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Andrew Hansen - Unstoppable Affiliate

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Format: [45 PDFs + 89 MP4s + 6 MP3s]

Unstoppable Affiliate

From: Andrew Hansen & Josh Stanton
Subject: Maximum Income, Minimal Effort

Dear Friend,

On this page I’m going to show you that despite all the lies, the scams, the exaggerated claims, the overhyped products, and the total BS that you’ve been subjected to as you’ve tried to build a proper passive income online…

You… as you are… right there now… sitting at your computer…

With no more skill than you have at this moment…

Can become the recipient of a 5 figure per month passive affiliate income, working only a couple hours per day, with no products of your own & no business experience whatsoever.

But I know you’ve been promised that before.

I don’t expect you to believe me yet.

I want to prove to you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I’m a real guy, that what I’m claiming here is real, and that it can really achieved, by YOU.

Here goes…

And that little site’s nothing…

Here’s a recent earnings report from another one… this one’s still a baby:

$274 a month. Not Clickbank right? $274 isn’t changing anyone’s life. But it pays my phone bill, electricity, gas, all of that.

Here’s another:

$910 a month. Bit better right? This one takes a good chunk of the rent away.

Here’s another:

Woo! Another $1228 a month. This one demolishes the rent with a nice little chunk left over to play with…

Here’s another:

Another $1711 a month. That’s plenty of nice meals out with my fiance, few movies, few nice bottles of wine, and the rest is for our travel expenses.

Here’s another:

Another $2956 a month here. This is the rest of a week long holiday each month. Flights, hotels, cocktails on beaches, all of that.

Here’s another:

Hehe, just because I know you wanted one. As you might have guessed, Clickbank isn’t really my favorite, but I make an extra $2073 a month or so from there too.

Here’s Another…

Nooo – no more showing off. I could do this all day, but the point is proved.

What you see here is realistic. It is achievable.

It is completely within your personal reach if you’re reading this page, and it’s possible in much less time than you might expect…

AND With Much Less Work.

Because you wanna know the best thing about having an income from all these little sites?

Let me show you…

Let’s get this straight…

Most gurus teaching “make money online” don’t know a thing about earning income online “passively”.

Even the few that do earn decent money spend their time cooped up in their home offices, lingering in boring hotel bars courting JV partners, or mindlessly pushing buttons on their new keyboards because they don’t have anything better to do.

My kind of “passive income”… the “Unstoppable Affiliate” kind is a bit different.

You see, when you use these little sites to scale up your income one $1000 income stream at a time, you only work when you want to.


You remember those sites I showed you above?

Most of the time they were making money I wasn’t even at home, let alone near my computer working.

My fiance and I travel almost a week out of every month. I’m not kidding – just this year it’s been Barcelona, the French Alps, Vancouver, Tuscany, Wasington DC, and we just got back from the beach in southern Portugal.

We’ve lived in 4 different countries in the last 4 years. Australia, Canada, Mexico, and currently the UK.

A lot of people talk about it, but I ACTUALLY don’t spend all my life working. I travel, or read or do jiu jitsu, or snowboard, or play the guitar. I try to ENJOY life rather than wasting it away working.

Do you ever think about that? What you would do with your time if you didn’t have to worry about money?

Would you sleep in more? Would you travel to exotic places? Would you spend more time with your family?

Would you do volunteer work? Would you learn to dance, or scuba dive, learn a language or fly a plane?

In fact, let’s take the first step right now: The first step is recognizing that…

Don’t be fooled…

If you’ve been trying hard at making this internet thing work and it just hasn’t yet, you’re HARDLY to blame.

So the first step to achieving the “minimum work, maximum income” lifestyle you desire is to destroy some of these ridiculous myths and replace them with some REAL TRUTHS…

Let me show you how this works…

“You Can Click Buttons On Some “Push Button Software” And Watch Money Come Flowing Out Of Your Computer”.

*Groan*… I feel sick. If you think you can click a few buttons and see income pouring into your bank accounts, then this page (and perhaps life itself) is not for you.

