Brain Gain - Permanently Enhance Cognitive Function

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Brain Gain - Permanently Enhance Cognitive Function digital download. Info: [1 CD - mp3] | 147.99 MB. BrainGain activates dormant genes involved in learn...
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Brain Gain - Permanently Enhance Cognitive Function

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 CD - mp3]

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Brain Gain - Permanently Enhance Cognitive Function


BrainGain activates dormant genes involved in learning and cognitive function. BrainGain reestablishes and repairs damaged brain connections. Using applied celestial harmonics, BrainGain provides deep brain stimulation holistically synchronizing brain activity and triggering accelerated growth of new neuronal connections throughout the central nervous system. The result: dynamic brain awakening and enhancement, promotion of optimum brain function and expansion of cognitive capacity, (to varying degrees depending on the individual), as well as expansion of the individual's universal consciousness.

How BrainGain Works

Through intricate harmonic interplay, BrainGain highly stimulates, thus accelerates the brain's rewiring processes, enabling the brain to dynamically heal itself and the whole body. Twelve mathematically complimentary tonal sequences, progressing from 2 up to 6 per channel/ear, are unified and synchronized. When the brain hears these sequences, it identifies the mathematical relationships between the individual tones, sequences and their patterns, as well as the collective sequences and patterns. Consequently, new connections (synapses) between neurons and brain centers are stimulated, enabling the brain to process and function more dynamically. Thus, listening to BrainGain effects a more dynamic, individual neuronal network, ergo a more dynamic and responsive brain and central nervous system as well as a more responsive and resilient immune system. The enhanced nervous and immune systems naturally progress the individual to a remarkably higher and sustainable degree of functionality, health and wellness.

How to Use BrainGain

BrainGain works best when you listen to it through headphones. (Works well without headphones too, just make sure you're centered between the speakers.) Set the volume very low, so the track sounds more like water flowing in the background or distant windchimes. (There are also two audible versions included, one at full volume and the other already lowered to approximately 5% full volume.) Listen to BrainGain at least every night and morning, as you're going to sleep and awakening. We encourage setting up a playback system, with or without headphones, that enables the patient to listen to BrainGain throughout the night and while napping. We also encourage use of BrainGain while engaged in normal activity, however, (as a standard safety precaution), it's best not to drive a vehicle of any kind or do any other activity that could result in bodily injury while doing so.

ETR: Expected Time of Results

The brain responds immediately to BrainGain. Within seconds, the listener will experience a calming, even dreamy or slightly inebriated sensation. Within minutes, he/she will experience remarkable increase in mental lucidity, depth and peripheral perception, mind/body balance along with the sensation of waves of energy coursing through her/his brain and central nervous system. (That sensation is the result of the BrainGain's holistically accelerating synaptic generation and communication.) Within 3 days, the patient will evidence remarkable increase in the duration of sustained focus, clarity and lucidity of thought after BrainGain listening sessions. (The increase and duration also vary per patient, but the difference in both is remarkable.) Using BrainGain daily, as prescribed, for 30 days or more leaves lasting improvements in thinking processes, personal stress management and sustainable vitality. Use it as long as you'd like, but no less than 26 consecutive days initially.

"I don't have brain trauma? What'll it do for me?"

Generally, BrainGain will increase your focus, IQ, immune response, vitality and ability to manage stress, among many other unique benefits. Although BrainGain was specifically designed as a dynamic therapy for cognitive impairment, it makes well functioning brains function even better.

Broad Spectrum Recovery

BrainGain is 21st century harmonic medicine for dynamic neuronal healing. Providing deep brain stimulation through intricate, binary harmonic interplay, BrainGain universally promotes recovery from brain trauma, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, cerebral palsy, coma and more. While there are similar cognitive enhancement products available, none are developed nor as dynamically effective as BrainGain. Use BrainGain in an iPod, media player or CD player, with or without headphones. The most bang for the buck; a boost from day one! Try it today!