Anson Alexander - Learning Google AdSense

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Anson Alexander - Learning Google AdSense digital download. Info: [36 WebRips (MP4) 36 Subs (VTT) Ex.Files (PDF)]. Learn how to generate a steady stream...
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Anson Alexander - Learning Google AdSense

Type: Digital download

Format: [36 WebRips (MP4) 36 Subs (VTT) Ex.Files (PDF)]


Leading with Innovation

By: Anson Alexander

Level: Beginner

Duration: 1h 28m

Released: July 28, 2016

Updated: March 7, 2018


Learn how to generate a steady stream of revenue from your website with Google AdSense, Google’s display networking tool. Author and marketer Anson Alexander teaches you how to get up and running with AdSense, and display ads that “make sense” for your website. Learn how to set up an account, place limitations on ad content, place and earn revenue from ads, and use advanced placement strategies. Plus, with AdSense reports, you’ll learn how to identify ad trends, increase page views, and maximize ad performance.

Topics include:

  • Understanding ad networks and AdSense’s limitations
  • Learning which situations are best for using AdSense
  • Setting up an AdSense account
  • Creating new ad units
  • Displaying ads on a website
  • Configuring channels and ad styles
  • Allowing and blocking ads
  • Reviewing the AdSense dashboard
  • Running AdSense reports and custom reports
  • Exporting data
  • Reviewing payee and account settings
  • Downloading the AdSense mobile app


  • Introduction
  • 1. Understanding Google AdSense
  • 2. Getting Started with AdSense
  • 3. Configuring Ads
  • 4. Customizing your AdSense Experience
  • 5. Measuring AdSense Performance
  • 6. Advanced Administration
  • Conclusion


Anson Alexander is a blogger, author, SEO expert, teacher, and tech geek.

As the founder of, Anson works full time writing, editing, and producing content for his site and providing technical and business services to clients. He has a BS in international business and information systems from the University of Tampa. In his free time, Anson plays video games, enjoys nature, spends time at the beach, and loves to travel.