Bashar - The 'I' of the Storm

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Bashar - The 'I' of the Storm digital download. Info: [1 DVD - MP4] | 1.749 GB . This exciting Connecticut event takes place during the tail end of Hurr...
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Bashar - The 'I' of the Storm

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 DVD - MP4]

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This exciting Connecticut event takes place during the tail end of Hurricane Irene. Bashar discusses how we can navigate through fear and transform it into our most preferred reality. The audience and crew are in the midst of writing their own story as they transform their experience and shift to a reality where the hurricane is downgraded to a tropical storm.

Q&A includes: Can we get rid of the hurricane? Can Shamans and sorcerers really cast evil spells? How can I use my own life story to help others align with their highest excitement? Can Bashar channel his ship into my music composition? How can I transform the loss of my job into something even more exciting? What are the Sassani people learning from us and other beings right now? Are there any chakra points and vortexes here on the East Coast? Hybrid children and being able to conceive a child. Can we each become an ascended master? In how many other parallel realities am I married to my wife? Jospeh Campbell and story-telling. Includes a Holotope Experience!