Try instead…

“Making Passive Income Online Is A Set Of Steps To Be Followed & Nothing More. A System”

And when you have a proper system, you can replicate a result. You want another $500 or $1000 a month? Implement the system again, knock out another campaign, and it’s done.

As I proved earlier, I know what those simple steps are, and soon so will you.

“The Internet Changes So Quickly That You Have To Capitalize On The “Next Big Thing” In Order To Capture All The Profit.”

Sorry, but no. Every day someone thinks up a new way to make money online. One problem… most of those ways suck.

No one with a real online income made it by chasing some fad. The sooner you give that one up, the better.

Try instead…

“There’s No Next Big Thing. There Are Only Effective & Ineffective Things…”

If you know what the effective things are, they’ll make you money hand over fist, in such a passive way you’ll find it boring.

I know what those effective things are, I’ve been doing them for years, and we’ll be discussing what they are very soon.

“You Haven’t Succeeded Yet Because You Haven’t Uncovered This One, Big, Juicy “Secret” That No One Else Knows About”

The thought that there’s this one big super secret that only a few people know, and that when you know it, all the profit in the world will just unlock itself and fall in your lap?

No, that’s a lie. It’s always a lie, and when you see someone talking like that you should run for the hills.

“You Haven’t Succeeded Yet Because You’ve Been Distracted…”

By garbage like the 3 lies above, from doing a core group of highly profitable things, just enough times to break the profit barrier and watch your efforts explode into mind numbingly large passive income streams…

When you know what that core group of things are, affiliate income is as good as yours.

Make sense?

Cured of those 3 evils, you’re ready for a 5 figure monthly passive affiliate income of your own. I say that because I’ve seen it happen time and time again. In fact…

One of the best parts of my “job” is receiving emails like these:

$2,315.53 This Month And Climbing…

Hey Andrew,

DK Fynn,
Quebec, Canada

Just wanted to give you an update. So far, I’ve earned $1,120 this month from one site that I made using the principles you showed me.

I also just calculated, and I’ve earned $1,195.53 this month from a site that I only started in February!

I had the crazy idea of earning $5,000 in July. I don’t know if I’ll hit it, but I know it’s possible if I do everything right.

My New Site’s Doing $40 A Day!

Hey Andrew,

Jordy Hill,
Dublin, Ireland

My site is generating on average $40 a day now and rising!

Man, I can’t tell you what your methods have done for me and my family.

I was stuck in the old Clickbank mindset, trying to promote products that had more affiliates than searches on Google. How naive I was.

Thank you so much. I hope I can repay my debt of gratitude to you both. In a business full of charlatans and sharks, you guys stand out as truly honorable and wholly decent human beings.

Thousands Of Dollars Monthly Passive Affiliate Income

Hey Andrew,

Paul Venables,

I’ve been able to add thousands of dollars passive affiliate income to my business thanks to your methods.

Oh, and I’m about to start “living the lifestyle” too! Hoping to move to a nice little beach town in Mexico soon!

Actually the attached pic is from a recent trip down there scoping things out! 


Anyway, now you know WHAT results can be achieved I want to tell you HOW they are achieved.

I want to tell you about the Unstoppable Affiliate system… the masterpiece.

Because I didn’t just “uncover” this system…

Ohhh I remember those days…

Waking up every morning, refreshing my email inbox just waiting for one of those “sale” notifications… Then nothing.

I bought every new course I could… just scrambling for ANSWERS. I knew the dream of making money online was possible but I just couldn’t see the whole picture. No one could fill in all the “blanks” for me.

I remember at one point borrowing my Mom’s credit card to buy one particularly expensive course, then when it didn’t work, spending most of the next year just trying to pay her back.

You want to talk about humiliation? Man, that was some soul destroying stuff.

Then one day… right as I was nearing the bottom, I had an insight.

It hit me like a lightning bolt.

In that instant I knew exactly what I was doing wrong. Most people were doing it wrong too.

