Arash Dibazar - True Value

Arash Dibazar - True Value digital download. Info: [1 MP4, 1 MP3] | 349.58 MB. Communication is incredibly important in game and in life. When you chang...

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Arash Dibazar - True Value

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 MP4, 1 MP3]

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My name is Arash Dibazar. I am a Martial Artist, Lifestyle Coach, and Professional Pickup Artist.

About myself: I have studied the Pickup Arts for over 10 years now. I was trained by the best (Mystery & Matador from VH1′s The Pickup Artist), and over the years I have developed my own unique style of pickup.

I believe that seduction is an instinct that is present in every man, an instinct that can be awakened with the right guidance. My goal is to teach and guide as many men as I can. Are you ready to start living the VIP Lifestyle?

Lecture: TRUE VALUE People follow those who will give the most value. Arash explains the how and the why of getting many beautiful women in his life who will give him the compliance that he desires.

Communication is incredibly important in game and in life. When you change your communication with the opposite sex, you will become comfortable. Being comfortable will allow you to successfully communicate with women as well as other people in your life. One other important aspect of your game is being able to offer true, honest, genuine value to another person and the world.

In this video Arash speaks about:

• The way an unsuccessful person communicates and the way a successful person communicates are completely different.

• Being comfortable supercharges your communication and game.

• You need to understand that there is a game, and that you are either playing the game or the game is playing you.

• You need to find out what your true value is.

• Give the correct value, and you will feel incredible, which will lead whoever you are communicating with to feel incredible.

• You need to have the ability, through your communication, to capture a person’s attention, and speak on an emotional level with emotional language.

• The moment you start speaking, you need to engulf the woman with emotional language.