Brian Tracy - The Luck Factor - (High Quality Rip)

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Brian Tracy - The Luck Factor - (High Quality Rip) digital download. Info: [65 MP3 1 PDF] | 483.65 MB. To some people, success is based on luck, a random...
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Brian Tracy - The Luck Factor - (High Quality Rip)

Type: Digital download

Format: [65 MP3 1 PDF]

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To some people, success is based on luck, a random whim of fate, a chance roll of the dice. But nothing could be further from the truth. Success, to a great extent, can be influenced by luck, but this is not to say that luck is an accident. Luck is predictable. With hard work, it can be controlled. By concentrating on several 'luck factors' - key areas of your life that influence your future success-you can take the reigns of chance and feel yourself racing forward at a greater rate than you have ever imagined. You will get more done, earn more rewards, recognition, and esteem, have more doors opened for you, and experience more of the things that everybody refers to as 'luck.' In The Luck Factor, Brian Tracy will teach you the skills you need to experience higher levels of success and satisfaction in all areas of your life. Listen to this comprehensive, idea-packed program and learn how to: * Increase the probability of success in any arena. * Accelerate your success with well-focused goals and plans of action. * Unlock your inborn creativity. * Survive and thrive in the Information Age. * Utilize the 7 keys for increasing your productivity and performance. * Become action oriented. * Increase the capabilities of your superconscious mind. * Become financially independent using a simple process. * Increase your value and influence at work. * And much, much more! Success and happiness are not accidents. By mastering the factors that influence luck, you can increase the probability that you will be in the right place at the right time to accomplish the things that are most important to you. You'll be more successful than ever before-and people will call you lucky.