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What is Embodiment Breath?

Embodiment Breath is a process where we use our breath to unlock the parts of ourselves that we didn’t know existed or we’ve locked away for so many years.

Whether it’s your brilliance, your unique purpose or the blocks and limitations, connecting to your breath in the right way will reveal the hidden parts of you that you’re willing to see.

Access the altered states of consciousness that you’re not able to access in your daily waking life. Speed up the healing process, collapse timelines and quantum leap your personal transformation.

What will you get from

this program?


Through this program and the techniques that I facilitate, you will be able to -

✔️Access the altered states of consciousness

✔️Rewire your subconscious mind

✔️Release suppress emotions, limiting patterns, emotional and energetic blocks

✔️Experience spiritual awakening or mystical encounters regardless of your religion or faith

✔️Deepen your connection with yourself and your Soul

✔️Build a relationship with your internal guidance (GPS)

If you’re someone:


Who’s committed to your personal growth and are ready to do the ‘real’ work

Tired of the personal development world where they teach you surface level motivational stuff where change doesn’t stick

Feeling stuck or hit a wall financially, personally or emotionally and ready to break through it

Ready to deepen your relationship with yourself…



In Embodiment Breath, we use the breath to help you connect to your energy field for you to shift and recalibrate your internal world so you can start creating a different reality externally.
Whether you’ve experienced this work before or are a complete beginner, the tools and the lessons in this program will help you create lifelong changes for you.

The Topics We Will Be Diving Deep Into

Embodiment Breathwork
EB // Welcome Message

Welcome Message

Day 1 // Grounding Breath

Introduction (25:23)

Guidelines for Breathwork & Grounding Breath (21:12)

Grounding Breath Process (28:30)

Q&A (8:32)

Day 2 // Heart Breath

Heart Breath Intro (38:30)

Heart Breath Process (34:27)

Day 3 // Wealth Breath

Wealth Breath Intro (29:27)

Wealth Breath Process (40:40)

Q&A (18:19)

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