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Alexander Leonidas - Naturally Enhanced

How to Really Get Big Fast Without using drugs, having good genetics, or living in the gym.

Let me read your mind real quick…

You’re here because you want to get huge.

And when I say huge, I’m not referring to being “aesthetic” or pretty.

I’m talking about becoming absolutely massive.

You see, during your fitness journey you were told that drug-free lifters could never get big. You were told to settle for fitness model looking physiques, and that being slim or aesthetic was the only option.

Just the idea of being the strongest guy in the gym or having a thick, muscular body was something unimaginable.

Your so-called “bad genetics” were thrown in your face, and all your dreams of becoming big were crushed.

As a result, you settled for less. You settled for a small, frail physique, because you accepted the fact that you were never going to get big.

That is, until today.

Alexander Leonidas - Naturally Enhanced

Do These Experiences Sound Familiar to you?

When you first start a new program, you go balls to the wall. You listen to the best motivational speeches, buy the best training equipment and supplements, watch tons of fitness videos, and design your own custom program.

You have never felt this good in your life. Motivation is sky high, and you’re ready to pump some iron.

You begin with a split routine, where you dedicate a training day to each muscle group. Each body part is completely annihilated, leaving you sore for days.

You smash chest and arms as if it were life itself, hoping you’ll eventually look big.

You religiously drink your pre and post-workout shakes, while eating a rigid diet of chicken breast and broccoli.

You also perform tons of cardio and ab training.

A couple weeks go by, and you start noticing some changes…

You See Changes…But Not What You Wanted

  • Your muscles start feeling soft and empty, instead of full and dense
  • Your strength gains begin to plateau, rather than increase
  • Recovery starts being an issue, making you feel sore and unmotivated to train
  • Your testosterone levels slowly decrease, making you feel weak and drained
  • Your clothes are starting to feel very baggy

Your favorite pants begin sagging towards your ankles, causing you to constantly wear belts and buy new clothes.

Your t-shirts feel loose on the sleeves, slimming your biceps and triceps while accentuating your pipe-cleaner forearms.

The back and waist are also loose, which gives off the impression that you’re wearing your Dad’s clothes.

That’s when it all clicks…

Alexander Leonidas - Naturally Enhanced

You Don’t Look Big, You’re Skinny And Sucked Up!

If that wasn’t bad enough, you’ve also become a slave to the gym! You train 4-6x a week for inferior results. It’s like working overtime but without receiving a paycheck. And this “clean” food and supplementation is costing you a fortune!

All that time and energy, yet you look scrawny and frail?

It doesn’t make sense, you think to yourself.

Didn’t your favorite fitness “gurus” tell you that this is what produced results? Didn’t they say that if you just worked hard, ate right, and supplemented that everything would be fine?

What went wrong along the way?

It Wasn’t Your Fault!

What if I told you that almost everyone in the fitness industry is on steroids?

What if I told you that your favorite naturals were on large amounts of drugs and lying about their usage?

What if I told you that most of them have top tier elite genetics, which is why their advice never worked for you?

How would you feel knowing that everything you were ever taught about training was false?

Unfortunately, I had to face this same reality years ago. Back then, I was oblivious to drug usage in the fitness world. I thought everyone was natural, and that hard work, good supplementation, and nutrition would cut it.

Little did I know how wrong I was.

I realized the hard way, through wasting thousands of hours following garbage systems, that something wasn’t right.

Just like you, I was confused why I wasn’t making the best gains. I often made excuses, and would constantly blame genetics. I sincerely believed I was an ectomorph/hard gainer.

Anyway, with time I got a bit bigger and stronger, but there was still something missing to my physique. The best “naturals” had had this thick, monstrous look that my body simply didn’t have.

In particular, they had wide necks, super thick traps, mountainous upper backs, 3D deltoids, large forearms, and gorilla glutes.

The fact that these very specific muscle groups were thoroughly developed made them look much bigger than they actually were.

The question is, how did they develop these regions? What was their secret in getting big?

It was drugs. Not just one drug, but a cocktail of drugs! When I learned how much stuff these guys were taking, it blew my mind.

These results were not due to their high work ethic or training, but from heavy drug abuse.

Once I understood this truth, everything made sense.

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