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Here you will learn everything new need to become great at clubs. “Direct” game Bible. Live Infield approaches, Dirty talk examples, Handling her friends, passing shit-tests, everything you will need at one place.

Badboy is sharing his most advanced secrets of Bar & club game. Seducing and pulling girls from clubs back home.

You will learn:

•How to approach with power and dominance to create Attraction

•Direct Game from Beginning to End

•Dirty talk skills (make girls horny with things you whisper to their ear)

•Ways to play different groups and scenarios alone and with your Wingman.

•How to touch a woman to make her feel like a woman and get her crazy so she wants sex with you

•Winning over her friends and tricks to get them on your side

•7 techniques to fast sexual escalation How to get a phone number in a solid and dominant way to reduce flakes to zero

•Several ways to Isolate your target away from her friends

•5 different Kiss close moves to use in any possible situation out there when you need to kiss a girl

•Teaching you how to structure your night to get the best results, which clubs to go out, when to go out, how to sort our logistics for an easy pull..

•Picking up girls from an dance floor situations (without dancing skills)

•How to lead girls around club to create more trust

•Body-language tips and tricks

•How to read her signals and signals from her friends (group)

•Recognizing signs to keep her for relationship or just one night sex