Bob Bly - Selling Yourself as a Copywriter

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Bob Bly - Selling Yourself as a Copywriter digital download. Info: [Audio (MP3) + Reports (PDF)]. Hello. My name is Bob Bly. I’m a full-time freelance c...
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Bob Bly - Selling Yourself as a Copywriter

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Bob Bly - Selling Yourself as a Copywriter

Make $100,000+ a Year As a Freelance Copywriter –
Just Like the Top Pros Do!

Hello. My name is Bob Bly. I’m a full-time freelance copywriter and a member of American Writers & Artists Inc.’s Board of Advisors.

For years now, AWAI members have been asking me – at Bootcamps, over the phone, and via email – questions about how (and whether) they can make a good living, a six-figure income, or even a million dollars (!) as a full-time freelance copywriter.

Questions like these:

  • “Is it possible to make $100,000 or more as a freelance copywriter in today’s economy?”
  • “Are companies still hiring freelance writers? Or do they do everything through their agencies or in house now?”
  • “Has the internet destroyed the market for freelance copywriting services – or expanded it?”“I know how to write, but I have no idea how to get people to hire me. Where do I find my first clients?”
  • “I have no experience and only the writing samples I did for my AWAI exercises. What do I do when a potential client asks to see my portfolio?”
  • “How much should I charge? What if I ask for that amount, and the client says it’s too high?”
  • “Can I become a self-made millionaire strictly through freelance writing? Or do I have to create and market my own mail-order products?”

The good news is: Now, as an AWAI member, you can get all the answers to these questions and any others you might have directly from me.

I’ll share with you everything I’ve learned in my 25+ years of copywriting. You can sign up for this direct pipeline to all my experience by calling Barb or Scott at 1-866-879-2924 now, or by clicking below.

Our Selling Yourself As a Copywriter: How to Earn $100,000 a Year program tells you everything you need to do, in the order you need to do it, to start (or jump-start) your freelance copywriting business.

With this program, you can quickly get on track to earn $100,000…$200,000…even $300,000 a year or more…enough to make you a self-made millionaire within the next few years!

Turn your writing talents into
a multi-million-dollar fortune

About Bob Bly…

AWAI Board Member Bob Bly has been a writer since 1979 and a full-time freelance writer since 1982. He earns more than $600,000 a year from his freelance writing, and became a self-made multi-millionaire while still in his 30s.

Bob has written copy for more than 100 clients including Phillips, Agora, KCI, 21st Century, Weiss Research, EBI Medical Systems, Sony, IBM, AT&T, Grumman, Crain Communications, McGraw-Hill, IBM, Intuit, Nortel, and AlliedSignal.

Bob is the author of more than 60 books including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Direct Marketing (Alpha), The Ultimate Unauthorized Star Trek Quiz Book (HarperCollins), The “I Hate Kathie Lee Gifford” Book (Kensington), The Science in Science Fiction (BenBella), and, with Bo Dietl, Business Lunchatations (Penguin).

He has published more than 100 articles in such publications as Cosmopolitan, Writer’s Digest, City Paper, and Amtrak Express.

Bob’s writing awards include a Gold Echo from the Direct Marketing Association, an IMMY from the Information Industry Association, two Southstar Awards, an American Corporate Identity Award of Excellence, and the Standard of Excellence award from the Web Marketing Association. He also taught writing at New York University.

Bob has appeared as a guest on dozens of TV and radio shows including The Advertising Show, Bernard Meltzer, CNBC, and CBS Hard Copy. He has been featured in major media ranging from the LA Times and Nation’s Business to the New York Post and the National Enquirer. 

Selling Yourself As a Copywriter: How to Earn $100,000 a Yearis the most complete, powerful, and comprehensive program for becoming financially independent as a freelance copywriter that has ever been offered.

Everything in Selling Yourself is based on experience – by people who’ve already achieved what you want to achieve.

All the marketing methods I tell you about – from having your own website, to taking on spec assignments – I’ve done personally. There’s no theory in Selling Yourself…just proven, real-world results.

Over the past two decades, I have invested literally thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in testing to discover the methods that really work in getting clients.

By joining the Selling Yourself program, you can learn from my “expensive experience”…avoid wasting a small fortune on stuff that doesn’t work (like I did)…

…and spend your time only on those promotions and activities that can quickly generate lucrative copywriting assignments – even if you’re a total novice.

Here’s just a sampling of what I will share with you:

  • 3 ways you can immediately land a client – even if you are a beginner with zero experience. Using one of these techniques, I had 35 companies inquiring about my copywriting services within 4 weeks after I quit my job to go freelance.
  • The client already uses other freelance copywriters, and an ad agency, and he has writers on staff. But he still needs you and wants to hire you! I’ll tell you why – and how to use this knowledge in your favor.
  • Can cold-calling work? Yes, but not the way most freelance copywriters do it. I’ll show you the right way to uncover new prospects by telephone.
  • New freelance copywriters always ask me, “Where can I get mailing lists of potential clients?” Most list brokers, unfortunately, have minimum rentals of 5,000 names. My alternative gets you around this and allows you to mail to 500, 100, even 10 names at a time – at far less than it would cost to rent a commercially available list.
  • I’ll also tell you who to call to get conventional mailing lists. There’s only one list broker in the United States that specializes in renting lists of potential marketing clients to freelancers. I’ll give you this broker’s name and phone number.
  • The easiest (and least expensive) self-promotion method on the planet: writing articles for trade journals. I’ll explain how this works, what publications to contact, how to get them to agree to publish your articles, and how to generate actual sales leads from every article you write. As a bonus, I will also give you a list of titles and subjects for the articles you need to write. In the early 1980s, I went from unknown novice to a well-respected copywriter primarily on the strength of this method.
  • The quickest way to meet lots of potential clients and build your credibility as a direct-mail copywriting expert. You won’t have much competition, because most freelancers are afraid to do this (and for no good reason; it’s really fun and easy).
  • The absolutely most-effective direct-mail format for generating sales leads for your freelance copywriting services. The package needs only 3 elements, but you must follow this format precisely – or else it won’t work. The letter I wrote following this formula generated a 7% response the first time I mailed it…a 10% response after I tweaked it a little. To get 10 leads for my copywriting services, I only had to mail 100 of these simple letters!
  • Should you have a website promoting your freelance copywriting services? Must you? What should be on it? How should it look? What domain name is best? My website brings me at least 3 genuine inquiries a week…and thousands of hits.
  • How to follow up leads until they give you a job, but without pestering them. Prospects have profusely thanked me for using this follow-up method – and many have hired me because of it. (I just got a $6,000 project from an old client, for example, and Michael Masterson has said he “loves” hearing from me in this way.)
  • The internet is exploding with “e-zines” – self-published promotional online newsletters. Are there too many of them for e-zines to work any more? Or should you rush right out and create one? Mine goes to 30,000+ subscribers monthly and works like a charm. I’ll reveal the easy formula responsible for its success …and how to use it to generate dozens of leads any time you need them…at virtually zero cost.
  • How to write classified ads that get business, and where to place them. I’ll also give you the inside story on my full-page ad in DM News and whether the 71 leads it produced paid off. (The ad costs $8,000, but I’ll show you how I got it for FREE!)