Alan Weiss - The Write Stuff

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Alan Weiss - The Write Stuff

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Alan Weiss - The Write Stuff

Alan Weiss - The Write Stuff

There are some secrets I haven’t revealed. It’s time.

I’ve long inveighed against the extraordinary amounts of time people require to express themselves in print. When I’ve told them that it should take 45 minutes to write an article, the best have reduced their time from weeks to days (and, happily on occasion, hours). I’ve repeatedly but infrequently demonstrated how this is accomplished.

The ability to write with influence, facility, and speed is critical in creating articles, position papers, proposals, web material, blog entries, client letters, reports, inquiries, and, yes, books. Imagine being able to write a superb article within an hour, a winning proposal within two hours, an enticing booklet within a day, an exciting book proposal within a week (and a book within two months)?

And consider the power and ROI of learning all of this within one day? One outstanding, memorable day, that could change your career, your prospects, and your life.

Get Alan Weiss - The Write Stuff download right now!

Here’s a sample of what you’ll walk away with:

  • The ability to change passive, uninteresting language into dynamic, stirring commentary.
  • A thorough understanding of the rules of grammar and punctuation which will help position you as a learned, respected source and expert.
  • A completed article, position paper, or blog entry which you will start and finish during the program, having had it evaluated and refined. This will serve as one of your templates.
  • The sources of inspirational, intriguing openings.
  • “One shot” writing, where you don’t have to sweat, second-guess, revise, review, and regret what you’ve done.
  • How to include pithy, laser-like examples which not only prove your point, but sell it every time.
  • Techniques to improve your “writing vocabulary” in such a way that you say, “I wish I had written that,” and then realize that you have!
  • The opportunity to join my new Write Stuff Writers’ Circle, where we will meet by phone in small groups monthly for six months to review each other’s work, which will be on our computer screens while we talk. This is an additional option available only to people who attend the session.
  • The conversion of an often laborious chore into a labor of love and, of course, of increased influence and impact.
  • Two months of my personal review of your written material—one document of any kind per week.

Join us for the most intensive day of writing improvement you’ll probably ever experience. I’ve written over 10 million words in my career, Some of them have been pretty good. We’ll focus on those!

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