Amanda Frances - Sell From Your Soul and Course Creation Queen

Amanda Frances - Sell From Your Soul and Course Creation Queen. Amanda Frances - Sell From Your Soul The below video is from two years ago.(The video ...
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Amanda Frances - Sell From Your Soul and Course Creation Queen

Amanda Frances - Sell From Your Soul

Amanda Frances - Sell From Your Soul


The below video is from two years ago.

(The video is slightly obnoxious, but makes an excellent point.)

I had just had my first quarter of a million dollar launch.

It was one of my favorite digital course enrollment periods of my career.

I knew I was embodying soulful selling in a way that felt so good...

... and was highly effective.

I was reaching the masses + earning at a new level.

Today, I have had dozens of six figure launches.

Plus my first seven figure launch at $1.2 million in early 2019.

I have a lot to say about soulful selling.

Check it out:


Selling is of High Service.

There is nothing greedy, salesy or wrong about getting your work in the world.

Selling is a spiritual practice when you are clear on how your offer changes lives.

Launching is the sacred vehicle by which we change the world with our work.

Selling is a beautiful, high-vibe, soul nourishing act...

...when you view it as such.

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Amanda Frances - Course Creation Queen

Amanda Frances - Course Creation Queen

Do You Dream of Making a Great Impact?

Do You Desire to Positively Effect the World with Your Voice, Skill-Set or Gifts?

Do You Have a Speciality, Message, or Knowledge that Could Serve More People?

Do You Fear That If You Don't Get Yourself Out There That You May Never Create the Income and the Impact That You Desire?

Then This Program is For You


Because of Online Courses I have been able to magnify my contribution to this world.

Online Courses create the unique opportunity to grow your business while serving the world -- they aren't that difficult to create and their impact lasts and lasts.

Once a course is created, recorded, and automated it can make you money all of the time whether you are sleeping, traveling or just having fun.

To be transparent within my first year of creating and selling courses, I was able to train 200 people while creating a extra income between 6k-16k a month . Today courses generate over 40k a month in my business.

I am going to show you each and every step of how I did this.

Online Courses are one of the most effective (if not the most effective) ways I know to expand your influence and grow your income quickly.

The Course Creation Process:

Identify Your Unique Course
Getting Clear.
Let's take the process, message, or skill-set that you have and get clear on a few things:
- Your Ideal Client
- It's Need in the World
- Your Unique Spin
- Get Uber Clear on your Content
I’ll Help You: Get Clear on the Above, Embrace Your Unique Message and Believe in Your Course.
Learn the Tech Stuff
Nitty-Gritty Tech Stuff -- Made Simple.
We will go over:
- Creating your content: Audio, Video, Worksheets, Whatever You Choose!
- Live vs. Recorded.
- PowerPoints vs. Your Face.
- Evergreen vs One time.
- Setting up your course without a membership site.

I’ll literally show you:
- How to record, schedule, and share the content on my laptop via screensharing.

I'll share with you.
- Exactly what programs have made course creation easy for me.
- What methods I use for recording and go over other methods that may be right for you.
Create Your Platform
Sales Pages:
I'll share my two favorite programs for creating sales pages MYSELF (I’m so NOT a web designer) and show you how to use them.
How to create a Value-Rich course using bonuses and added value.
The back-end of automating your course is so important.
This way the very second someone pays, a Welcome Email will shows up in the inbox of your new client.
It doesn’t matter if you are asleep or meditating in Bali — you just made money and your new customer is enjoying your course right now.
Earning just got easy!!
Bring it to the People
- How to use the right small free gifts to start or expand your mailing list and get your course known.
Facebook Ads:
- How to target your ideal client in a way that speaks to them.
Social Media
- Getting your course out there with social media sharing.
Make the Money
I know you want to make money from your course, and if you’ve followed me long you know I really want that for you.
I will share my tips for clearing your money blocks and give you my process for energetically holding space for students and money.
I will help you believe in the power of your course, give you some manifestation tools, and help you price your course accordingly.

I will share with you my six-week process for launching a course!

It simply wouldn't be one of my courses if we didn't talk about money ;)
This Six-Week Course has been recorded for you!

When you sign up, you will gain automatic access to the private members only area containing the content for week one!

Check your email! You will receive week two seven days later.

You will receive an email will directions to access the new content each week for six weeks.

Please Note: Week Five is Implementation Week, meaning there is no new content, but there will be uber important (and FUN!) homework to dive into.

It is up to you whether you use this week for homework or rest!
- Weekly Meditations
- Audio/Video Recordings for Each of the Five Calls
- Instructors PowerPoints
- Unlimited Replays
- Weekly Homework
- Exclusive Access to the Course Creation Queen Members' Area