Allyson Chavez - Make Your Miracles 2014

Allyson Chavez - Make Your Miracles 2014 digital download. Info: [ 22 MP3 - 1 MP4 - 1 HTML File Set ] | 166.78 MB. Did you know that YOU have the ability...

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Allyson Chavez - Make Your Miracles 2014

Type: Digital download

Format: [ 22 MP3 - 1 MP4 - 1 HTML File Set ]

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Allyson Chavez - Make Your Miracles 2014

Did you know that YOU have the ability to create your OWN miracles in your own life? You’ll learn that it’s easier than you think when you join me for my FREE telesummit.

I’ve gathered top experts in various fields and asked them to share their experiences and creative ideas on how to find and create miracles in your daily life. These interviews are filled with valuable and relevant content that you can use immediately.

This is typical of what you’ll get when you join us.

• 30-minute interviews with Miracle Making Experts

• Amazing stories, creative tips, and and shockingly simple techniques
to making miracles appear

• Valuable FREE gifts from every expert

Meet the Make Your Miracles Experts

Christopher Tims
The Miracle of the Moment
Christopher Tims is masterful at taking common, everyday admonitions–like not taking things personally–and turning them inside out and spinning them on their head! His take on miracles is so different, but makes such perfect sense you wonder why you didn’t see it his way all along!
In today’s interview, Christopher shares:
• the miracle of the moment
• how we show up inside literally creates our outside
• why it’s important and necessary to take everything personally

Kyle Johnson
One Little Shift in Perspective Opens the Doors to Miracles
Kyle Johnson is an inspiration to anyone who listens to him. His story is truly miraculous. He is living proof of the power of the human spirit!
In today’s interview, Kyle shares:
• his own “terrific, horrific” long boarding accident that left him in a coma for 3 1/2 weeks, and resulted him relearning how to
walk, talk, read, write, and everything else in between
• how close we really are to miracles
• the importance of acknowledging doubt and fear, but doing it anyway
• how one little shift in perspective opens the doors to miracles

Debra Poneman
Living in The Miracle Zone
Debra Poneman is a massive success and yet is so down to earth and friendly it feels like you’re talking with your favorite neighbor. I loved her fast and fun tips you can do in minutes to open up to miracles, too!
In today’s interview, Debra shares:
• what it’s like living in The Miracle Zone
• why you can’t create miracles
• how to put yourself in the right energy to receive miracles

Devani Freeman
How to Tap into Business Miracles
Devani Freeman is a breath of fresh air when you feel like you’re drowning in social media! She is so much fun to talk to and takes the mystery and confusion out of starting up your own business. Find out how to get your own high-five from the universe.
In today’s interview, Devani shares:
• the miracles Devani found when she hit bottom
• the simple, 5 minute process she uses to receive miracles
• how to tap into business miracles–even if you’re just getting started

Marci Lock
How to End Sabotage for Good
Marci Lock is an absolute inspiration. Her energy is so fast and so fun, and she stands firm in the conviction that you have the ability to create miracles in your life and in your body by changing your belief around it. She is the beautiful, living truth of that!
In today’s interview, Marci shares:
• the miracle of the mind to create your rockin’ body of health
• the difference between “get to” and “have to”
• how to end sabotage for good
• plus, she shares a mirror exercise that has the power to transform you forever!

Daniel Gutierrez
The 3 Things That Keep us Out of Alignment From Our Miracles
I love Daniel’s down-to-earth, approachable nature. With his authenticity and honesty, you know that if he can achieve great things, so can you!
In today’s interview, Daniel shares:
• the 3 things that keep us out of alignment from our miracles
• are miracles as prevalent as pennies? He’ll show you!
• the age cut-off to receiving miracles

Jeffery Olsen
Choose Joy in the Midst of Anguish
Jeffery Olsen touched my heart so profoundly that I cried through our whole interview! He has such a calming spirit about him, and sharing the horrific accident and loss he suffered, but also the miracles that came with it, strengthened my belief in the beauty of miracles.
In today’s interview, Jeffery shares:
• the miracles he experienced through a horrific accident resulting in the loss of his leg, his wife and younger son
• his visit to the other side and what he learned there about miracles
• how we can choose joy in the midst of anguish

Ann Phillis
How to Stop Our Minds From Rabbiting Around All Day
Ann’s personality is so peaceful and serene you can’t help but feel relaxed around her! I found my stress and anxiety just melting away while we visited, and her Australian accent is absolutely charming!
In today’s interview, Ann shares:
• the peace and serenity you receive from activating your heart
• the powerful force your heart has on inciting miracles
• how to stop our minds from “rabbiting around” all day
• plus, she leads us in a beautiful guided heart activation that you will love!

