Bashar - A Game of Chess

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Bashar - A Game of Chess digital download. Info: [1 DVD - 4 AVIs] | 3.857 GB. The connections between the various levels of consciousness, physical reali...
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Bashar - A Game of Chess

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 DVD - 4 AVIs]

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Bashar - A Game of Chess


The connections between the various levels of consciousness, physical reality expression, and how physical reality can be analogized to the game of chess.

Q&A includes:
• Is there such a thing as soul mates?
• Can you reflect on the concept of maturity?
• Are fillers in vitamins harmful?
• How does the mitochondrial DNA connect to the sixth generation of hybrid children?
• Bashar discusses how playing cards with mom relates to other levels of reality.
• Is there such a thing as negative spirits attaching themselves to someone?
• If I am ready to have contact with ETs now, what difference does it matter when the collective is ready?
• Can you comment on human and animal sexuality?
• How common are incarnations on other planets?
• Can you please expand on the nature of gravity- how to create it, handle it, harness it and manipulate it?
• With our present day technology, how can we measure the locational variable of an object?
• Bashar explains how their ships and disappear and reappear instantaneously.
• How can I choose a vibration of harmony within my family life?
• Why do I feel the vibration of Upheaval Dome more towards the top?
• How can we encourage others to help raise their frequency?
• If physical pain exists like an injury, does it mean that the core belief of the issue has not been addresses?
• Does eating organic food help raise vibration?
• Do I shift into a new body with every change?
• If I have been studying metaphysics for a long time, why am I not rich?
• How will I know if answers inside of me are not coming from my ego?
• Will "Big Brother" prevent the hybrid children from landing?
• Will our species be able to travel interdimentionally between worlds in the next 20 or 30 years? What technology will make this travel possible?
• Why do your people use spacecraft when visiting physical realities?
• As time progresses to infinity, won't all the "chess moves" be played out?
• Bashar speaks on "super-computers" of the future and artificial intelligence.
• Does your civilization have challenges to overcome?
• Can the law of attraction bring someone back into your life?
• Are "signs" messages from my higher self?
• Bashar explains the concept of "permission slips."
• Is it possible to shift to a parallel reality and become a hybrid human now?
• How does ET contact occur in the template reality?
• Can you tell me more about the planets and beings in Orion?
• How can we translate the language of the heart?
• Are symptoms such as forgetting memory and ringing in the ears symptoms of ascension?
• Could you explain what happened to me during a near-death experience?
• Could you comment more on Fibonacci spirals?