Andy LaPointe - NLP Website Design Secrets for Internet Marketers

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Andy LaPointe - NLP Website Design Secrets for Internet Marketers digital download. Info: (pdf). A Complete Guide to Injecting Powerful Neuro-Lingistic ...
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Andy LaPointe - NLP Website Design Secrets for Internet Marketers

Type: Digital download

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NLP Website Design Secrets for Internet Marketer

A Complete Guide to Injecting Powerful Neuro-Lingistic Programming Commands 
Directly in
to Your Website Design to Make the Customers 
Subconscious SCREAM “Buy Buy B

Here’s Why this Book is Vital To Your Success:

A proven system to increase your website sales. The majority of websites are designed and built without following a proven design or layout structure that appeals directly to the buying emotions of your visitors. Not anymore! The heart of this book focuses on how to inject the persuasive power of Neuro-Lingistic Programming directly into your website design and layout to make your customers subconscious scream "Buy Buy Buy". Rock Solid 100% Guarantee. In a nutshell, you’re guaranteed to increase your website sales and put more money in your pocket every single month. By following the strategies in this book I increased sales on one of my websites a staggering 97% after adding one simple NLP technique to my website. My books shows you how to do the same. If after reading this one-of-a-kind book you are not 100% convinced you will increase your online sales by following my step-by-step system, I’ll give you back 100% of the cost of book immediately. No questions asked.

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer:

My name is Andy LaPointe and I want to share a secret with you…

When you add powerful Neuro-Lingistic Programming commands into your website design you will make your customer's subconscious SCREAM “Buy Buy Buy!”

I know many of you reading this may already be familiar with the persuasive power of Neuro-Lingistic Programming or NLP for short. You know by intelligently and elegantly using NLP techniques you can quickly and easily build rapport and powerful long-term relationships in the offline world.

However, building rapport with an absolute stranger online and then persuading them to buy something from your website is a whole different story. That is where I realized I had a serious problem when I first sat down to write this letter.

My problem is…how do I describe these new and powerful NLP website design techniques included in my book in a simple and straightforward manner without seeming to be over-elaborate? In such a way that wasn’t over-the-top and you wouldn’t be tempted not to believe how powerful these NLP design techniques really are!

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

You see, NLP gives you the ability to gain instant rapport and connect with people on a deep subconscious level. It allows you to maximize your influence and have a powerful impact with them.

For almost four decades, Neuro-Lingistic Programming has been proven the world over for its ability to empower positive change and catapult individuals to staggering heights of personal achievement in the offline world. NLP techniques are unbelievably effective online, too!

Buying habits of consumers have changed dramatically over the past several years. People are purchasing more products and services online. For many consumers, they desire a personal connection with the websites they do business with just like the personal connection they have with their local store.

I’ll be completely honest with you, website design and layout strategies have failed to keep up with these fast-paced consumer-driven changes. Many Internet Marketers are still using outdated design and layout strategies from days gone by.

To be successful and persuade visitors to make a purchase from your website you need to follow new, proven and powerful ways to impact and influence your customers subconscious mind. You need to make your website as friendly as the local, neighborhood store. That’s where NLP Website Design Secrets for Internet Marketers comes in.

The complete Neuro-Lingistic Programming system included in my book is entirely new. Nobody else has ever written about these powerful NLP website design strategies anywhere on the Internet or taught them in any seminar. One you finish reading my book, you'll have the ability to speak directly to the subconscious of your customers.

You too could be using the persuasive NLP website design techniques to appeal directly to your customers subconscious mind and enjoy staggering website sales.

What Makes this Book Different Than Any Other Book You’ve Ever Seen?

My book provides a simple step-by-step guide to quickly and easily inject the power of Neuro-Lingistic Programming techniques directly into your website design and layout.

Here are just a few of powerful strategies you’ll learn from this ground-breaking book.

  • The single most important money making secret for influencing any visitor to your website.

This is the core of the book. You’ll learn the one secret that will open your eyes to an entirely new approach to designing websites that will speak directly to the subconscious mind of your customers.

Neuro-Lingistic Programming teaches highly specialized techniques how to directly appeal to the subconscious mind. By using NLP you can quickly bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious of your customers. You'll learn how to inject proven NLP techniques into any website design that will make your customers literally throw money at you.

This one secret will kick your online sales into high gear. 

  • Insider’s secrets to maximizing profits through proven website design layouts.

It’s probably no big surprise to you that the majority of websites don't make money. Most websites are lucky if they generate a few sales per month. You don’t want to fall into this trap. The reason for this profitless black hole is these websites don't use proven website designs and layouts. I'll show you three website layouts that are proven winners - Page 34.

And they are based on rock-solid consumer online buying evidence that will take the guess work out of making big profits from your website.

  • Three powerful keys that will make your website irresistible to customers and prospects.

Discover the three keys that will allow you to communicate directly with the subconscious of any customer or prospect. Once you do this you will close more sales immediately and keep them coming back again and again...

By following these three simple strategies you will be able to rely on consistent profits month after month. And you can implement these powerful secrets instantly without any hard work.

  • Maximize profits by building trust and rapport immediately 

Learn a simple and highly-effective way to gain trust immediately. You probably already know Internet buyers are a highly skeptical bunch. They need to know the website they are buying from is a website they can trust, right? Without trust, your website will never make a sale. You'll learn proven step-by-step methods that tell you how to build trust immediately - Page 19 

All of this and more will be explained in great detail in my book.

Want details? Here are the specific results I received when I added NLP techniques to three of my websites.

By changing one simple thing in the layout of one of my websites I increased sales by a whopping 97%.

I added NLP secrets to two more of my sites and the results? The first produced 26% sales increase in just 10 days. The other brought in 46% in the next month.

That’s money I take to the bank every month and so can you.

By now you can see why I am so excited!

As you think about what can really make your business more successful you begin to realize how powerful using NLP strategies in your website design can be.