Cory Michelle
The Miracles That Come From Choosing Your YES
Cory Michelle is a breath of fresh air! I loved her light, playful energy, and her practical down to earth application of concepts that can feel a little over your head at times. Her message is perfectly timed!
In today’s interview, Cory shares:
• that judgments and conclusions squelch the creation of miracles
• the miracles that come from choosing your yes
• that there is a choice in literally everything, and you ultimately choose whether you play in truth –which is light–or
lies–which are very heavy

Dr. Lisa Cooney
How to Go From Surviving, to Thriving
Dr. Lisa Cooney brings a fireball of energy to everything she does, and she sure turns it up in this interview! I loved her upbeat, positive attitude and her love for her work certainly shines through.
In today’s interview, Lisa shares:
• how to go from surviving, to thriving and then to living!
• questions to ask that will get you in tune with your miracles
• how the past literally blocks you from receiving your miracles–and how to step out of that and into the present,
where the magic really happens!

Gerald Rogers
The Simple Tweaks You Can Do to Stop Blocking Miracles From Showing up in Your Life
Gerald Rogers is truly connected to his purpose and passion, and was so much fun to spend some time with. He embodies his motto to Live Big and encourages everyone to awaken to their own divine power. In a world bogged down in confusion, Gerald is a breath of fresh air!
In today’s interview, Gerald shares:
• the simple tweaks you can do to stop blocking miracles from showing up in your life
• what he does to be aware of his daily miracles, and that you can easily do as well
• ways you can change your blueprint to allow miraculous flow to come to you

Kim Flynn
The Secret Sauce Needed to Make Your Own Miracles
Kim Flynn is a friendly, no-nonsense gal with a different take on miracles. She tells it like it is, but makes you want to do it anyway! What a powerful woman!
In today’s interview, Kim shares:
• Kim’s personal take on miracles
• an easy and effortless meditation you can do while driving in your car
• an explination of why faith and vision boards don’t bring you miracles
• the “secret sauce” needed to make your own miracles

Annette Pieper
The Secret to Becoming Aware of Blind Spots
Annette Pieper is such a warm, open person and yet has such great business sense you know you’re in good hands with her. And I loved her Rubber Band Method, too!
In today’s interview, Annette lets us in on:
• the rubber band method to get out of your old story
• the 5 minute pity party you can take to create wonderful upward shifts
• the secret to becoming aware of blind spots that are blocking your miracles–and then quickly and easily removing those blocks

Rabia Hayek
The Link Between Breathing and Creation
Rabia takes a rather esoteric topic like conscious breathing and makes it not only easily relatable, but fascinating! And he is masterful at guiding your breath and creating magic within it!
In today’s interview, Rabia teaches us:
• how to live like a superhero
• the link between breathing and creation
• the power of conscious breathing
• an amazing breathing exercise that has miraculous effects

Gerry Gavin
How we Unconsciously Block Miracles with Our Brain’s Programming to Keep us Safe
Gerry Gavin takes the “woo woo” and brings it firmly down to earth by openly and honestly sharing his experience with energies and channeling a spirit named Margaret. He is so grounded and good natured, an absolute joy to talk with!
In today’s interview, Gerry teaches us:
• how we unconsciously block miracles by our brain’s programming to keep us safe
• what we can do to undo that programming and say YES to opportunities that lead to miracles
• how something as simple as documenting the small miracles in our lives literally leads us to giant miracles

