Brian Jefferson - PrimeTime Pips “Retail” Forex Course

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Brian Jefferson - PrimeTime Pips “Retail” Forex CoursePrimeTime Pips Free Forex Course PT 2 (Advanced) Everything You Need To Know To Get ed With ForexThis...
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Brian Jefferson - PrimeTime Pips “Retail” Forex Course

Brian Jefferson - PrimeTime Pips “Retail” Forex Course

PrimeTime Pips Free Forex Course PT 2 (Advanced)

Everything You Need To Know To Get ed With Forex

This Forex Course will teach you everything you need to know in order for you to get ed making money with Forex. This course also comes with a private Facebook group and you can ask questions and and receive help from others. You will also receive 1-on-1 help on anything you need help with and also get Livestreams within the group where you can ask me questions live.



Your Instructor


Brian Jefferson

Brian Jefferson is known as the go-to millennial for all marketing automation and advertising needs for businesses in dozens of industries. He is the CEO/Founder of his advertising agency, Intellectual Revenue based in Chicago, Illinois

He has customers and clients across the globe and regularly acts as a marketing/advertising advisor to celebrity personalities, small & large companies, and entrepreneurs

Course Curriculum


Welcome To PrimeTime Pips Free Course PT 2 (6:35)
Disclaimer (3:40)
What Is Forex/Group Introduction (12:38)
Broker And MT4 Setup (10:11)


What Are Pips? (8:01)
What Are Lots? (16:19)
Understanding Leverage (8:34)
Different Types Of Charts (5:42)
Different Types Of Orders (6:36)
How To Use MT4 On Iphone (10:03)
How To Use MT4 On Android (11:00)
What Is A Stop Loss? (14:29)
What Is A Take Profit? (7:11)
Support & Resistance (13:31)
Trendlines (25:36)
Recognizing Up/Down Trends (14:02)
Types Of Analysis (6:01)
Forex Market Hours (5:08)
Twin/Triplet Trading and Leverage (9:23)
What Are PullBacks? (12:09)
Supply & Demand Zones (12:28)
How To Use Tradingview (13:02)

Candlestick Patterns

Candlestick Introduction (3:46)
Spinning Tops & High Waves (17:44)
Hangman (7:40)
Shooting Star (11:43)
Hammer (13:31)
The Doji (7:32)
Tweezer Patterns (10:19)
Morning/Evening Stars (11:23)

Chart Patterns

Reversal Patterns & “V-Tops/Bottoms” (9:21)
Double Tops & Bottoms (26:24)
Triple Tops & Bottoms (12:41)
Multi Tops & Bottoms (4:15)
Head & Shoulders (18:44)
Consolidation Patterns (7:12)
Channels (14:37)
Triangles (8:21)
Ascending & Descending Triangles (8:47)
Line Patterns (4:26)
Inverted Triangles (5:56)
Continuation Patterns (5:51)
Flag Patterns (4:26)
Pennant Patterns (7:44)
Wedge Patterns (9:08)

Indicators & Extra Knowledge

Fibonacci (12:03)
Moving Averages (10:43)
Market Structure (11:48)
Divergence (16:21)
How To Use Price Range (16:44)
MACD (10:20)


Where you should be in 5 years! Risk Management (14:35)
The Psychology Of Forex (7:30)
You Want To Quit……But Don’t!!! (Story Time) (22:40)
Risk Management (9:33)

Strategies & Chart Markups

M’s & W Strategy (12:22)
Trading Setup (21:20)
Divergence & MACD Strategy (10:24)
Head & Shoulder Strategy (17:46)


Best Thing To Do From Here (5:53)

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