciaIncrease blood flow through fascia and muscles to loosen energetic blocks

Reduce alignments and correct anatomical problems with ligament stretching and Qi

Find out how to reduce pain with gentle and circular movements


In Level three the lessons progress to the stage of true Qigong and a fluid practice of consistent movement. It requires the deeper body awareness developed in Levels 1 & 2, and it does provide significantly more benefits.

Release what was stuck in the body’s anatomical and qi energy mechanisms of vertical, horizontal and forward-backward movement.

Learn how to create pain free function or eliminate the mechanisms that cause pain and dysfunction.

Discover how to eliminate pain by yourself, rather than relying on doctors, medications or forced rest.

Open your body’s energy channels so you can perform your best and diminish the possibility of accidentally hurting yourself.

Create a foundation for a high-level Qigong practice that can lead to vitality, spiritual evolution and internal strengthLEVEL FOURLEG EXERCISES FOR ULTIMATE SPINE HEALTHQigong treats the entire body as one unified whole, which means the legs are just important as the upper body for spine health. Moving, stretching and loosening fascia in your legs is useful for serious spine injuries and overall health of your neck, back and shoulders.

Feel the flow between yin and yang in your legs and help to balance your posture.

Learn how to exercise with a partner to activate your legs in powerful ways.

Discover how to loosen and lubricate fascia in your legs which will benefit your aching back or neck. Releasing the legs can release the whole body.

Learn how to use your shoulder blades to grab fascia of the buttocks which will activate legs

Open your leg energy channels and direct Qi to specific parts of your body for healing and relief

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