Andrea Butje - Advanced Graduate Program Online

Andrea Butje - Advanced Graduate Program Online digital download.

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Andrea Butje - Advanced Graduate Program Online

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Andrea Butje - Advanced Graduate Program Online

Andrea Butje - Advanced Graduate Program Online

Our Advanced Graduate Program (AGP) is designed for Certified Aromatherapists who wish to take their essential oil knowledge + blending skills to the next level.

Sign up today and receive a FREE lifetime membership to the Aromahead Institute Component Database - a user-friendly, searchable database that contains extensive scientific research on 66 major essential oil components. Membership to the database is usually $750, but you receive FREE lifetime membership when you register for the Advanced Graduate Program!

During this professional-level program, you’ll take an in-depth look at 27 different essential oils, 10 chemical families and a wide range of individual chemical components. You’ll learn the components molecular structures, therapeutic properties and safety considerations in language that’s down-to-earth, and makes learning essential oil chemistry feel accessible.

By the end of this course, you’ll have an extensive knowledge of the therapeutic properties of each oil that’s firmly grounded in solid research. You’ll master blending from a chemical component perspective as well as exploring plant parts, plant families, countries of origin and aroma… giving you a well-rounded graduate-level education in essential oils.

Ready to begin?

Andrea Butje - Advanced Graduate Program Online
This Program Will Build Your Confidence To…
  • Choose the best blending approach for each unique person or situation - by becoming well-versed in 8 different advanced blending techniques:
  • Blending from a single component perspective
  • Blending from a multiple component perspective
  • Blending within one chemical family
  • Blending between several chemical families
  • Blending with multiple oils that have two or more of the same components, in similar and significant percentages
  • Blending from a plant family perspective (to take advantage of the synergy between botanical families)
  • Blending from a plant part perspective (to address emotional and energetic balance)
  • Blending from a country of origin perspective (an interesting approach to oils sourced from the same country)
  • Use GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) reports to:
  • Quickly identify the medicinal actions and safety considerations of a particular oil - even if you’ve never used it before!
  • Easily familiarize yourself with brand new oils, and consider the benefits of your favorite oils from a whole new perspective
  • Work with less-common essential oils sourced from plants grown + distilled in places like Madagascar, India and Nepal
  • Understand the science behind WHY essential oils work, and have the knowledge to easily explain it to others
  • Take important safety considerations into account - even when you’re blending with unfamiliar oils.
  • Gain practical, real life experience creating blends to support people with specific health challenges - and receive extensive feedback on your blends from your personal case study instructor.
How It Works

The Advanced Graduate Program is an independent, self-study program.

As soon as you register, you will have immediate access to the course by logging into your account and accessing our beautiful user-friendly online classroom, which includes all of your written + video content, as well as interactive learning activities.

You’ll also have full access to our online forum - where you can ask questions, participate in discussions, and receive answers from our amazing instructors (as well as other Aromahead Institute students and graduates). Plus, you’ll receive in-depth feedback and support from your personal case study instructor.

Course Overview

Lesson 1

You’ll Discover:

  • A deeper look at gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC/MS) + essential oil chemistry
  • Potential drug and essential oil interactions
  • An introduction to Aromahead’s potent percentage charts
  • How to blend from a single component perspective

In Lesson 2

You’ll Discover:

  • An Introduction to Isomers
  • The Monoterpene chemical family
  • The Sesquiterpene chemical family
  • 7 additional blending synergies
  • How to best use carrier oils, butters + non-oil carriers

In Lesson 3

You’ll Discover:

  • The Monoterpenol chemical family
  • The Sesquiterpenol chemical family
  • The power of Linalool (Linalol) (a potent therapeutic component that’s present in many essential oils)
  • How to make your own hand cleanser + salt scrub blend

In Lesson 4

You’ll Discover:

  • The Phenol chemical family
  • The Ether chemical family
  • Important safety considerations
  • The Aromahead Approach to dilution
  • An effective cold + flu chest lotion blend

In Lesson 5

You’ll Discover:

  • The Aldehyde chemical family
  • The Ketone chemical family
  • The Ester chemical family
  • All about preservatives + antioxidants
  • How to blend multiple oils with the same components

In Lesson 6

You’ll Discover:

  • The Oxide chemical family
  • Antioxidants and free radicals
  • A deeper look at component structures
  • Plant families and plant parts
  • How to complete your case studies + final exam
Your Advanced Graduate Program Includes:
  • An Orientation + 6 in-depth lessons - which you can access 24/7 in our beautiful, user-friendly online classroom.
  • Professional video tutorials produced exclusively for the Advanced Graduate Program. Seeing the information presented in a warm, engaging video makes it easier to absorb - and you can watch the videos as many times as you like (even after you complete the class)!
  • Blending exercises and other FUN hands-on projects to deepen your learning.
  • Review questions to quiz yourself at the end of each lesson.
  • Feedback and blending guidance for 12 case studies. We will work with you personally to develop your blending skills as you gain hands-on experience in your case studies.
  • 27 detailed datasheets for the essential oils studied in the course. Aromahead Institute’s printer-friendly datasheets clearly lay out all the most important information you might need on hand for easy reference - including each oil’s: therapeutic properties, safety data, clinical applications, Latin name, botanical + chemical families, countries of origin, plant part used, extraction method, aroma, note, temperature, chemical components, and blending suggestions.
Andrea Butje - Advanced Graduate Program Online
Andrea Butje - Advanced Graduate Program Online
  • 27 Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) reports and up-to-date research summaries. With these reports and research, you will learn the medical actions and safety considerations for each essential oil component covered in the course.
  • FREE lifetime membership to Aromahead Institute’s Component Database - a user-friendly, searchable database that contains extensive scientific research on 66 major essential oil components. (Membership is usually $750, but it’s yours FREE for life when you register for the AGP!)
  • 15% off discount on all essential oils, carrier oils, butters, bottles, supplies, and specific blending kits from Aromatics International for 6 months after you register.
  • An extensive private list of resources for high-quality Aromatherapy products and related services.
  • Contact information for prominent Aromatherapy organizations and journals. Stay current with the industry, learn about the conferences, and gather articles from Aromatherapy experts.
  • Permanent unlimited access to all the course materials and videos - including any updates to the content - even after you have completed the program.
  • Permanent unlimited access to the exclusive Aromahead Institute Online Forum - where you can ask questions, participate in discussions, and receive answers from our amazing instructors… as well as connecting with other Aromahead students and graduates from over 180 countries around the world.
Requirements for Advanced Graduate Program Certification

In order to receive your Advanced Graduate Program certification from Aromahead Institute, you will:

Complete the 6 Lessons in the Advanced Graduate Program, and pass the final exam.

Complete 12 case studies.

Pay tuition in full. If you paid with a payment plan, your payments must be completed to receive your certification.

Andrea Butje - Advanced Graduate Program Online
Meet Your Lead Instructor

Your video lessons and program content will be led by Andrea Butje, an internationally-recognized Aromatherapist who is changing the educational paradigm through her i