As if by some other worldly inspiration I realized that if you want to make bank online easily…

You have to literally put your self, your sites, your affiliate links right in the path of money where it’s already being made.

And when I started doing that, things BLEW. UP.

In fact, pretty soon, my income rocketed from…

It was insane. Literally within 3 months of making this change to my approach I was at $100 a day in passive profits.

Spending no money on traffic or articles, or anything like that, I was making money hand over fist. It’s nothing like the figures I do today but let me tell you…

Making $3000 a month at 19 without having to work for it is pretty freakin cool.

I thought I was the king of the world.

No one made as much money as that without having to work… I was the MAN!!

And all because of this one method. All from following the money.


I wish I could tell you that THAT method, was exactly what I’m going to show you today. Heck, a lot of guys are still selling their methods from 5 years ago, pretending they still work now…

Fortunately I’m fine with telling you what happened next…

It was the first time in my life, and also the last.

Google swooped in and booted all my sites from the search engines.

$100 a day in profits… back down to $0 a day in profits… like THAT. All my hard work, months of late nights, all down the drain.

As powerful as my “follow the money” strategy was, it became instantly clear that it wasn’t ALL I needed.

It took a tragedy to realize it but… something was still missing.

I was angry. Determined angry.

I’d tasted the internet lifestyle now, and there was NOTHING that would stop me from living it again.

So I went back to the drawing board. I gathered my senses. And I began to create my monster.

It was in that moment, that the masterpiece I call The Unstoppable Affiliate System was born…

From that moment on I decided that I simply HAD to build my affiliate business in a way where Google or anyone else would NEVER be able to steal it like that ever again.

So build an unstoppable income is exactly what I did.

For the next 3 years we were testing, tweaking, and improving a system that would allow affiliate incomes to stick no matter what got shaken up on the internet.

And what came out the other end… was scary. Scary in a profitable way that is.

People I’d shared the system with started making freaky profits…

Like Deb who’d pretty soon hit $500 a day…

Or Colleen, who added $5k a month to her bottom line…

And of course we were popping out profitable sites left right and center.

This is one little site from late last year that REALLY exploded on me:

You’ll see in this screenshot from my domain registrar that I bought the domain on September 11th:

And here’s the stats from it’s first week “alive”:

So the system was rocking and rolling, churning out profit streams like crazy.

I thought we’d reached the holy grail, and that our system was unstoppable as is.

But until 2011, it hadn’t yet stood up to the biggest test of all…

And I can prove it to you too.

Did you hear about the latest Google Update? Farmer, Panda, whatever it was.

A lot of people came out of that looking about the same way I did all those years ago… faces full of anguish… businesses in tatters… incomes down the shoot.

Something like 12% of all US search results were affected. It was one of the biggest search engine beatdowns in the history of the internet.

SO many people got hurt with this update…

I just wasn’t one of them.

The algorithm change was implemented at about the end of January.

Here’s the traffic statistics from one of my sites from then until now:

No slap, no penalty, no hit, no change. In fact the traffic even increased!

Here’s another:

Same deal. Flat as roadkill. Nothin but consistent love from the big G.

Here’s another site where RIGHT as Google was beating the crap out of everyone else, they sent us MORE traffic by as much as 12% in the punishment month then ANOTHER 12% the month after that!

The site’s already getting 60 000 unique visits a month but they HAD to give it more. Oh, and I didn’t work on the site at ALL in that time… January I was eating Tapas in Barcelona… February away snowboarding in France.

It got more traffic solely because Google loved it so much.

And of course, right through that period the affiliate income just kept rolling.

That’s the moment when I knew my masterpiece was complete…

Now it just continues to spawn sites like the ones I showed you at the start of this video… With new sites, $300 to $3000 a month springing up each and every month no matter WHAT I’m doing or WHERE I am.

That’s the system I want to you show you today.

Are you ready? Then allow me to present…

Today the Unstoppable Affiliate system is so well refined, so foolproof that anyone can pick it up, copy it, and see the same results.

