Beth + Jeff Mccord - Becoming Us: Type 1 + Type 5

Beth + Jeff Mccord - Becoming Us: Type 1 + Type 5 digital download.

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Beth + Jeff Mccord - Becoming Us: Type 1 + Type 5

Type: Digital download

Beth + Jeff Mccord - Becoming Us: Type 1 + Type 5

Beth + Jeff Mccord - Becoming Us: Type 1 + Type 5

You’re seconds away from getting Becoming Us, a reconnection series that will improve communication with your spouse and strengthen your marriage!

What’s Inside the Becoming Us Reconnection Series?

Video 1: Our Story & the Enneagram - you’ll love this because you’ll understand how to use the Enneagram better!

Video 2: Your Types - an in-depth look into each of your Enneagram Types.

Video 3: The Dance - explore your marriage relationship dynamics for your specific types.

Video 4: The Gospel - discover how to use the Gospel to align your Dance dynamics.

Video 5: Family of Origin - understand how your history impacts your Dance so you can improve it.

Video 6: Communication - equip yourself with type-specific strategies for a deeper connection with your partner.

Video 7: Conflict - gain Type-specific strategies for resolving conflicts in a constructive way.

Video 8: Becoming Us - discover Type-specific ways you can love, affirm and support each other, creating a thriving relationship!


Discovering You (Free) - Dive deeper into the Enneagram with our Discovering You course!

Enneagram Enhanced Parenting Plan - With this plan, you’ll discover how your Enneagram type affects your parenting!

”From Confrontation to Caring” Communication Formula - This is like having a magical key that improves your communication dance!

Repair & Recovery Roadmap - With this bonus, you’ll uncover exactly how to repair and recover after a fight with your spouse.

Becoming Us Swift Success Strategy - Jeff reveals the most direct path to transforming your marriage using Becoming Us!

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