Brendan Chaplin - Right Here Right Now

Brendan Chaplin - Right Here Right Now digital download. Info: [ Webrip - 2 MP4s ] | 2.376 GB. You’ll learn a sequence of drills that will give INSTANT F...

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Brendan Chaplin - Right Here Right Now

Type: Digital download

Format: [ Webrip - 2 MP4s ]

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Brendan Chaplin - Right Here Right Now


Here’s what you’ll learn from watching the video series

-5 IN 5 mobility warm-ups covering 5 simple movements in 5 minutes that will get your athletes moving well at the start of the session. Loads of ideas to implement straight away.
-he LENGTHEN THEN APPLY concept uncovered. Forget long, boring static stretching sessions, this is range of movement work that can be done at any point in a session and to great effect. Static stretching will NEVER look the same again!
-Hurdle Hip Mobility: You’ll learn a sequence of drills that will give INSTANT FEEDBACK to both the coach and the athlete. Really simple stuff that works and challenges your clients and athletes.
-Problem Solving Challenges: A BIG part of my training philosophy is the concept of implicit learning. Give someone a challenge and they will solve it, and own the process forever. It’s not about telling people the answers. In this section you’ll pick up tips on incorporating these challenges into the sessions.
-CHAOTIC CORE AND REACTIVE CORE: Building on the topics covered in my core training considerations video collection you’ll get more information on both REACTIVE and CHAOTIC CORE methods. This will change your core programme INSTANTLY!
-PLAY LOW ABILITY: This is a term that I came across from my work with British Tennis but it’s so important for all sports. The ability to play low is fundamental to sporting success. But most athletes CANNOT do it because they just don’t have the strength or mobility. You’ll learn a FULL PROGRESSION to introduce with people in this section of the video.
-CHAOTIC PLYOMETRICS: Yes it sounds crazy I know, but this is a HUGE part of my curriculum of development. We must teach and train people to perform in chaotic environments, solving problems and making decisions. This will give you a lot of ideas and drills to use ti tick this box and get you thinking in the process.
-BODYWEIGHT ACCUMULATORS: Learn about how to get people handling their own bodyweight QUICKLY, and in a fun enjoyable way with the bodyweight accumulators. This is a method I picked up from the Melbourne Storm rugby league club when they trained with us in Leeds a few years ago and it works really well.
-FLUENCY CIRCUITS: I’ve got to tell you that this is one of the key parts of my whole training philosophy at the current time. Yes we need to train for stiffness, yes we have to be mobile. But we MUST also have the ability to go from stiffness to fluency and back to stiffness. You’ll learn a different approach to coaching movement in this section of the video.
-TECHNICAL WORK CAPACITY (In the right way): Combining fluency drills into your session in the right way so as to develop technical work capacity is the way forward.
-Forget mindless movements that don’t get done well. In this section you’ll learn how to get seriously athletic, FIT clients that can do the work required of them.
-How to build and PROGRAMME for athletes: A great discussion on how to incorporate this content into your sessions so you know exactly what you’re doing after watching this.
-POWER CIRCUITS: You’ll be able to check out 3 power circuits that I’m using NOW with combat athletes, rugby players and even field and court sport athletes. They WORK! But they work in a certain way with the right concepts and exercises. Learn the why and how in this section.
-FEEDBACK BASED POWER TRAINING: It’s no good asking someone to move fast. They need feedback, instantly. Learn how to get this so you get results.
-STRENGTH TRAINING OPTIONS: In this section I introduce 3 methods I’m using currently that mean I can get serious strength gains in very short time periods. It’s NOT what you might currently using either, this is different and it works for a reason. A solid understanding of the fundamentals, good exercise selection and prescription and good COACHING. You’ll get it all in this video.
-NECK TRAINING: If you’re not training the neck you’re not preparing your athletes. Not just for combat sports but for all sports. Put this simple progression into your sessions and you will tick the box. This also might just be the BEST CORE PROGRESSION you’ve ever seen!! I promise you’ll be surprised with this and will value it big time!
-HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT EXERCISES: In this section I cover exercise selection and the how and why of picking the right exercises for clients. You’ll be in no doubt as to how to progress and regress, understand what to look for and the key considerations when programming for strength and power.
-PRODUCTIVE GROUP TRAINING: Considerations for group based sessions and how to adjust accordingly.
-PARTNER TRAINING: Sometimes we need options that are not simply weights. Partner work is integral in my system of training. It’s fun and can be combined with traditional methods. Learn how in this video.
-PARTNER REACTIVE CORE: An extension on the partner work and something that can be incorporated into your sessions straight away.
-RESTORATION WORK: Learn some great tools for incorporating at the end of sessions to ensure your athletes are moving efficiently and reducing soreness from session to session. It’s about recovering so you can complete the next session NOT simply a matter of working hard.
-PROGRAMMING: IN this section I discuss how you can alter the sessions to achieve different training goals. I go through my sessions and critique them. Sequencing exercises and sessions, programming longer term. It’s all covered.upped by sheefo