You saw the results from those guys above… and there are hundreds more like them.

But it’s time to spill the beans… What does this system actually entail?

The Unstoppable Affiliate System has 4 main parts, and each one relies on doing something differently to what you’ve been taught by “most” big shot marketing gurus.

Here are those 4 parts:

What I’ve learned the hard way is that if you want to make big affiliate income fast…

You Have To Find Markets Where You Can Profit Easily…

You remember the “follow the money” strategy that turned my income around? This is where it comes into play.

Unstoppable Affiliate will teach you how to find hot affiliate offers outside of Clickbank, outside of Amazon, and outside of most of the places you’ve probably looked before.

In this section you’ll learn:

A technique to uncover affiliate offers that thousands of people are buying but not a single affiliate is promoting yet. (We’ve made thousands of dollars with this)

No idea where to even start with niche research? Use this technique with no keyword, no niche in mind and it spits you out profitable opportunities on a silver platter.

The “Global Domination” Technique: How to make big profits with little competition by promoting offers from countries you don’t even live in.

How to spy-grab affiliate hot offers from other affiliates who are ALREADY making money with them. Want to be guaranteed profit? This is how.

How to conduct a profitability analysis before entering a niche. Most people just jump in and that’s a mistake. This is what smart affiliates do instead.

The 3 types of keywords that will make you money (and how to find them within minutes)

I’ll introduce you to affiliate networks you’ve never even heard of before and expose you to the profits that most affiliates leave lying on the table.

Our simple tricks for making sure you NEVER get caught in a market where it’s too competitive for you to rank & profit.
Techniques that I GUARANTEE you’ve never seen before, for finding untapped affiliate opportunities. Not “scroll through Clickbank to find high gravity” type garbage. I mean high level “super affiliate” stuff.

And much much more.

PLUS: 20 Pre-Researched Unstoppable Niches To Take & Profit From

If you’re a totally lazy sod and you don’t even want to learn about Unstoppable Niches, you can take some of ours and get started immediately.

As part of your training you’ll receive 20, “ready to profit” niche markets & affiliate offers from way outside the mainstream, that are ripe and waiting to be exploited.

These are the kind of niches that have turned into the sites above for us. Next it will be for you.

AND… Our Secret “Proven Niche” Report

This is a detailed glimpse into 5 types of niches we’ve personally made money in and a look at how you too could mine them for one passive income stream after another.

These are some of the deepest secrets I’ve ever given away and it alone I would sell for $47 or more. It’s yours FREE with Unstoppable Affiliate.

If you want to have an “unstoppable” affiliate income…

You Have To Use Mini Sites That Are Built Easily…

The goal is to knock out one of these minisites in an hour or so, plug it into your traffic systems, and let it go.

Now that idea is cool, but it requires some very specific steps & a perfect plan.

In two areas, Site Strategies & Conversion Strategy we’ll show you how to quickly create mini sites that can’t be defeated by Google, that suck traffic from the search engines like a magnet, and that consistently convert those visitors into cash in hand buyers ready to make you money today.

Specifically you’ll see:

The only two WordPress themes you should use. Ones that come with perfect affiliate layout & perfect optimization for the search engines

Why you only need these 3 wordpress plugins and no others if you want a smooth, secure & profitable mini site.

The mini site model that will help you get high speed search rankings even if this is the first real site you’ve ever made.

Exactly how a “new age” mini site should look – that is, if you want it to avoid search engine penalties and convert your visitors to buyers like crazy.

The one kind of domain you can build your site on to put you 10 steps closer to profit before you even start (no, not an exact match domain either)

The one strategy that no one talks about, but that can allow you to double your profits overnight without getting any extra traffic (It starts with an A)

How to create affiliate content that turns 1 in 3 of your visitors into buyers. (That’s not “affiliate reviews” either – I’m talking high level stuff)

6 things you must do on every page of your affiliate site to skyrocket the number of clicks on your affiliate links get.

