Bashar - Above Sedona

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Bashar - Above Sedona digital download. Info: [DVD rip, 3 WMV] | 1.448 GB. In this special session that took place at the magical Angel Valley Retreat Ce...
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Bashar - Above Sedona

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Bashar - Above Sedona


In this special session that took place at the magical Angel Valley Retreat Center in Sedona, Arizona, Bashar shares with us that he has moved his spacecraft from above Cairo and is now 2500 miles above Sedona. He explains the purpose of this shift and how he is working with our planet. Bashar then explores new information about the structure of existence and how the vortices of Sedona work.

Q&A: A fear of being happy. What can Bashar tell us about increasing our creativity? Insights on the prospect of "The Pyramid Project". What can the people of Sedona do as a group to facilitate the shift in consciousness? Why do I manifest a pattern of self sabotage? A discussion of the nature of habits and motivation. Is there something I should be doing on my spiritual awakening that I'm not doing that I'm not aware of? How does the land of Angel Valley affect our consciousness and how can we use it to grow and transform? What happened in my past when I was visited by bright lights shining in the window? Bashar explains the nature of a "screen memory" implanted during an extraterrestrial visitation. The benefits of acting on your excitement. A discussion of recurring symbols of angels and how they are perceived by humans as having wings. How may I serve you today? Discussion of being fully oneself. Is there a place I can go to that will allow me to find the whole truth? Information about hybrid children that are raised and bred in an extraterrestrial society. Discussion of the second law of creation (the one is the all and the all is the one) and how it relates to the third law (what you put out is what you get back). A recap of the 4 Laws of Creation.