Bong Soo Han - Hapkido

Bong Soo Han - Hapkido digital download. Info: [11 DVDs - Rip] | 9.628 GB. The father of Hapkido in America, Master Bong Soo Han instructs in this 11 vol...

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Bong Soo Han - Hapkido

Type: Digital download

Format: [11 DVDs - Rip]

File size: 9.628 GB

Bong Soo Han - Hapkido


The father of Hapkido in America, Master Bong Soo Han instructs in this 11 vol set on the Korean art of Hapkido. Includes:

Vol 1: Yellow Belt Techniques: -Hapkido warm ups, stretching, and conditioning exercises, basic kicks, blocks, punches and self defense techniques against multiple opponents.

Vol 2: Orange Belt Techniques: - Hapkido falling techniques, basic kicking combinations, step back kicks, Hapkido self defense techniques against punching ttacks and wrist holds.

Vol 3: Purple Belt Techniques: - This valuable lesson teaches single blocks against kicks, self defense combinations against front, side, and roundhouse kicks, plus Hapkido escapes and counter strikes against wrist grabs.

Vol 4: Green Belt Techniques: - In this lesson, you will learn rear and forward leg jumping front, side, and roundhouse kicks, followed by dynamic Hapkido self defense techniques against one and two handed wrist holds.

Vol 5: Blue Belt Techniques: - Includes 6 blue belt kicking combinations, 8 dynamic Hapkido throwing techniques, and numerous Hapkido self defense combinations against sleeve, lapel, collar and shoulder grabs.

Vol 6: Brown Belt Techniques: - Teaches nine dynamic kicking combinations, plus advanced Hapkido self defense against various garment holds.

Vol 7: Brown Belt 1st Stripe: - You will learn advanced brown belt kicking combinations, Hapkido advanced self defense techniques against rear, wrist, collar, shoulder and sleeve holds.

Vol 8: Red Belt Techniques: -Teaches red belt spinning and jump kick combinations plus 14 devastating Hapkido self defense techniques against front, side, and rear choke attacks.

Vol 9: Red Belt Techniques 1st Stripe: -11 highly advanced spinning, jumping, and flying kicks, plus advanced self defense throws, sweeps, and take downs against punching attacks.

Vol 10: -Black Belt Techniques: Black belt drop sweep spinning roundhouse and heel kicks, plus over 20 highly advanced Hapkido take downs, sweeps, and throws against front, side, and roundhouse kicks.

Vol 11: -20th Anniversary Demo and Interview: This dynamic ivideo features an exciting 1995 Hapkido demonstration presented by Bong Soo Han's students in honor of his Santa Monica, CA school's 20th anniversary. This show presents all of the exciting aspects of Hapkido, the Korean martial art of "Coordinating Power". Also included is a very rare and exclusive interview with Grandmaster Bong Soo Han - the father of Hapkido.