Rebecca Jenkins
The Power in the Choice
Rebecca is an absolute delight! She showed me miracles where I was convinced there were none to be found. Her knowledge will bring relief to anyone living with depression or anxiety.
In today’s interview, Rebecca shares:
• the miracle she found in her experience with depression and anxiety
• how to do a quick mental defrag using tapping
• the power of the choice
• a technique to quickly clear the pain you’re feeling

Ginger Burr
The Exact Things She Does to Consistently Create Miracles
I so much enjoyed the enthusiasm and wisdom Ginger shared during our interview! She is so dynamic, and her love for the Inner Essence she sees in women truly shines bright!
Today, Ginger enlightens us with:
• the miracle of health she found with a simple discovery
• the exact things she does to consistently create miracles
• what your Inner Essence is and the miracles it creates

Russ Whitney
Overcoming the “Never Good Enough” Syndrome
I loved interviewing Russ! He is filled with wisdom and serenity, and so willingly shares his experiences and mistakes he made while discovering his own Inner Voice. I especially loved how he explained how two-way conscious contact works. It’s powerful!
Today, Russ shares:
• How his life crushing was his biggest miracle
• How to know when God is speaking to you
• The four absolutes of divine guidance
• Overcoming the “never good enough” syndrome

Christy Whitman
The Most Important 90 Seconds to Manifesting Miracles
Christy is so warm, down to earth and practical in her approach to creating miracles that she helps you believe in your ability to create whatever you want as well! She firmly believes that if she can do it, you can do it, and she will show you how. I found her 90 second process to be super helpful!
Today Christy shares:
• the most important 90 seconds to manifesting miracles
• what is a “healthy selfish?”
• the amazing miracles she experienced during a life threatening situation with her 2 month old son

Tera Maxwell
What Your Daily Successes Have to Do With Miracles
Dr. Tera Maxwell has the most amazing story! Once diagnosed with chronic depression and suicidal tendencies, she now lives a life of affluence, joy and peace. She is one of my mentors and a woman I greatly admire and respect. You’ll understand why after listening to our interview!
In today’s interview, Tera shares:
• the power in turning it over to God
• the thing that you’re avoiding is the exact leap you need to take to manifest your miracles
• what your daily successes have to do with miracles

Oren Harris
Practical Miracles and What They Look Like
I love Oren’s practicality, especially as it relates to creating miracles. He view on how practical miracles really are opened me up to seeing them in a completely different light. And I loved his vapor, water, ice analogy for how we block ourselves from miracles!
Today Oren talks about:
• Practical miracles and what they look like
• The #1 thing that blocks us from our miracles
• How miracles show up for him every day

Tony Litster
The 3 Step Process to Creating Miracles in Every Area of Your Life
Tony and Bri make it safe to be vulnerable, as they share their less than stellar track record at relationships and how they’ve experienced miracles to create the world of their dreams–from their marriage, to their business, to their family. They’re real, they’re inspirational, and they’re so much fun! And I loved their simple 3 step process to creating miracles. (The magic happens in the 3rd step!)
Today Tony and Bri Litster share:
• their 3 step process to creating miracles in every area of your life
• how they healed their broken relationship–and you can too
• how to stretch your mind to believe in possibilities

About your host Allyson Chavez
With a background in Direct Sales, one would hardly think that energy healing was an intuitive jump for me. But jump I did, in a leap of faith that landed me directly on the SimplyHealed™ path.

After successfully ignoring my inner voice for years, she just would not be silent any longer. It took too much effort to live a life not authentic to my higher self, and one day I decided to do it: I took an online course called SimplyHealed™ see where this “energy business” would take me. After four of the most spiritually enlightening days, and my own personal “awakening,” I knew this was my path.

How would I make this path a reality? How would I get clients in this new social era that, frankly, scared the bejeebers out of me? I had no idea. But thankfully, I learned that the “cursed hows” (as Mike Dooley affectionately refers to them) are none of my business, and I only needed to follow where inspired action would lead me.

So here I am, creating my first-ever website, learning how to make videos and post them on YouTube, creating a FaceBook fan page, all with no help from my children! So, though I may seem a little technologically green, or rough around the edges, I can sure help your energy shift into higher vibrations and hopefully inspire you to live the life your Higher Self wants as well!