Bridger Pennington - Investment Fund Secrets

Bridger Pennington - Investment Fund Secrets digital download.

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Bridger Pennington - Investment Fund Secrets

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Bridger Pennington - Investment Fund Secrets

Bridger Pennington - Investment Fund Secrets

The Fastest Way To Start, Grow, Or Scale ANY Business WITHOUT Wasting Years and $200,000+ At An Ivy League or Wall Street…

24/7 Lifetime Access - Anywhere, Anytime At Your Own Pace

Bridger Pennington - Investment Fund Secrets

Introducing Investment

Fund Secrets Mastermind
The Fund Secrets Mastermind is a proven and tested implementation program that teaches you how to start a fund in the most efficient and effective way, saving you thousands of dollars and years of your life - forbetter results than what an Ivy League can deliver.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have prior experience or if you’re advanced. This covers everything from A-Z to guide you from wherever you are now, to the finish line.

Battle-Tested And

Proven By The Best

The methods taught in the Mastermind has been tested and used by small funds and big funds - up to $20B AUM.

This program isn’t built on “theory”, as everything is what successful fund managers are doing right now, and will be continually updated.
…Compared to an Ivy League school which tends to be outdated by a few decades!
Bridger Pennington - Investment Fund Secrets

When You The Fund Secrets Mastermind, You

Get Full & Immediate Access To:
The Fund Secrets Mastermind
The Complete A-Z On How To Start A Fund, Put Together By Top Experts In The Fund Space

The Mastermind includes:

• Finding Good Deals / Market Positioning
• Getting Amazing Partners
• Structuring Your Fund
• Compliance and Regulation
• Fund Documents
• Fund Management and Accounting
• Raising Capital From Private Investors
• Real Estate, P.E., VC, Debt, Family Office…
> and far more unspoken bonuses…
The Ultimate Excel Vault
• A vault of premium Excel finance models and templates used by top fund managers to make tracking and reporting on your funds a breeze
• This was not easy or cheap for me to acquire, but because I did, you get it for FREE
> This will make running your fund logistically 10x easier.
The Fund Launch Workbook
• Inside of this physical & digital workbook, it takes everything you’ll learn in the course and boil it down to a simple step-by-step.
As you go along the course, fill the workbook out to create the entire framework of your fund.
> this is half the battle and will give you a much greater chance at success. Much better than watching a whole course and forgetting…
12-month Free Platinum Membership
• Very soon we will be opening up a membership group to the public for $297 a month.
Inside includes:
• Mentorship from top level Fund Managers
• An amazing network of money raisers, managers, and deal finders to help build your team.
• Weekly live trainings to answer any and all of your questions
• Opportunity for live events
• And so much more…
You get 12 months for FREE when you join today.
> Once you have the knowledge necessary, then all you need are experienced mentors to help guide you to the finish line…
Limited Partnership Agreement and Private Placement Memorandum Templates
Usually the most expensive part of starting a fund are all the set-up costs. These can cost anywhere from $20,000-$50,000+.
Luckily for you, I had my personal lawyer create templates of all the documents you’ll need (13+!)
This drastically cuts your costs down and speeds the process greatly.
BONUS: Lawyer & Accountant Handhold
We have high level expert Lawyer’s and Accountants on the IFS team that are here to help you out!
This kind of assistance normally costs thousands of dollars… Enjoy!
BONUS: Partnership Discounts
When you join IFS, you get discounts on the companies we have partnered with, including:
• 10% off Strata Fund Administration
• 10% off SketchDeck pitch deck design
• 30-45% off legal fees through Freeman Lovell
• FREE tax consultation through Tax Hive
• Access and introductions to 0% financing, fund specific banks, hedge fund incubator lawyers, and much more!
+ a lot more on the way…
FIRST 25: Full Access To LIVE Flip!
A few years ago I partnered with some excellent real estate experts and house flippers, and we put together a program showing everything they know.

After spending over $12,000 creating this, and months of my life, we launched it!

Yes, we sold it for $2,997 a pop, and yes, you get the entire thing for free today when you join.

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Bridger Pennington - Investment Fund Secrets

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