5 things your mini site must have in order to be considered an Authority site (and be sent hordes of visitors) by Google.

The one simple thing to include in your affliate content to make your readers trust you & buy the product you recommend.

And you’ll get all this

Demonstrated on a Real Live Example Site

… that you can flat out just copy for silly profits.

Remember our student DK above? He’ll confirm for you that yes… this stuff works. This is an email he sent me:

“3 Clicks & 3 Sales! 100% Conversion!”

“Hey Andrew,

It’s about 7:25 am, and I just decided to see if I got any sales in one of the affiliate networks I belong to…

…The screenshot I attached explains it. (3 clicks, 3 sales, and $96 in commission)”

Yes, in moments from now, you’ll know exactly what it takes to achieve results just like these for yourself.

Want to create a fast passive income that can’t be defeated?

“You Have To Find Opportunities For Traffic That Can Be Exploited Easily (For FREE)… And Visitors That Will Buy Easily”

You know why?

Because most sources of traffic aren’t worth the amount of time/money it takes to get them!

In the Unstoppable Traffic Strategies area, you’re going to learn how to flood your websites with high value, high profit, FREE visitors from the search engines.

Yeah, no paying for traffic. With this you’ll get the traffic that other people pay for – for NOTHING.

Unstoppable Traffic includes:

How to get rankings for your new website without it getting the dreaded “sandbox” effect.

OR how you can start a new site, build backlinks to it like a crazy person, rocket up the search listings, and never see even a hint of a punishment from Google.

Which type of links you should build to your money site for maximum ranking gains, and which types you should NEVER build to your money sites.

A method for automatically getting hundreds of do-follow, PR1+, anchor text focused backlinks to any site in under an hour.

A tool for automatically adding double the weight & influence to any backlink you build.

Why article marketing ISN’T dead and how you can still use it to bring buying visitors to your website.

How to get your hands on the kind of backlinks where just 4 or 5 of them can rocket you from page 10 in the search engines to page 1 within a week.
Heard of stealing your competitors backlinks? We’ll show you how to steal not just the best competitor backlinks but even better links that will leave your search competition dead in the water.

And much much more.

There are videos on 10 Unstoppable Link Building techniques, a complete backlink map of how we structure our campaigns, and all the details to turn this into real income fast.


“Multiply These Sites & Multiple Your Income…”

Once you’ve been through the process for one profitable site, you need the systems to replicate it over and over.

Systems that will turn one $500 a month mini site into two… then two into three, then add a $2000 site into the mix, and just keep on growing.

And in this section we’ll teach you exactly how to replicate the same result over and over again to grow your income to whatever level you desire.

You’ll learn:

How to have other people do most of the Unstoppable Affiliate process for you for pennies on the dollar.

Which automation programs you can use to effectively do your link building and SEO on autopilot.

How to build affiliate systems that will work for you, so you don’t have to.

And much more.

This is the key to the lifestyle element. Minimum work, maximum income techniques. That’s what you’re getting here.

That’s ALL it takes. You run through this system, and a passive income affiliate business is on the other side.

Combined, everything I’ve described above is exactly how we knock out one $300-$3000 a month affiliate site after another.

Everything here comes to you in…

That’s right. We’ve painstakingly sat and recorded the entire Unstoppable Affiliate System I discuss above on live screen capture video.

In more than 5 hours of comprehensive training you’ll be able to follow along and flat out COPY what we do to achieve wild passive income affiliate commissions.

You get that right? You can just COPY it right off the screen!

We even outline the system with a real example site that you can look at and compare with, to make sure you’re doing things right at every step of the process.

We’ve been making screen capture training for years, so you’re not going to have to sit through hours of waffling & theory before you find out what to actually do either.

The Unstoppable Affiliate system is the most comprehensive training on the highest quality, most up to date affiliate marketing method that exists.

That means before long, you’ll be knocking out little $1475/month passive income affiliate sites of your own like this one:

Because with Unstoppable Affiliate you’re getting…

Because you know what the hardest part of making money online is these days? Working out who you can trust.

