Brain Train Super Pack from Gary Brodsky

Brain Train Super Pack from Gary Brodsky Gary Brodsky, author of best-selling books HOW TO DOMINATE WOMEN and THE FOOLPROOF GUIDE TO PICKING-UP WOMEN has b...

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 Brain Train Super Pack from Gary Brodsky

Gary Brodsky, author of best-selling books HOW TO DOMINATE WOMEN and THE FOOLPROOF GUIDE TO PICKING-UP WOMEN has been writing about seducing, attracting, meeting and picking-up women for years.

Meeting women has always been easy. We meet women every day. Everywhere we go there are women all around us. There are women at the office. There are women with us in school. We see them in bars and restaurants, in coffee shops and grocery stores. They are with us when we buy electronics, lumber, or a six pack of malt beverages.We find them at the beach, on the sidewalks, at the post office… let’s face it, women are everywhere.

No, meeting women is no problem. Anyone can meet a woman. The big secret is knowing what to do once you meet one.

Learn how to always be interesting to women-no matter what they’re looking for. Learn how to intrigue them, spellbind, delight and CHARM THE PANTS OFF them! In CHARM THE PANTS OFF ANY WOMAN! you learn to:

* Approach women and get a great conversation started

* Separate the one woman you want out of her protective crowd of friends

* Change the idea of any woman’s perfect man to you

* Hit the infatuation button on every woman

* Keep infatuation going as long as you want

* Make being polite seem sexy instead of old-fashioned

* Reinvent yourself as a sexual magnet

Today’s world has changed but, you know, the old saying is true. The more things change, the more they stay the same. The waters may have been muddied, but the classic ways of handling women still work best. Any man, shy or confident, rich or poor, good-looking or not, can find and have all the women he wants, any time he wants. Buy this book!

This is the Real Deal.

Gary Brodsky - Black Op and Psy-Op CIA Tactics to get Women

These techniques are the real deal, frightening, powerful. Effective. Used and field tested by every intelligence agency world wide, this material cannot be found anywhere else. And They WORK!!!

For anyone who knows how to apply them- this book is full of easy and amazing techniques that always work.

By reading this one of a kind e-book, say goodbye to the mistake most men make:

*     Never let emotions interfere with your game plan.

*     Never freak out when you see a really attractive woman

*     Never reveal to her just how out of control you are.

*     Never worry about what she’s thinking.

Learn how to guide the thoughts in her head to THINK and ACT the way you want her to.

Eliminates the root all problems that cause you to make the same mistake over and over again

Black Ops and Psy-Ops on assignment CAN NOT FAIL !! Nor will you!!

All of the techniques and moves in this book are from real experts, not wimpy dating gurus; Bona fide experts, both men & women from Military Intelligence, the CIA, MI 5 as well as other experts who know and teach the real deal. They have studied brain washing, psychiatry, and culled knowledge from cult leaders. They are people who have risked their life and liberty to acquire this knowledge and these techniques. Proven to work throughout history, they are right now for the first time finally available to you.

With this e-book you will have the power to do anything you want with women, any fantasy, twosomes, threesomes, harem, or start your own cult- you wish will literally become their commands- and it is so easy to learn and use, you can apply the techniques within minutes of learning them.

WARNING: This book is not for wimps. It is for men who want the best info and Intel available today. Included are techniques on BRAIN WASHING, WHAT CULT LEADERS KNOW, and HOW PIMPS get women to do whatever they want. If you are the kind of guy who has no fear of taking whatever women you want, and want stuff so powerfully effective and to date unrevealed, get this book now.

If you want to go out and try NLP, dumb pick-up lines or magic tricks, we don’t want you.


Book includes authentic CIA brain washing techniques- declassified, as well as proven brain washing techniques from other sources

Gary Brodsky - Fast Seduction

Finish the year with a BANG!

(…or several if you get my drift…)


You spot her across the bar (library, shopping mall, restaurant, crime scene — it’s all the same — enough to say you’ve spotted her!).

You want her.

You want her NOW.

How do you approach her?

Don’t screw this up!

What are the moves to make and steps to take that will get you into her pants?

Think of all the money you could be wasting on flowers, dinner, etc.


(which are good steps to skip — since they’re the very ones that could land you in the dreaded Friendship Zone!)

Just use the Fast Seduction techniques I present on this 2 CD set!

“Learn and practice these Fast Seduction techniques and it will be like HAVING WOMEN ON TAP!”

— Gary Brodsky

Gary Brodsky - Extreme Domination


No more fantasies, after listening to this CD they become realities. The secrets of dominating women are here! This CD breaks though all the nonsense women and the media have been feeding you. Why? This CD is loaded with PRIMAL POWER MOVES, moves that are structured to hit women in primal areas, where there is no defense. Go straight past the decision making process with PRIMAL POWER MOVES. No women can resist these moves—- they BYPASS WOMEN’S ATTITUDES AND MORALS! .

