Assimil - Russian with Ease (2011)

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Assimil - Russian with Ease (2011) digital download. Info: [OCR - 1 PDF] | 284.43 MB. Like many other Slavic languages, Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabe...
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Assimil - Russian with Ease (2011)

Type: Digital download

Format: [OCR - 1 PDF]

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Assimil - Russian with Ease (2011)

Russian course for English speakers

Like many other Slavic languages, Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet It was introduced when Russia was converted to Christianity by the monks Methodius and Cyril, hence its name. Embracing this new way of writing and this language will introduce you to Russian culture, which wields obvious influence over much of Eastern Europe.

The texts serving as a basis for your learning present Russian as it is spoken today. They introduce you to everyday life, the literature, history and particular features of Russian character, often with a touch of humour.

In the course of these 100 lessons, you will acquire knowledge for everyday communication, to correspond with people and call them on the telephone, express yourself, ask questions and explain things. You will be able to get by with ease in all sorts of situations that occur in life in Russia.

  • Lively, useful dialogue
  • Carefully-constructed progression
  • Exercises and revision