Andrea Butje - Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program

Andrea Butje - Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program digital download.

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Andrea Butje - Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program

Type: Digital download

Andrea Butje - Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program

Andrea Butje - Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program

Whether you’re new to teaching or you’re looking for a program to help you take your teaching skills and results to the next level - this is for you. Teaching is an exciting way to build your business, connect with wonderful people, and share your love of essential oils with others.

Our Aromatherapy Teacher Training program is a comprehensive online course designed to make teaching your own in-person aromatherapy classes FUN and easy.

This program includes materials to help you teach 5 different lengths of live, in-person classes - lasting 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 1 day and 2 days. You’ll receive detailed outlines for structuring your classes, 52 essential oil datasheets, handouts to supplement your students’ learning, supply checklists, and even customizable manuals for each length of class.

By the end of this course, you’ll master everything from creating a successful classroom environment + teaching for different learning styles, to organizing your class content and supplies, pricing your classes, and much more… all in a step-by-step format that helps you feel truly confident as a teacher.

Andrea Butje - Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program
This Program Will Build Your Confidence To…
  • Teach your own live, in-person classes (ranging from 1 hour to 2 days) on a variety of aromatherapy-related topics.
  • Never have to worry about what to do next - because you have detailed outlines that break it down for you, in 15-30 minute increments!
  • Help your students learn to make a wide variety of products - including body butters, lip balms, foam soaps, inhalers, stock blends, salt blends, carrier oil blends, and spray blends.
  • Teach for different learning styles (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) … so you can engage students on multiple levels.
  • Create a welcoming classroom environment where everyone feels understood + appreciated.
  • Know exactly what supplies you’ll need - and how much to bring of everything - based on the length of your class and how many students are attending. (Our supply lists and checklists make it easy.)
  • Manage different personalities + potential distractions with confidence and grace.
  • Price and market your classes with confidence, so you can stay focused on the part you love most… teaching!
How It Works

The Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program is an independent, self-study program.

As soon as you register, you will have immediate access to the course by logging into your account and accessing our beautiful user-friendly online classroom, which includes all of your written + video content, as well as interactive learning activities.

Start the class the moment you complete your registration OR sign up now and get started later! You’ll have permanent unlimited access to your course materials - as well as any subsequent updates to the course content - even after you have completed the program.

Course Overview

Lesson 1:  The Aromahead Approach

You’ll Discover:

  • The Aromahead approach to teaching, and how to create your own!
  • How to teach for different learning styles (visual, auditory & kinesthetic)
  • Tips for gracefully managing different personalities in the classroom
  • How to support yourself as a teacher - so you can show up as your best self
  • Important FDA guidelines for discussing essential oils

In Lesson 2:  About Essential Oils

You’ll Discover:

  • How to teach your students about essential oils - including GC/MS and quality guidelines - without overwhelming them
  • Teaching Tips for teaching body butters, blends, lip balms, inhalers & more
  • Math worksheets that make calculating the right amount of oils for each recipe EASY (for you and your students!)
  • Learning activities you can do with your class

In Lesson 3:  1, 2 & 3 Hour Classes

You’ll Discover:

  • All the materials you need to assemble your short class, step-by-step!
  • Teaching outlines that break down what to do in 10-15 minute increments
  • Checklists to help you plan your short class topic, class activities & more
  • Important safety considerations to keep in mind
  • Customizable manual + 52 essential oil datasheets to share with your students

In Lesson 4:  1 & 2 Day Classes

You’ll Discover:

  • All the materials you need to assemble your 1-2 day class, step-by-step!
  • Teaching outlines that break down what to do in 15-45 minute increments
  • Important safety considerations for longer classes
  • Special webinar on how to teach students to make gift blends
  • 2 customizable manuals for longer classes + 52 essential oil datasheets

In Lesson 5:  Organizing Your Class

You’ll Discover:

  • How to price your classes, register students, and take payments
  • Tips for ordering and organizing your class supplies (including a fun video called “Supply Heaven”)
  • A list of supplies we recommend - and links to order them online
  • A sample Registration Welcome Letter (to welcome students when they enroll) + sample Class Enrollment Agreement (to have your students sign before each class)
Your Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program Includes:
  • 5 in-depth aromatherapy lessons - which you can access 24/7 in our beautiful, user-friendly online classroom.
  • 10 blending videos + 21 educational webinars led by Aromahead Institute Founder and Lead Instructor Andrea Butje.
  • Blending activities and teaching tips to help you guide your students through making a wide variety of products - including body butters, lip balms, foam soaps, inhalers, stock blends, salt blends, carrier oil blends, and spray blends.
  • Detailed class outlines for 5 different lengths of live, in-person classes - lasting 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 1 day, and 2 days. (The entire template of each class is provided for you in this online program.)
  • Professional student manuals and handouts for each length of class that you can use as-is or customize for your needs
Andrea Butje - Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program
Andrea Butje - Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program
  • 52 detailed essential oils datasheets - tailored for the 5 different lengths of classes. Each printer-friendly datasheet includes information on that essential oil’s common and Latin names, plant part it’s produced from, extraction method, aroma, safety considerations, and ways to use the oil for healthy living. The longer datasheets (for the one and two-day classes) include even more information, such as which aromas the essential oil blends well with, and appropriate substitutions.
  • Copyrights to the class manuals and datasheets for teaching in-person classes. This gives you the right to add your logo or business name and copyright information to these materials… and to edit or adapt them as you wish.
  • An extensive private list of resources for high-quality Aromatherapy products and related services - including where you can find wonderful classroom supplies, blending supplies, and ingredients for the blends you’ll make with your class.
  • Immediate eligibility for Aromatics International’s exclusive teacher discount … giving you up to 50% off most 5 ml, 15 ml, and 30 ml essential oils and up to 30% off carriers and accessories! This will greatly reduce the cost of the oils you use for teaching. Plus, there’s no minimum order AND you only have to teach once a year to receive this discount.
  • Permanent unlimited access to all the course materials and videos - including any updates to the content - even after you have completed the program.
This Program is For You If…
  • You’re excited about teaching aromatherapy classes, and helping others improve their health & well-being with essential oils.
  • You’re already teaching, and you’re ready to take your skills to the next level… by learning how to create engaging classes for different learning styles, how to spread the word about your classes, how to bring your best self to the classroom, and more.
  • You want access to the resources we’ve created that make teaching FUN and EASY - like class outlines, checklists, manuals, datasheets & more. Plus written lessons, videos and short webinars that walk you through everything step-by-step!
  • You have an existing aromatherapy retail business you want to grow by adding essential oil classes. When students learn to use the oils in your classes, they will be excited to purchase them from you!
  • You appreciate having all your questions addressed by highly qualified instructors - and the ability to learn at your own pace, from the comfort of home.
Andrea Butje - Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program
Meet Your Lead Instructor

Your video lessons and program content will be led by Andrea Butje, an internationally-recognized Aromatherapist who is changing the educational paradigm through her inspired approach to teaching + creating community online.

Andrea founded Aromahead Institute in 1998 to help people everywhere learn to use essential oils safely and effectively. Thousands of students from more than 180 countries have studied with Aromahead since that time - and many of our alumni have gone on to pursue successful careers and businesses in aromatherapy and the healing arts.

In 2013, Andrea won the Alliance of International Aromatherapists’ Lifetime Achievement Award for her heartfelt work in educating and connecting people involved in all aspects of the aromatherapy industry - from renowned authors and distillers to those who are brand new to essential oils.

When she isn’t sharing her love of aromatherapy with others, you’ll usually find Andrea in her kitchen - cooking, baking and playing with new recipes!