Bob Serling - Reverse Inventing

Bob Serling - Reverse Inventing digital download.

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Bob Serling - Reverse Inventing

Type: Digital download

Bob Serling - Reverse Inventing

Bob Serling - Reverse Inventing


The Reverse Inventing Coaching Program is an 8-week program designed to give you the in-depth training, coaching and personal support you need to be successful with licensing in the shortest time possible. During this program, which I’ll conduct personally, I’ll share everything I do to produce a seven figure income with licensing.

You’ll be able to avoid the serious and costly errors that most inventors and product developers make… focus only on those tasks that get the best results as quickly as possible… and get personalized training, advice and coaching that will dramatically accelerate your success.

Four case studies of “reverse inventing” in action

- Case Study #1: Skateboard Toy
- Case Study #2: Educational Software
- Case Study #3: Marketing Campaigns
- Case Study #4: Licensing Agent

What’s you GET:
- All Videos, Ebooks. EVERYTHING I receive will be shared

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