Babu 2 - BJJ Mastermind

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Babu 2 - BJJ Mastermind digital download. Info: [6 DVDs - ISO] | 10.919 GB. We are about to give you THE SAME WORLD CLASS PROFESSIONAL BJJ INSTRUCTION TH...
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Babu 2 - BJJ Mastermind

Type: Digital download

Format: [6 DVDs - ISO]

File size: 10.919 GB



Babu 2 - BJJ Mastermind


It’s not every day that you get to learn from the best of the best. But we’ve done all the leg work for you on this one!

We are about to give you THE SAME WORLD CLASS PROFESSIONAL BJJ INSTRUCTION THAT THE TOP LEVEL MMA ATHLETES GET – and you don’t even have to leave your own house!

You can’t find more reliable material than what is available on this set because this “Babu” guy is the real deal.

But don’t just take our word for it, other professional MMA fighters have said the same thing.
Here's Just A Summary Of What You Will Learn From The Babu BJJ Mastermind Set:
Babu 2 - BJJ Mastermind
Highlights Include:
  • The “Babu” Armlock – along with the little “leg tricks” that help control that bigger and stronger opponent
  • The Babu “Leg Trick” to prevent an opponent from standing up in your armlock
  • 2 Omoplata Variations – Learn 2 ways to do the omoplata that attacks different parts of his body
  • Triangle Attacks, Tips, And How to Counter Common Counters!
  • “The Scoot Submission” – a weird way to tap a guy out who tries to escape from your attack
  • The Nasty Calf Crush – A cool & uncommon attack from half guard
  • The Arm Pass Choke – Simple and effective…
  • The Leg Trap – Crazy way to shut that guy down.
  • The “Face Crush Choke” – A good way to pin a guys arm across his own neck and cause him to submit
  • The Rack – Perfect spot for tying a guy up and exposing him to either punches or submissions
  • Head Trap – Yet another way to tie up a man and expose him to both punching and submission attacks
  • The Vise – This is an easy to apply choke you can learn to use
  • The Surprise Heel Hook and Matching Kneebar
  • Arm Drag To Neck Wrench – A great way to reverse a guy and land him right in to a rear naked choke!
  • The Sick Leglock Setup – Babu is great with bizarre moves like these.