Andrew Austin and Lucas Derks - Magick, Depression & Trauma in Mental Space

Andrew Austin and Lucas Derks - Magick, Depression & Trauma in Mental Space. Andrew Austin and Lucas Derks - Magick, Depression & Trauma in Mental...
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Andrew Austin and Lucas Derks - Magick, Depression & Trauma in Mental Space

Andrew Austin and Lucas Derks - Magick, Depression & Trauma in Mental Space

This is a unique body of work to enable effective exploration and change in our internal world of thought, experience and imagination.
“This will be an invaluable course for those desiring to gain a level of self mastery as never conceived of previously. Through the powerful methods revealed, attendees will gain access to levels of control over negative thoughts, behavior patterns, and responses and rework them to their will.

Being certified Hypnotherapist and working within the psychotherapy field for over twenty years, I can attest to the successful methods and strategies utilized in this workshop. I have also been ceremonial magician for as long as my hypnotherapy career and I understand well how potent the two fields are in conjoined application.

Anyone wishing to undergo a sincere and positive transformation will need to access the deepest levels of their psyche in order to access the extent of their potential.

Hypnosis, NLP, and arcane correspondences are technologies that can be harnessed for powerful transformation to occur in the quickest and more importantly, the most effective ways possible. Learning to utilize these methods where psychotherapy and esoteric endeavor blend, will give the aspiring seeker a roadmap to limitless possibilities of mastery

“What I have particularly enjoyed and found useful is the way in which the program exposes psychological processes underlying ceremonial magic. Orientating metaphors in mental space adds a whole new dimension to my understanding of the ritual process and possible applications elsewhere. As a standalone approach to working with one’s own issues of depression, trauma etc, I think this interpretation of ceremonial magic is rich and admirable, but it opens up so many other possibilities. A very creative synthesis.” A.S. Yorks.

Table of Video Contents

Andy’s Introduction
An introduction into the rationale of the process.
Defining the Space: The Magic Circle
Securing a resourceful state to do the work.
Mental Space Psychology
An introduction to mental space psychology.
Defining The Triangle of Art
Ensuring that our demonic thought forms stay in place.
Personification in Space
Turning thought forms into living entities.
Clearing The Space
Maintaining a good state in which to go about this work.
The Magic of the Self Image
How we see ourselves.
Introduction to Banishing Forms
Making the interfering thought forms go away.
The Christian Trauma
A bit like the original sin, but different.
The Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram
A demonstration of the LBRP in a temple setting.
Bringing in the positive resources and magic helpers.
Meet Barry. Barry is useful. Get to know Barry.
Manufacturing Demons
How we accidently create demonic thought forms simply using our language.
Depression in Mental Space
A client demonstration of working with depression in mental space.
Beliefs in Mental Space
How problematic beliefs maintain in mental space.
Religion as Therapy, Therapy as Religion
Therapy is our religion, Prozac is our sacrament.
Seeing into the void.
Commanding Demons
Getting our thought forms to obey us and to work for us.
A quick word about the [un]dead.
Spiritual Panorama
Spirituality in Mental Space.
Words of Power
Using language to gain control
Etiquette for Talking with Demons
Being nice to your thought forms, because after all, they
A good round up of the process.