There are so many scams. Rehashed garbage. Out of date techniques. Con artists who’d steal your grandma’s coin collection if they could.

With me, you know exactly what you get.

If people are talking about me in forums, they’re saying things like this:

And this…

And I constantly get recommendations like these:

Call Andrew A Mentor & A Friend

“Andrew not only has the brains but he has the laid back attitude to walk alongside you and make you better. Forget the word “guru”…call Andrew a mentor and a friend.

Nowadays, the empty, fake promises are being deleted and what remains is what is truthful, honest and will last a long while.

Andrew constantly treats me like a friend and is there to help me with non-IM questions as well.

Stay with Andrew and learn how money can be made…the right way.”

Will W. – NC, USA

You can find out all about me, you can Google me, whatever you want. You’ll find more comments just like these.

If trustworthy mentors, and a brain dead easy system for generating fast & lasting affiliate income is what you’re looking for then you need look no further.


You’ve spent enough of your time here already. You’ve got real income streams waiting for you.

The entire system I’ve described here today…

The system I’ve undeniably proven to work right now in 2011…

The legitimate passive income and the freedom to live life on your own terms…

It’s time to make that yours.

To be honest, putting a price on this material is mindless.

We’ve spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars testing, training, and making mistakes in order to sculpt each technique of this system to passive income perfection.

For you to be able to pick that system up and implement it like YOU’D spent the 6 figures building it… Geez… you’d re-mortgage your house for that opportunity if you had to.

Fortunately for you, I don’t need your money so much. What’s more important to me is that this gets into people’s hands, and lives get changed.

I decided right from the start that the Unstoppable Affiliate System would be $97, and if you grab it today at the special launch discount, its yours for even cheaper than that.

That means right now, you can have complete LIFETIME access to the full 5 hours of video blueprints to shamelessly copy and profit from valued at $297, all for just $67.

That price is until July 29th then it’s gone. I’m not that guy who gives fake deadlines either. Please don’t test me on that.

Instead, just click the link below to claim your copy today before it’s over:

Oh and if there’s really any doubt left in your mind, you can rest assured with our:

How confident am I that this will work for you?

I tell you what: You take this system, you go right through it, you do exactly what I’ve laid out, for 60 days, and if you DON’T make money with it…

I won’t just refund your money… I’ll refund DOUBLE your money.

I’ll send back your payment then GIVE YOU $67 out of own pocket, just for giving it a shot!

Thing is, I know I won’t have to give you that money. If you actually go through the system and do as I say, all I’ll be hearing from you is about how much money your sites are now earning.

And I look forward to that

How many people are willing to stand behind their systems like THAT?

We take ALL the risk here, you take none.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You’ve now seen concrete proof that:

I personally generate tens of thousands of dollars every month while working far too little, traveling the world, living my passions.

Other people have taken my systems and replicated them to achieve the exact same result. That means it’s not just me…

My methods are completely up to date and have allowed me not only to survive but to profit handsomely right here in 2011. That means it’s ready for you to capitalize on right now.

The Unstoppable Affiliate System is the exact set of steps that have been used to accomplish all that and now you can COPY those exact steps for near instant results that will be visible in YOUR bank account.

That’s it… there can be no more questions.

Listen, I don’t care what you’ve done in the past.

I don’t care how many things you’ve tried that didn’t work.

I don’t care how many times you said “this” was going to be IT, but it wasn’t.

Because I know that waiting behind just a few clicks now are the answers and the system you’ve been looking for, but haven’t yet found.

The final “IT” for you. The one you look back on, when you’re scanning those strange deposits on your bank statement, trying to remember where that money came from…

When you’re your sailing your yacht, or lying on a beach sipping a cocktail somewhere, and you say, “THAT was the system that made the difference for me”.

Cause heck, you DESERVE that!

There’s nothing like that feeling. That absolute and utter freedom. It’s bl