Anja Garcia - Inferno Workout Program

Anja Garcia - Inferno Workout Program digital download. Info: [13 DVD - 13 MP4] | 3.951 GB. Inferno is a 21 day challenge designed to push you to the max...

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Anja Garcia - Inferno Workout Program

Type: Digital download

Format: [13 DVD - 13 MP4]

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Anja Garcia - Inferno Workout Program

Inferno is a 21 day challenge designed to push you to the max. You’ll be on your way to great results after just 3 weeks of super intense workouts. The program balances high-cardio with strength training.

Inferno is demanding, but lasts only 3 weeks. Each workout is under an hour, and includes a substantial warm-up to get your muscles and joints primed. You’ll get a balance of cardiovascular training, strength training, interval training, metabolic conditioning, and targeted training in a strategic combination designed to improve your physique. Afterwards, you’ll cool down to safely lower your heart rate and stretch the muscles you trained.
Workout Overview:
Metcon 1 is short for ‘Metabolic Conditioning’. These workouts are a series of bodyweight resistance exercises with little-to-no break in between.
Scale the Ladder is an inverted pyramid-style workout. You’ll push hardest when you’re fresh and decrease exertion for each round after that.
Cold Spike consists of circuits of 50-second exercise bursts followed by 10 seconds of rest, keeping your heart rate elevated for most of the workout. You’ll work on your body to the max during the course of 3 rounds and 9 different exercises.
Metcon 2 adds to the base developed in Metcon 1 with more rigorous exercises.
Power delivers explosive dynamic strength, increased agility, and unlocks your potential for improved performance.
Intervals includes quick bursts of high intensity followed by short rest periods.
Mobility days are used to repair your body and keep you fresh for your next hard workout.
Inferno Challenge is the ultimate test of your conditioning. You’ll try to do as many reps in as little time as possible at the end of every week.
Bonus Quick Workouts
Inferno WTF : Bodyweight Blitz is here to introduce you to the fiercest 15 minutes imaginable. Anja’s stacked Bodyweight Blitz with Rock Bottom Squats, Everest Claps and two types of pushups. Catch your breath? Maybe. See results? Definitely.
Inferno WTF : Plyo Power Got 15 minutes? How about a simple plyo box? That’s all you need for a wicked Inferno workout. Leap over it, dip down from it, push off it just don’t think about taking a break from it! Give it your all for just 15 minutes and see what you get back!
Inferno WTF Loaded Lower Body This 13 minute workout will blast your lower body and make you sweat. All you need is a pair of dumbbells, some water, and you’re ready to go.
Inferno WTF : No Crunch Necessary This 12 minute workout will push your core to its limit with no crunches necessary. Grab a towel and some water because Anja is going to make you sweat through this Inferno Challenge.
Equipment Required: Box, Dumbbells, Yoga Mat, Medicine Ball
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