Bashar - Through the Looking Glass Again

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Bashar - Through the Looking Glass Again digital download. Info: [2 MP4s] | 2.357 GB. Join Bashar as we go "Through the Looking Glass Again." Align with...
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Bashar - Through the Looking Glass Again

Type: Digital download

Format: [2 MP4s]

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Bashar - Through the Looking Glass Again


Join Bashar as we go "Through the Looking Glass Again." Align with the upcoming year’s frequency of accelerated transformation and synchronicity! There are also 4 new surprise announcements regarding contact during this event!!

Q&A Includes: Are we ever going to learn to not listen to the banisters regarding the worldwide fiat currencies? I have a very difficult marriage and relationship with my daughter. Should I stay or should I go? If I did things which raised my frequency, would that make it easier for me to understand what is my highest excitement? Choice vs. freewill are compared. Which part of our consciousness is the 'You' making the choices? I had a dream when in my 30's. Did it happen to me physically or in an alternate reality? My husband has brain damage and is very difficult to communicate with him, how can I be understood? My best friend past away this year. Can I thin the veil between me and her somehow? Who is really 'here' in this room; one of us or many of us? Vibrations and frequency domains and what is special about 333,000 cycles per second and PI? What is the Akashic Record? How do I hold on to my awareness and connection to my higher self? Is it helpful to know what our ET heritage is? How is Bashar's ascension going? What are the hybrid children's day-to-day life like? Please explain our souls and the merging of souls. How many beings are listening to this conversation right now? I have a lot of dreams about water and tsunamis. What might they mean? How do you physically great one another? If someone dies in my reality, do I cease to exist in their reality? Can YOU ask ME a question?