Arathi Ma - Living Prosperity From The Core (Package A)

Arathi Ma - Living Prosperity From The Core (Package A)Is this Happening to You? Are you still in 3D consciousness? Ready to shift into the available 4D ma...

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Arathi Ma - Living Prosperity From The Core (Package A)Arathi Ma - Living Prosperity From The Core (Package A)

Is this Happening to You?

  • Are you still in 3D consciousness?
  • Ready to shift into the available 4D manifestation?
  • Looking for your purpose?
  • Still not feeling your deeper meaning in life??
  • Need more money?
  • In debt?
  • Same old job?
  • Do you lack inspiration?
  • Tired and unsupported?
  • Feeling invisible?
  • Overwhelmed with it all?
  • Feeling overburdened?
  • Hating work?
  • Are you just not happy?
  • Do you self-sabotage?
  • Do you lack joy and enthusiasm for life in general?
  • Do you feel disconnected from God/Source???

“took over work at ECETI, running a crew of 12, maintaining a schedule of interviews for James’s radio show As You Wish on BBS

“I am so amazed at the path I’ve been on since our first session back in April of 2016, joining WLS that fall was a year I will cherish as truly you have helped put my feet firmly on my current path and I thank you for being there to help guide me thru the last two years of changes and the tools you gave me that continue to help me move forward on this path with strength and compassion.
I never would have thought that the frightened woman I was back in 2016 would today be given the chance to take over the back office work at ECETI, running a crew of 12, maintaining a schedule of interviews for James’s radio show As You Wish on BBS,  and scheduling of those shows interviewing him, scheduling of ECETI events and SkyWatch weekends and the logistics of it all.
Thank you once again for being a great friend - we must be besties for you agreed to be here for me when I needed help to see who I really am!!!”
Blessings and much love,
“I have been meaning to write since hearing you on the Transformation Call and having that first healing take place. I say first healing because I’ve had several since buying your package.
I want to say first that I am a Medical Intuitive Healer, but it does not always translate to much when it is me that is sick. I had become violently ill with a virus that was attacking my brain, thyroid and heart. I was so ill, I was weak and unable to move or hold water down. I was on day 3 when I fell to my knees and cried out to God for help. The answer was to look in my email where I had received a link to your call and was guided to listen.
As I lay in bed, fever off and on, I heard your voice and I felt your energy as your opening meditation filled every cell of my being. I fell asleep during the call, but was awakened when one woman was asking for help with healing her neck. I have herniated discs in my neck from a car accident and they cause me great pain. Often I am laid flat up to 5 days at a time with migraines. It was then I realized I was no longer ill. I felt strong, alert, fever gone.I was back. I listened to the call for a little longer before getting up. The one woman who called in to express how she has learned to tell pain to go away because it is a lie, that has been my new mantra. A shift in perception and awareness and began, I can stay in the space of perfection.
I bought your package. There was no doubt you helped me connect to the primordial light and reach perfection. For that call alone, I will be forever grateful. I began your program, diligently following instructions.
Digestion healed SIBO. Immune System healed allergies to mold/fungus. Bone/Muscle healed scoliosis in spine I’ve had since I was 3. I’ve had to repeat this one actively several times because of past injuries, however, as a previous post mentioned, I have also been able to do things I have not done for years. I’ve planted 5 trees, I live on 5 acres, I’ve had to previously pay to have it mowed, I can ride the lawn mower without reacting to the jarring motion with a migraine, I am daily outside now, weeding, planting, creating beauty in my yard I had long since given up on. The list simply goes on and on. Each area of my body and health that I struggled with became improved, often completely healed with one listen. I play your silent programs while I sleep, which, by the way, now I can sleep all night where before I was waking every 2 hours on the dot. The gifts your program has provided has changed my life and made me a better Medical Intuitive to boot. My conscious awareness is much stronger. My discernment for truth is also stronger. To say you changed my life is not enough to express the depth of healing that has occurred for me.

I would also say in closing that your name holds an energy of divinity. I often find myself repeating your name as a healing mantra.”
—Susan Tyler
My Invitation is to:
$    Calibrate to co-create in Partnership with your Higher Self 
$    Prepare and shift into Physical 4D Reality for good
$    Change your life to a better version
$    For You to find true Peace with everything
$    Assist you in making Important Decisions
$    Help you see the Mirrors of your Illusions

$    Take action towards your Better Life
Embody the natural Magnetism of Love & Prosperity
$    Open true Pathways within Yourself
$    Open to Good Intuition
$?    Live Safely in Life

$    To have Fun with Everything
$    Relinquish all limiting programs

15 MP3s & 1BONUS MP3

  1. MP3: How to Use this Package-Course
  2. MP3 ~ Introduction to 4D & 5D Living and Manifesting TALK
  3. MP3 ~ The Fundamentals of Perception: Changing Your Mirrors™ TALK
  4. MP3 ~ Change your Life Today TALK
  5. MP3 ~ Sacred Decision ????TALK
  6. MP3 ~ Nourishment ????TALK
  7. MP3 ~ Connection ????TALK
  8. ?MP3 ~ Inspiration ????TALK
  9. MP3 ~ Intuition ????TALK
  10. MP3 ~ The Peace of Freedom ????SILENT
  11. MP3 ~ Meaning ????TALK
  12. MP3 ~ Creativity ????SILENT
  13. MP3 ~ Service ????TALK
  14. MP3 ~ 5D Money????TALK
  15. MP3 ~ A Vibratory Vision of New Earth SILENT