BKF - Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Hsing-I (Vol.1 - 5)

BKF - Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Hsing-I (Vol.1 - 5) digital download. Welcome to our complete series on Hs...

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BKF - Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Hsing-I (Vol.1 - 5)

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Welcome to our complete series on Hsing-i for Health and Martial Power. This series now contains five sections, one for each element/fist, plus a section on I Chuan Standing Postures and additional bonuses.

The practices contained within this program are linked to the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The ancient Chinese found that each of these five elements correspond to specific mental and emotional states within human beings. By strengthening and harmonizing these elements within oneself, one can achieve a deep sense of health and well being. Understanding Hsing-I helps to enhance other mind/body practices such as tai chi, bagua, qigong, energy healing, massage, and even yoga.

Hsing-I is called the ‘ Fastest Way to Build Chi ‘ because it is extremely efficient in uncovering and overcoming weaknesses within yourself and others.

With Instructor Bruce Frantzis

 Taoist Master Bruce Frantzis will teach you the same  practice that his primary teacher and Taoist sage, Liu Hung Chieh, started his daily practice sessions with to increase strength, health and vitality.

I created this training program in the hope that one of China’s most effective healing and internal martial systems, hsing-i chuan would continue to benefit future generations.  – Bruce Frantzis

BKF - Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Hsing-I (Vol.1 - 5)

Product Details

You’ll receive over 30 hours of video instruction:

  • Five Complete trainings on each of the Five Elements of Hsing-I:
  • The METAL Fist (Pi Chuan or Chopping Fist)
  • The WATER Fist (Tsuan Chuan or drilling fist)
  • The WOOD Fist (Beng Chuan or crushing fist)
  • The FIRE Fist (Pao Chuan or pounding fist)
  • The EARTH Fist (Heng Chuan or crossing fist)
  • Bonus: I Chuan Standing Postures Set
  • Bonus: Hsing-I Picture eBook with frame by frame pictures of each of the five fists and movements
  • Bonus: Three Q&A segments where Bruce answers some essential questions on the topic of Hsing – I.
  • Bonus: Taoist Breathing for Tai Chi and Meditation Audio Program
  • Access to the Energy Arts Forum on Facebook

Once you subscribe, you will receive instant access to the program.

BKF - Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Hsing-I (Vol.1 - 5)

Go Beyond the Ordinary

 Our courses are designed to facilitate healing in the body, building qi and cultivating the mind. Energy arts practices can be applied to many different areas of life you seek to improve. 

Whether it’s your golf game, parenting children, body performance, enhancing relationships, or a quieter mind, these practices will give you the internal skills necessary to lead a more balanced, full and relaxed life

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to build strength and cultivate chi, or get a stronger connection to their body
  • People who want to increase their focus and determination
  • Qigong, Tai Chi, and Yoga practitioners who want to make their practice stronger and more connected
  • Martial Art beginners who want to build a strong mind and body

What Can I Expect to Learn?

  • How to cultivate yang methods of internal power for martial arts
  • How to develop incredible will and intent of the mind
  • How to let chi flow vigorously and smoothly in the body to build strength and vibrant health
  • How to develop internal strength and unwavering focused intent.

Hsing-i  is one of the few movement forms that enables you to be more effective in all aspects of life because you learn how to directly engage your mind, will and intent. It develops follow through, concentration and focus.