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The Language Hacking Guide explains exactly what you need to do to speak a language quickly. Rather than read through the guide to find out my one major ‘s...

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The Language Hacking Guide explains exactly what you need to do to speak a language quickly.

Rather than read through the guide to find out my one major ‘secret’, I can tell you right now. You need to speak the language from day one.

No years of studying grammar, no expensive and complicated software, no “magic pill” to master a language while you sleep, you just need to speak it. Speak it regularly, speak it confidently, and speak it immediately. The more you speak, the quicker you will improve.

Even though this may be obvious, how you actually speak a language that you have just started to learn seems almost impossible to many people. So they’ll wait until they are “ready”. That wait may be years, or they may simply never even try.

But it’s not actually that hard! That’s what the Language Hacking Guide is about.

The social/confidence context of a language ignored in academic courses

It sounds so obvious, but most courses skip the most crucial aspects of communication and focus on nothing more than the content, as if knowing the grammar and a list of random words will magically have you speaking fluently.

Hiding away in your room with an audio course is never going to get you to speak the language. Only practice can do that. I have met thousands of people who have been disappointed by such courses that completely ignore these crucial questions, all of which are the focus of the Language Hacking Guide and are discussed and explained in detail:

How to practise a language every day for free with natives even if you can’t travel to their country. (p. 164)

How to easily express all you’ve learned even if you’re a shy introverted person like so many other beginning language learners. (p. 127)

How to make sure that natives won’t feel frustrated at your “feeble” attempts to speak their language. (p. 117)

When you will be ready to speak. (p. 55)

What to do if you suddenly have to move to your spouse’s country or for work reasons, or have an upcoming trip and don’t have the time to invest months into input-based learning. (p.158)

And there are a bunch of other questions more relevant to the human aspect of speaking a language that you can never get the answer to in grammar/vocabulary courses. I have learned all of these the hard way through years of field testing in immersion environments. Why should you have to go through the same struggle? All the information in the Guide has been compiled to help best guide people towards fluency in their target language as quickly as possible.

What is included in the Language Hacking Guide and how much is it?

The guide is an instant download that includes:

New: Entire book in English, read by me as an audio-book in 42 MP3 files.

E-books with the core information in four formats: standard PDF (for reading on a computer screen), ePub (for iPad / iPod / Sony reader / Android etc.), Mobi (for reading on the Amazon Kindle) and printer-friendly versions.

Full translations of the Guide to be read in several languages. All content (the 32,000 word e-book in 4 separate file formats* and the worksheets) is provided right now in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Dutch, Irish, Czech, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hindi, Romanian, Tagalog, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Turkish. Even more will be on the way in a few months. All of the content was translated by natives so that you can get immediate exposure to your target language to get a feel for it and attempt to read it, using the English (or other) version as a reference.

Lists of many free resources for practising any language. No expensive courses required. This means you will save money that you may otherwise waste on courses.

Worksheets to perform tasks to make sure you are on the right track. Also translated.

Almost 3 hours of audio interviews with some of the Internet’s best known language learners and polyglots, to see what has helped them achieve so much with their languages. English transcripts are also included.

*Note: Mobi format on Kindle does not fully support Hebrew, Chinese, Hindi & Arabic so I have not included these mobi files. It does however support the PDF versions of these languages very well! ePubs of all languages are included.

Focus entirely on communication

Preparation is great, but no matter how much you study, you still need to know how to communicate in a language.

Apart from mentioning some fun techniques I use to learn vocabulary and phrases, most of the guide is about the techniques that very experienced language learners, including myself, use to enable you to speak. This guide is about how to be confident enough to speak a language, no matter what your level is.

I’ll actually shoot myself in the foot in terms of making sales and tell you why you shouldn’t get the Language Hacking Guide: Want to write perfectly in the target language? Just understand foreign movies better? Pass a grammar exam? Don’t buy it: this guide is about confidently conversing with natives of a foreign language.

Want to magically master a language overnight with little work? Never going to happen. You need to actually apply the advice in the guide (that’s why worksheets are included) rather than simply read it, and change your mentality about what is involved in order to speak a language. It will be hard work, but I have lots of fun techniques I apply to make it a very enjoyable experience

NOW all the Language Hacking Guide purchases are packed with Speak from day 1 video course

Is this a language course?

Neither the Language Hacking Guide nor the Speak from day 1 video series is a course to learn any particular language. Each is my explanation of how I apply what is known as the “communicative” learning approach to languages (i.e. using it naturally by speaking it, rather than studying it in an academic environment). Everything I discuss are the most important techniques I have learned in the last decade of using languages in immersion environments.

Honestly, nearly all courses basically offer the same content and I find that an inexpensive book (such as the “Teach yourself” series, or a Lonely Planet phrasebook) offers just as much, or even more value than pre-packaged software courses that cost hundreds of dollars. The cheaper books are way better to provide the content to fill your language with.

However, actually getting used to the idea of speaking a language (issues such as lack of confidence, or how to get by when you don’t know the right word etc.) is never covered in any of these courses, including in-person classroom or in-country courses that cost thousands of dollars. What is offered in the Language Hacking Guide and Speak from Day 1 packages is not explained anywhere else in the world that I am aware of.

If you are confused about how you can possibly begin to really use your target language (no matter what it may be), then this may be for you!

Do you discuss new learning techniques in the Speak from day 1 series?

Rather than go into completely new techniques (as that would be a free update to the Language Hacking Guide book itself when it happens), the purpose of the Speak from day 1 series is to demonstrate my favourite techniques to use when starting off with a language. While I feel I explained them well in the guide, I think that seeing me attempt to do them in front of a native really makes it much easier to understand.

The purpose of the Language Hacking Guide is to explain everything I do in my entire process of learning a language; including how to go beyond the basics and even speak multiple languages. The purpose of the Speak from Day 1 series is to show techniques specifically for getting a start on speaking a language. There is lots of overlap, and Language Hacking Guide purchasers will recognize the techniques in the Speak from Day 1 series.

Since I feel that demonstration is essential to getting my point across, and I can do this much better in video form than I can in a written explanation, I will package both Speak from day 1 and the Language Hacking Guide together permanently from Thursday.