Brad Branson - Lifestyle Academy

Brad Branson - Lifestyle Academy digital download.

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Brad Branson - Lifestyle Academy

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Brad Branson - Lifestyle Academy

Brad Branson - Lifestyle Academy

Bonus #1: Brad’s Evolutions Dating Product Get a step-by-step roadmap to meet, attract, and date hotter girls ($700 Value)

Bonus #2: The After Hours Lounge
Get your questions answered fast with over 40 hours of QnA webinars broken down into bite sized audios ($800 value)

Special VIP packages available with access to Brad’s “Thailand Retreat” (Priceless)

How’s Life?

Think about the areas that matter the most:

Your Sex Life

Are you dating the type of women that you’re most attracted to?

Your Emotions

Do you wake up CHARGED and excited to start your day?

Your Health

Do you like how your body looks?  How about your energy levels?

Your Freedom

Do you have enough free time to do whatever you want, whenever you want to?

Your Finances

Are you happy with the amount of money you’re making?

Your Friends

Do you have an awesome group of like-minded friends to inspire and motivate you?

For Most Of My Life…
The Answer Was NO!

I spent most of my 20′s lost and confused

  • I was stuck in a relationship for YEARS because I didn’t think I could find a better girl
  • I was living paycheck to paycheck buying stupid things I couldn’t afford
  • I hated my day job and had no idea how to find a career
    I’d actually enjoy
  • And I let other people control my future, doing what “society” thought was right because I didn’t know how to think for myself

A 9 Week Total Immersion Program
Designed To “Rewire Your Brain”

Giving you the clarity and direction to master your: Dating Life, Finances, Career,
Health, Emotions, and Freedom… Faster than you ever thought possible…

Here’s What You Get:

The LSA Members Area

You’ll get immediate access to The New LSA Members Area which includes:

  • Your Week 1: Attitude 101 videos…  As well any future video modules as they’re released each week
  • Exercises through out the program to hammer home the new concepts, with special new BONUSES only available when you complete your coursework
  • And my Director Notes…  A detailed outline of each video module, so you don’t have to worry about taking copious notes

You’ll also get email reminders when new videos are released…

As well as notifications for exercise deadlines, so you can complete them on time and never miss a bonus!

The LSA Private
Members Forum

You’ll also get access to the LSA Private Members Forum, where you’ll be able to:

  • Sync up with other like minded people
  • Create mastermind groups
  • Find friends to hold you accountable
  • Ask me and the crew any questions you have about the LSA material
  • And find guys in your own city to go out with, or even start a business together

It really does create that immersive experience when you’re surrounded by so many people on the same journey as you…

The LSA Core Weekly Video Training

Check out some of what you’ll learn each week

ATTITUDE 101 The Foundations of Success and Happiness

Dive into your subconscious mind to find your inner purpose, determine your ideal lifestyle, and learn how to achieve a more fulfilling life

  • REDISCOVER YOUR VALUES- Learn EXACTLY why you make decisions, and how to start making better ones to live by YOUR values instead of society’s, your parent’s, or your friend’s

 - Discover what holds you back from being happier and more fulfilled (You’ll see why most people are DEAD WRONG about how they view their bad emotions)

Remove the mental clutter and uncover the deeper meaning to your life, and learn how to instantly transform any fears of failure into your greatest asset

 - Feel drawn towards your goals like a magnet, knowing with confidence that you’re making the right moves in life

Destroy self doubt, stop worrying about what other people think of you, and become a BOSS with full control over the direction your of life

Find out how “positive thinking” can RUIN your own success, and build immense momentum to achieve your goals faster

MOMENTUM 101 Long Term Goal Planning, Habit Formation and Morning Rituals

Supercharge your goal setting system and model the habits of ‘peak performers’ to GUARANTEE waking up more productive and excited to start your day

