Appsumo - Marketing Plan

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Appsumo - Marketing Plan digital download. Info: [6 PDFs, 2 MP3s, 3 XLS]. Chief Sumo Noah Kagan's growth framework proven at and AppSu...
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Appsumo - Marketing Plan

Type: Digital download

Format: [6 PDFs, 2 MP3s, 3 XLS]


Appsumo - Marketing Plan

Chief Sumo wants to BRAG:

AppSumo got 500,000 customers in 18 months.

I also eat 500,000 calories in 18 minutes... but that’s not as interesting to you.

What you SHOULD be interested in is HOW we got 500,000 people to signup for, and HOW we get those people to buy stuff repeatedly.

Our secret? We use a growth strategy called the Mint Marketing Plan, developed and tested by AppSumo founder Noah Kagan during his time as’s head of marketing.

The full plan has never been revealed before, and to be honest this is normally confidential info we keep inside the walls of AppSumo HQ...

But now we’re ready to share our “hyper growth” marketing plan with you.

In this Action Course, you learn the fail-proof framework that AppSumo founder Noah Kagan (#30 at Facebook, #3 at Mint, Founder of Gambit, and a former international sex-symbol) developed to take to 1 million users 6 month after launch.

Appsumo - Marketing Plan

“When I first got the job at Mint before they launched, I committed to Aaron Patzer (founder) to get 100,000 users 6 months after launching. Shit, I was a bit nervous.

Aaron was reluctant to give me the chance, and 6 figures is a big goal for a product that hadn’t launched yet.

In the end, and fortunately, we hit 1 million users in the first 6 months.

How did I make that happen?”

The full Mint Marketing Plan Action Course teaches you the exact strategy that took from unlaunched product with a few subscribers to 1 million users in 6 months after launch. Plus, you get ready to use blueprints for building your own Quant-Based Marketing framework and Blogger Network.

What you get:

Appsumo - Marketing Plan

1. The Mint Mint Marketing Plan Action Guide. Week-by-week roadmap to help your business "launch like Mint" -- Guided action modules to ensure you have tangible results by the end of the Guide -- Detailed breakdowns showing how Noah grew Mint within just 6 months of product launch

2. Recorded Interviews.

Brand new, hour-long audio exclusive with Noah Kagan -- Downloadable transcriptions of audio interviews with Noah Kagan and VC Dave McClure of 500Startups

3. The Mint Vault.

Ready-to-use spreadsheet templates for quant-based marketing -- The original spreadsheets and Mint Marketing Plan that the Noah and the Mint team created.

4. Here's just a TINY SAMPLE from the full Mint Marketing Plan Action Guide:

  1. Why Mint Marketing?
  2. Introducing Quant-Based Marketing
  3. 5 Steps to Quant-Based Marketing
  4. Your Own Mint-Marketing Plan From Zero to Launch in 12 Weeks
  5. Before You Begin: Set Goals
  6. Week 1: Make a list of targeted users
  7. Week 2: Set up your landing page
  8. Week 3: Locate your users
  9. Week 4: Track everything
  10. Week 5: Test your messaging
  11. Week 6: SEO
  12. Week 7: Content strategy
  13. Week 8: SEM
  14. Week 9, Part 1: Advertising
  15. Week 9, Part 2: Social media
  16. Week 9, Part 3: Launch Timeline
  17. Week 10: Involve key bloggers
  18. Week 11, Part 1: PR and media
  19. Week 11, Part 2: Email marketing
  20. Week 12: Community
  21. Post-Launch, Part 1: Distribution
  22. Post-Launch, Part 2: Free publicity
  23. What did it take for Mint to win?
  24. A Word from Noah

These are exclusive, never-released secrets from one of the most successful product launches of ALL TIME, and ones we use to this day at AppSumo.

A growth framework proven by Internet giants... detailed as a step by step formula... with templates you can copy and use immediately... how much growth are you missing out on by NOT using the Mint Marketing Plan?

Here’s how to get started:

Click the “Buy now” button and grab the deal at its PRESALE PRICE (only today).

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Login, get all the materials, and change your game.

This Action Course is on presale TODAY -- it won’t ever be again.

Get your copy of the Mint Marketing Plan Action Course (an AppSumo Exclusive) TODAY and start achieving hyper growth for your business.


The Chief “Spilling-all-our-secrets-is-probably-a-bad-idea” Sumo