Arash Dibazar - Mastering The Game

Arash Dibazar - Mastering The GameOver +6 hours of The never released “Mastering game seminar”! your a-z guide To becoming a master at pick up and seductio...

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Arash Dibazar - Mastering The GameArash Dibazar - Mastering The Game

Over +6 hours of The never released “Mastering game seminar”!
your a-z guide To becoming a master at pick up and seduction. gain a deep understanding Of the attraction switches of men and women, learn how to see yourself through the eyes of the opposite gender and evaluate what the next step has to be!
attraction is about more than just money and looks!
Think for a second if you had the skills to get the woman of your choice, not by being lucky, but through skills, what would you do with these skills? Would you get a girlfriend or would you get multiple women?

You may have the idea, that you want to settle down with one, or that you want to have more than 1 woman in your life. In both cases you should ask yourself: In your position right now, do you have what it takes to walk up to a beautiful woman, approach her, attract her towards you and then make her fall in love?

See, you always have to remember: Attraction is not a choice

The moment you see a beautiful woman, you cannot help but feel attracted. The same goes for her. The moment an attractive man walks up to her, she cannot help but feel a sense of attraction towards him. Yet still, what most guys out there will do is ignore the fact, that there is no attraction at all, so they try to logically convince her, why she should be with them.

This approach to this topic is completely incorrect and I am sure you will realize for yourself, that the last time a woman triggered attraction inside of you, you were the one doing the explaining. You brought up the ideas and reasons why you should be with this woman and it is a good idea to go after her.

What I need you to know is, that you can trigger in her the same feelings towards you. Again, remember: Attraction is not a choice!

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