PRIMAL POWER MOVES get women to do anything you want—sexually, romantically, or anything else you can think of. PRIMAL POWER MOVES work on all women by making them feel more like a real woman when you are using them. WOMEN DON’T WANT TO RESIST them- this is what women really think makes a real man. The kind of man that makes women feel more like a woman— sexual and obedient. You are going to be that kind of man. And you are going to get everything you want from women and more!

Forget what’s in their head you’ll have them in bed. Money back guarantee if this doesn’t work, or we’ll send you a knife to cut it off. That’s how powerful this CD is.

* Learn how to turn women into a game you can always play to win.

* Learn how to ask small favors to build a foundation of obedience.

* Learn how to instruct women to do things they were about to do anyway—a devastating and permanent subliminal effect.

It’s easier than you could ever imagine. Gary’s proven methods and tactics to seduce women will make seducing women a way of life. Forever. Guaranteed.

Gary Brodsky - How To Talk To Women

Instant Results!

Gary Brodsky, author of best-selling books HOW TO DOMINATE WOMEN and THE FOOLPROOF GUIDE TO PICKING-UP WOMEN has been writing about seducing, attracting, meeting and picking-up women for years. The most important thing a man needs to learn is HOW TO TALK TO WOMEN. It’s TEN TIMES as important than you think and A HUNDRED TIMES EASIER THAN YOU THINK! In this two CD set, Gary Brodsky teaches you everything you need to know about talking to women.

Learn what you NEED TO KNOW:

SETTING THE TONE: A man can ALWAYS set a sexual tone with any woman; its easy, and it compels her to be interested in you— Learn how to do it!

HOW TO BE SUBTLE: Be subtle but sexual, every time you talk to women—learn the EASY & EFFECTIVE secret!

MAKE HER WANT YOU: Turn a few simple comments into a burning desire to get you to take her seriously with her sexuality.

Secrets of TALKING TO WOMEN finally explained!

What to say and what not to say

When to STOP talking

What to talk about and why it works

A REMINDER: Why you are talking to women—how to talk about what they are interested in

Talk slowly- women respond hypnotically when a man paces his words

Make eye contact like a mental patient when you talk- they become entranced

Act and be amused at the woman you are talking to

Don’t EVER ask a question you don’t know the answer to— learn to use the power of the RIGHT questions!

How to STIMULATE women with words!

Magic words that can win all women!

Why making sense and being too literal kills the sexuality between men and women.

How to STOP trying to be understood and how to START being interesting to all women.

How to make love to her mind—mental foreplay that turns physical FAST!

Why being right means nothing to women, and why being interesting means everything!

If done right — and these CD’s show you how talking to a women will set you up for sex, great dates and great relationships. Talking to women is the first means of contact and if not done right it sets you up for embarrassment, rejection, or the start of a bad relationship.

Gary Brodsky - The Art Of Dominating Women

For the first time ever…


There are Cultural Forces at Work That Have Cut Men Off From Vital Knowledge Feared to Be Lost Forever!!

Like all things in life, there is an art to dominating women. Its easy, its actually part of our nature, and if you suppress nature you won’t believe what you will have lost. Today more and more men have forgotten this natural art. There are actually cultural forces that work to DESTROY this essential knowledge resulting in grave consequences for men (and humanity).

But, you can take action NOW to gain access to one of the few remaining sources for this profoundly LIFE CHANGING knowledge. You can simply listen to the new CD set called THE ART OF DOMINATING WOMEN, by Gary Brodsky.


So what will you learn by listening to THE ART OF DOMINATING WOMEN? You’ll learn how to have women “on tap” and available to meet YOUR needs. You’ll also learn how to get any woman you want — whenever you want — AND ONLY ON YOUR TERMS.

When you listen to THE ART OF DOMINATING WOMEN, you will discover how to enjoy any woman without losing yourself. The importance of this can’t be overstated. Look around at your friends and neighbors — even yourself —you can see how women can ruin and sometimes totally destroy a man’s life. With the ART OF DOMINATING WOMEN CD, this will never happen to you


In just two hours, this BREAKTHROUGH CD set will show you how to cultivate a NEW VISION OF MASCULINITY that will enable you TO DOMINATE, CONTROL, and USE WOMEN any way you want.

Why? Because women naturally respond to masculinity - just like men naturally respond to femininity. Think about it, is a man attracted to a masculine, lesbian dyke dyke? Of course not, and at the core of every woman is a deep disrespect and resentment of the new breed of feminized, feminist men that are easy prey for women to manipulate and control.Women want a man they can respect!

I’m going to teach you exactly what you must do to release the NATURAL MALE POWER WITHIN YOU so that you can become the masculine, real man every woman wants.

If you can follow some simple step-by-step instructions, you can develop the character, attitude, voice tone, and body language that masculine men have. With these traits, it’s impossible for you to not increase your success with women…… DRAMATICALLY!


