Alex Becker & Alex Cass - Source Phoenix

Alex Becker & Alex Cass - Source Phoenix digital download. Info: [32 MOV | 49 MP4 | 29 FLV | 1 BIN | 2 TXT | 3 PDF | 4 PNG | 3 PPTX]. The Most Advanced ...

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Alex Becker & Alex Cass - Source Phoenix

Type: Digital download

Format: [32 MOV | 49 MP4 | 29 FLV | 1 BIN | 2 TXT | 3 PDF | 4 PNG | 3 PPTX]


Source Phoenix

The Most Advanced SE0 Course Of The Year
For the first time ever three SEO's generating over 300,000 per month (3.6 million per year) have came together to unveil and layout everything they do step by step.

Alex Becker, Dan Anderson, and Kotton Grammer will be showing you more than just how to rank (though by the end of this course you will be a ranking machine). What you will be seeing is not just how to rank, but how to make money with SE0 period.

You will have some of the best 7 figure SEO's on the planet walking you through their entire business models and taking you through their every action step by step so that you can use the same tactics that are making them millions!

Whether you are into affiliate, client, or service based SE0 this is the course that will redefine how you do SE0 and take you to not just making your first dollar, but making your first thousands of dollars online!

Module 1 : Core Training

Take you from being even a total beginner to a pro

Fill in all the blanks in your current toolkit

Hands on training that goes from the basics to high level SEO tactics

Gives you the skills to put you in front of 95% of SEOs

Prepares you for the super advanced stuff to come

Module 2 : Affiliate Blitz Module

Taught by 100k per month SEO super affiliate Dan Anderson

See step by step what a 100k per month affiliate does

The niches, keywords, and offers he chooses

Exactly how he ranks (white, black, grey)

How to profit big time in foreign SEO niches

The best site structures to use

How to outsource EVERYTHING and scale

Module 3 : Client Take Over

Taught by 200k per month SEO client thunder god Kotton Grammer

See how a 200k per month client SEO scales his business

Get clients chasing you (without cold calling)

Get paid 5x more than an average SEO (even if your a beginner)

The ultimate client ranking strategies Destroy the 7 pack of Google

Keep your clients 100% safe

Module 4: Quick Cash Module

The fastest cash tactics in SEO PERIOD

How to start services that can easily scale to 6 figures

How to get started creating your own SEO software

How to create a team that handles outsourcing

How to turn the knowledge in this course into products