Anissa Holmes - Facebook Supercharge Bootcamp

Anissa Holmes - Facebook Supercharge Bootcamp digital download.

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Anissa Holmes - Facebook Supercharge Bootcamp

Type: Digital download

Anissa Holmes - Facebook Supercharge Bootcamp

Anissa Holmes - Facebook Supercharge Bootcamp

Facebook Bootcamp Supercharge…
Get READY for the Fall Gap!
Delivering Wow’s SUPERCHARGE FACEBOOK BOOTCAMP is a one-of-a-kind program that will jumpstart your Facebook marketing and start bringing new patients into your practice, right away!
We are going to be putting your Facebook into OVERDRIVE by stacking multiple marketing campaigns to rapidly grow your Facebook audience.

Once done, your HIGH-VALUE ads and or funnel will be set up so you will NOT experience the hygiene gap in October-November.

The Supercharge Challenge will change your practice forever. It will set you on a path to profitability and transform the way you work.

All sessions are ONLINE and RECORDED for future playback.

SESSION 1: The 3 Secrets To Facebook Success/FB Funnels/FB Live
Find out my top three secrets to success for Facebook, including how to create sharable viral campaigns, how to build thousands of raving fans through Facebook,  and little known Facebook hacks for growing an audience of potential patients!
SESSION 2: Creating Audiences to Target High-Income Earners and Ideal New Patients
It’s one thing to bring patients through the door. It’s yet another to bring patients through the door who will agree to treatment. In this session, learn how to boost the right way,  how to get your ads seen by high-income earners in your area or people who have visited your website, and how to get your patients to become raving fans to provide social proof.
SESSIONS 3&4: Creating High-Converting Campaigns and New Patient Acquisition Funnels
Through years of training with the best of the best in online marketing, I’ve built successful campaigns to bring in new patients that have worked for dental practices of all shapes and sizes, and I want yours to be one of them. Learn my best practices and utilize my proven ad frameworks!

In addition to the 4-one hour live Calls with Anissa, you will also get access to our signature  Dental Online Funnel Mastery Course Plus a Dental Implant Funnel, Images, and Email Sequences so you can generate more high-converting leads!

You will also get FREE access to to the October Virtual Marketing Intensive + 2 Power Marketing Workshops included with Anissa on Facebook as well as experts to help you get started with setting up your YouTube, Instagram,  Ground Marketing and automating Online reviews! ($3500 value )
By the end of this bootcamp, you’ll be ready to keep attracting new patients month after month.

And you’ll have peace of mind, too, knowing that your practice is growing, your patients are happy, and new patients

 keep coming through the door…and ready to refer their friends and family.

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