  • DAILY BLUEPRINT- Use “administrative strategies” to boost your daily productivity and finally have the free time to do what you’ve been putting off for years
  • SLEEP SCIENCE DECODED- Naps, meditation, sleep cycles, and more! Structure your night like a mad scientist to consistently wake up with more energy and alertness
  • UNSTOPPABLE ACHIEVEMENT- Develop UNBREAKABLE determination and know when to follow through on your goals where anyone else would have given up (The best part is this technique works even better on the areas of your life where you haven’t succeeded before)
  • MORNING MOMENTUM- Use this “No Excuse” strategy to trick your brain into feeling AWESOME and never waste away the day again (Imagine how great it would feel to have half your to-do list done before breakfast!)
  • THE YING AND YANG OF PRODUCTIVITY- Find out why your “Blue Collar Work Ethic” can actually DESTROY your chances of success… If you’re already an overachiever… THIS. IS. FOR. YOU!
  • PRODUCTIVITY EXPOSED- Know exactly when you’re working on the RIGHT THING, and when you’re just wasting time on unproductive tasks (You’ll finish projects faster and never miss a deadline again)
  • DAILY JEET KUNE DO- Get rid of the habits that are holding you back and TRIPLE how much you get done each week (You already have the time to read more books, hit the gym harder, and work on your game…
    You just don’t have the right strategy to get to it all)

WEALTH 101 Financial Freedom and the Millionaire Mindset

Utilize Fortune 500 budgeting strategies to decrease your financial stress and increase your monthly income and earning potential

  • CREDIT CRUNCH- Start paying yourself instead of your bankers, and use “Napier’s Law” to end the stress of living paycheck to paycheck
  • THE MENTOR METHOD- Learn how to make wealthy and successful people beg you to become their friends (and give you all their wisdom for free)
  • ABOVE & BEYOND- Get your boss to pay you more and “brainwash” customers into loving your company with tried and tested strategies from the best Internet marketers
    • THE COLLEGE QUESTION- Turn your university education into a peak performance training and find out how all those hours in the library actually developed important life and business skills!
    • IMPULSIVE SPENDING STOPPER- Take your emotions out of the equation and stop buying CRAP that you don’t need (You already have the money to do everything you want in life, you just don’t know how to use it)
    • BAILOUT FUND- Start building your financial future TODAY, and use “Ancient Wisdom” to do it the right way (That awesome lifestyle is closer than you think!)

LIFESTYLISM 10 Higher Level Consciousness and Extreme Self Love

Explore Brad’s 3 Paradigms of Consciousness with exercises to boost your self esteem and give you a broader perspective of reality

  • YOU 2.0- Upgrade your self-image to feel deserving of the best things in life… And then go get them! (This is as close to a magic pill as you’ll ever get and uses the “law of attraction” to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be)
  • MENTAL REFRAMES- Learn how to tweak your “Emotional Intelligence” to become the life of the party and make EVERYTHING YOU DO supercharge your self-esteem
  • KILL THE PUPPETEER- Stop letting other people control your life and learn how to confidently make those important life decisions… And I’ll hold your hand through the entire ”Success Barrier Blasting” process!
  • CONSCIOUSNESS BOOSTERS- Have mind blowing sex, taste food like you’ve never tasted it before, and create stronger relationships with everyone you meet
  • ANTI-SOCIOPATH IRREVERENCE- Start taking bigger risks and do whatever the hell you want instead of being afraid to fail and worrying about what other people might think of you
  • BALL AND CHAIN DESTRUCTION- Remove the hidden emotional baggage that’s been holding you back for YEARS from enjoying life to the fullest
  • EMOTIONAL EXODUS - Never have a “bad day” again and get your emotions to work for you instead of against you
  • EGO TO LIFE BOOST- Develop Extreme Self Esteem to become “The Ultimate Man” (Find out why it’s actually good to have a huge ego!)

BUSINESS 101 Create a Stress Free Career or Business You’re Passionate About

Learn how to innovate and market yourself to create a “Lifestyle Resume” that guarantees a financial Cash Crop

  • JOB JIUJITSU- Turn even the most boring job into a stepping stone to a more fulfilling career - (even if you’re flipping burgers and hate your boss!)
  • THE B-MYTH- Pump up your income by becoming the most valuable asset inside the company and learn why owning your own business isn’t always the best path to financial freedom
  • SOCIAL INTROVERT- Learn the top 3 skills every self-made millionaire swears by… Even if you’re stuck in boring college classes or hating your “day job of doom”
  • IM 101- Get a crash course in internet marketing to see if it’s right for you and safeguard yourself from “get rich quick schemes”
  • MARKETING ME- Boost your income and bolster your job security with a “unique” marketing strategy that literally forces your boss and customers to NEED you
  • EXECUTING AWESOMENESS- Find out why your “million dollar idea” won’t make you rich and develop the tool that actually can (Watch as others sit around bragging about their “great idea,” while your actually making it happen)

