Bashar - The Artifacts (Audio only)

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Bashar - The Artifacts (Audio only) digital download. Info: [2 MP3] | 65.34 MB. Bashar reveals five artifacts hidden in our solar system that are designe...
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Bashar - The Artifacts (Audio only)

Type: Digital download

Format: [2 MP3]

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Bashar - The Artifacts (Audio only)


Bashar reveals five artifacts hidden in our solar system that are designed to reflect and accelerate human evolution.

Q&A includes:

• Why was I witness to a horrific car accident?
• Would any of us here be able to astral travel to see the Artifacts?
• How possible is it to build a machine that’s anti-gravity or uses free energy for under $1,000?
• When you referred to gravity and you said the spirals overlap, can you please explain?
• Can you speak more on sorcery?
• Can an object's locational variable change through sound?
• Is there anything you can tell us how we can get to another frequency other than Gamma that we can play around with?
• Are soul mates always lovers?
• I fear reaction can you help me?
• To what extent can we create our own future?
• How can I overcome a powerful creative block?
• Who are the galactic beings visiting me in my sleep?
• Am I connected to the Pleidian or Sirius energies?
• What’s the significance of the number 5?
• Do you have any recommendations for helping the masculine energy or males on this planet?
• My mother transitioned a few years ago.
• Can you tell me what she’s transitioned into, another body form?
• What’s the true nature of unrequited love?
• How can I be part of the Bashar family in person when I live on the other side of the world?