Bob Bly - Information Marketing for Freelance Copywriters

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Bob Bly - Information Marketing for Freelance Copywriters

Information Marketing for Freelance Copywriters

Yes! Please sign me up for Information Marketing for Freelance Copywriters.

I’m ready to use my 95% advantage to write for myself and generate a stress-free second income stream (as much as $50,000-$200,000+ per year) with easy-to-create information products.

In a series of quick paced hour-long webinars Bob Bly, “America’s Top Copywriter,” will guide me through his entire info publishing strategy.

He’ll help me select the perfect topic for my own info publishing business — so I can be sure I’ll succeed — and he’ll show me exactly what to do to replicate his success.

On top of that, I’ll get four never-before-seen “Off the Record” Roundtable Conversations with Bob. (These are candid Q&A sessions with Bob, led by marketing and copywriting expert, Sandy Franks.) I’m looking forward to this unfiltered, behind-the-scenes view of info publishing!

I’ll even get a special recorded virtual webinar with Bob. In this exclusive session, Bob goes through actual members’ ideas, plans, products, copy, and businesses. So, I’ll hear Bob’s expert feedback for a variety of situations, making it easy to see if I’m on a path to making money or if there are any last-minute changes and adjustments to make to ensure my success.

Finally, I’ll get three more bonuses — written and selected by Bob himself — to take my new info publishing business to the next level. These reports are packed with some of Bob’s best info, like: how to get into the mind of my readers, how to attract and land more copywriting clients with my info publishing business, and more!

I know — because Bob has specifically designed this course for freelance copywriters (like myself) — that I’m receiving the best, most up-to-date information for my situation, so I can launch quickly and easily …

After all, I have a 95% advantage!

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