A lot of guys have been fooled by the media, to believe in the “nice guy” culture. TV Talk Show Hosts say that women want a “good, sensitive man” to love. “Relationship experts” and old-fashioned mommies tell guys they are supposed to control their sexual urges and pretend they want everything from women except sex.

But you know what? A few decades of talk shows and misinformation aren’t going to change 3.2 billion years of evolution. What women want today hasn’t changed much from what women wanted millions of years ago. Women are naturally attracted to strong dominant men.

Don’t buy into the non-sense that women don’t like sex. Talk to any attractive women and you will find that the best-looking ones always have REGULAR sex. We would not have lasted 3.2 billion years if this were not true.


Don’t believe the media. They just make excuses for the poor love lives of frustrated, asexual guys. Their complaints are out of pure jealousy. Our mothers and sisters want us to be “nice” and respectful to women. But no mother wants her son to be a wimp, or some other woman’s fool.

Listen up: women distain “wimps”. They secretly CRAVE masculine men! These EXCITING CDs will show you exactly how to become the man that all women truly want. As one of the few men who can meet their deepest needs, you will find it effortless to DOMINATE AND CONTROL THEM and give them the kind of loving they want!


“I thought I would never fall for any of the tricks in these CDs until I realized it’s happened to me a bunch of times before” - Melanie, Tempe, AZ

“I have been tricked by the ‘power move’ so many times, I’m not even gonna talk about it” - Sarah, Bellmore, NY

“It’s incredible how this guy totally nailed the female mind” - Kelly, New York, New York

“I hate to admit it, but this stuff would work on me” - Jennifer, San Diego, California

Gary Brodsky - How To Date Women Like A Prick

It’s been a long time coming, but someone had to do it!


There is NOTHING else like it!

Look at the dating scene today; no one knows how to date anymore. It’s a DISASTER! Why are there dating services, dating clubs, speed dating clinics, and online dating? They were created because men have simply forgotten HOW to date women. Women believe all men are jerks because what to say and do on dates is a forgotten skill.

Men have been acting like wimps, pussies, and jerk-offs way to long. This makes them dating-challenged.

Once you declare “I am a PRICK! I’m going to date women like a PRICK!” you get more dates than you could imagine. We all know women love pricks no matter how much they deny it.

Women have always loved the bad boy, the rebel, the PRICK. Through my new CD set I will tell you HOW TO DATE WOMEN LIKE A PRICK and they WILL love you. They WILL do what ever you want.

But first you must Face the facts, women love PRICKS!

So what will you learn? Here a just a few things

Always know what to say and keep her interest

Great places to take women.

What to say and how to say it.

Go straight from the date to the bedroom.

How to talk on the phone the PRICK way.

Turn her on like she’s never had it.

Never make a fool of yourself again.

This is the only instructional CD set on dating that gets you what you want!

Gary Brodsky - Mastering the Game

The wildest and most powerful CD ever.

MASTERING THE GAME — sounds crazy? Sounds impossible? Sounds like Gary Brodsky’s new CD and it works, what else counts?

Do you ever wonder how pimps get women to do whatever they want, do whatever pleases them and make money for them? Do you ever wonder how pimps get their women to absolutely adore them, or wonder why ordinary guys who obsess over these same women for months or years get nowhere?

It’s no accident, it happens for a reason and my new CD, Mastering The Game will tell you why. This CD has all the answers. This CD will tell you how pimps do what they do so you can do it too.

Imagine how great your life could be if women did everything for you, anything you wanted them to do. I am not talking about dating or just having a relationship, I am talking about buying you things, bringing her friends to your place to party, even cleaning your house and doing your laundry! I’m talking about getting women to do what really counts, giving you the hottest sex ever.

Here’s a sample of what’s on my new CD and proof that it works — ask any women if she’d have sex with guy number one, guy number two or you for a million dollars and she’ll say for a million dollars sure, for twenty bucks no. I know that for the right price, women will do anything, and I’ll teach you how to get women to do anything for you without a million dollars, You’ll give them the equivalent by virtue of the moves, skill and experience you’ll acquire by owning MASTERING THE GAME. The best thing is that these techniques work on every woman, every time.

Did you know that just knowing how to penetrate a women’s space, handing her something, or having a meal the right way will get her super turned on?

I will explain how to secretly penetrate a woman’s minds in ways that will open her up sexually and inspire her to do anything you desire.

I will show you how to arouse her sexuality, using music, atmosphere, phrases and other tricks- she’ll never know what hit her and she will be yours.

You will learn how to avoid becoming “just friends” and other frustrations. You will have her when you want, where you want, in all ways, always.

You will learn how win her loyalty and make her crave only you sexually.

It works so well it is scary.

Get immediately download Brain Train Super Pack from Gary Brodsky