SOCIAL STUDIES 101 Elite Social Circles and Balancing Game with Your Life

Outer game tips and Inner game mindsets to not only attract hotter women into your life, but also better friends and mentors

  • SOCIAL CIRCLE MASTERY- Learn how developing “your game” and skillset with women can easily transfer into creating an awesome social circle of cool friends
  • CONFIDENT CONNECTIONS - Get women to trust you on a deeper level… Leading to better relationships, better sex, and becoming a member of “The Secret Society of Seduction”
  • SOCIAL CATALYZER - Develop an addictive personality that “overwhelms your environment” making you the life of the party and a blast to be with
  • GIRLFRIEND GUARANTEE- Learn the smoothest path to transition from dating a girl to making her your girlfriend (it’s so smooth she’ll think SHE’S making the decision to “go exclusive”)
  • THE BOLD BREAKUP- Learn the best way to breakup with your girlfriend on good terms like a real man (and leave the window open to hook up with her later with no strings attached)
  • FRIENDSHIP GONE WRONG- Know the right time to separate yourself from friends or family holding you back… And how to “distance yourself” without ruining the relationship
  • KILL THE BUDDHA- Discover how to quickly win the respect and trust of powerful people and create win-win mentor/mentee relationships
  • FORCED FRAMES- Feel comfortable in ANY situation, be yourself around the people you admire, and sneakily get them to do whatever you want. (The best part is people WANT you to do this!)

ADVENTURE 101 Travel the World, Skill Mastery, and Live a Healthier Life

Get a roadmap to Life Mastery, a diet and exercise routine to look amazing, and cutting edge tips to travel on the cheap and live lie a rockstar

  • JET SETTING ON A BUDGET- Travel the world like a BOSS (at a fraction of the cost) while RAMPING UP your game, fitness, and business goals (You don’t have to fall off your routine when you’re on the road!)
  • FIRST CLASS NINJA- Use insider secrets from a Swiss airline pilot to fly first class on the cheap and get invited into exclusive elite member areas for FREE
  • WORLDWIDE ROCKSTAR- Learn the “secret handshake” to trick bouncers, waiters, and promoters into WANTING you to come to their club or restaurant, and join the life of the “Social Elite”
  • THE PERFECTION CHALLENGE- Get a ripped physique on the road while barely spending any time in the gym. (You can even do this at home and get in BETTER shape than you ever thought possible)
  • PROLIFIC BIBLIOPHILE- WARNING! You might be reading books the “Wrong Way.” Find out how to read faster, remember more, and use reading as a tool to sharpen your mind
  • INFORMATION OVERLOAD- Stop being influenced by social conditioning, and get your information from the right places (You’ll be amazed at how much mainstream media has negatively impacted your life!)

GRADUATION Advanced Inner Game - And Your Gameplan for the Future

Understand the Timeline of Long term Success and how to create long lasting true happiness

LADDER OF SUCCESS - Feel great everyday knowing WITHOUT A DOUBT that your small victories will lead to huge rewards (No more short term pain for long term gain…  It’s just ALL good ALL the time!)

COMPETITIVE ACTION - Avoid the subtle trap EVERY successful person makes and create an ideal environment that literally “embarrasses you,” in a good way, to reach an even higher level of success

COMPLEX CONTRIBUTION - Model Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to create ACCURATE goals decades away… Also find out why they gave away their BILLIONS OF DOLLARS…  And why you would too

SELF MASTERY - Develop MASSIVE willpower, take control of your mind, and enjoy “pushing through the pain” (No more excuses, no more procrastination, just getting sh** done and loving it the whole time!)

DREAM DESTROYER - Stop stressing out and doubting your dreams, know exactly when to stick with it and when to throw in the towel (You’ll kick yourself when you see where you’ve made this mistake in the past)

EGREGIA CUM LAUDE - Catapult beyond your early successes inside The LSA to achieve even more after the program…  And get a tool to make sure you keep the habits that made it all happen

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The After Hours Lounge

Get over 40 hours of premium webinar recordings without the “fluff”

The Entire 12 Month Evolutions Program

With over 19 hours of videos showing you EXACTLY how to meet, attract, and date hotter girls