Brian Tracy - Action Strategies For Personal Achievement

Brian Tracy - Action Strategies For Personal Achievement digital download. Info: [24 CDs - 24 MP3s] | 1.421 GB. If you know you're destined for more tha...

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Brian Tracy - Action Strategies For Personal Achievement

Type: Digital download

Format: [24 CDs - 24 MP3s]

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Attention: Personal Success Seekers, Business Owners and Professionals Who Are Ready to Achieve Maximum Performance …

Finally — an Instruction Manual for Mega-Success!

“If you know you're destined for more than mediocrity, your time is NOW — get everything you need to transform your life from average to excellent”

From the Desk of Brian Tracy

Dear Success Seeker,

When you were younger, before you dreams were inhibited by cynicism and self-doubt, did you aspire to mediocrity?

My guess is, no. You dreamed of excellence.

You probably pictured yourself living a fulfilled, abundant life. You imagined that you'd own your own successful business, or climb the ladder in your career, straight to the top. In your dreams for the future, you owned a huge house in a prime location and drove a great car.

So what happened?

If you're like so many others, you grew up. You got a job. And you're plugging along, day after day, wondering if there's more. You're not exactly thrilled with what you're doing, but you make enough to cover the bills (most months) and you're not completely unhappy, either.

Brian Tracy - Action Strategies For Personal Achievement

But what if there's more?

There IS more. You just have to know how to get it.

It's not your fault you've settled into complacency. With all the bad news out there, you probably feel lucky to have an income of any type. Why rock the boat?

Because you deserve more.

Introducing “Action Strategies for Personal Achievement.”

This program is the culmination of my absolute BEST lessons on getting more out of yourself, building your self confidence and becoming financially independent.

Here's the deal: after teaching more than 3 million people the most important action strategies for personal achievement all over the world, people asked me if I'd put it all together in one place. So we put together a live 24-part seminar on the topic, which I delivered to people all over the world. We recorded everything — and then took those recordings to the studio and made 4,000 edits.

Brian Tracy - Action Strategies For Personal Achievement

The result: a fast-paced, power-packed 24 hours of instruction that you will love.

Fear Nothing. Achieve Greatness. Live Financially Free.

I call this program “life's missing instruction manual” because it is just that: a guide you can use in every aspect of your life — goal-setting, time management, business success, finance, career advancement — as you journey toward success.

Success is inevitable when you have a plan — there are no limits to what you can accomplish.

Get started NOW with LASTING success by ordering your copy of “Action Strategies for Personal Achievement” USB program and digital workbook.

Here's just a sampling of what this best-of-the-best course covers:

  • Maximum Performance. When you're firing on all cylinders, nothing can stop you — so why waste any more time at half-speed? Get more out of yourself — and generate better results than ever before.
  • Personal Strategic Planning. Success is inevitable when you have a plan. All you have to do is follow it. I cover how to plan — and how to stay on track, no matter what life throws at you.
  • Time Management. Time management is really life management. When you become a super-efficient machine, you complete the highest-value tasks in the least amount of time — and you flourish.
  • Personal Dynamism and Energy. When you exude confidence and energy, it's contagious. You attract other dynamic, energetic people — and together, you experience more. More success, more fun, greater results.
  • Creating Wealth. Once you create a personal plan, and then maximize your efficiency, performance and time management, your income will increase automatically. But what do you do with it? To create wealth, you must have a wealth plan — and that's what we cover here.
  • Negotiating, Communicating and Persuading. Even if you're not in sales, you're in sales. Whenever you talk with someone, you have the opportunity to convince him to think the way you think — and to help you achieve your goals. I teach you my proven, time-tested strategies for communicating effectively.
  • And MUCH More.

In short, you learn everything you need to know to excel in your business and personal life.