Akademie - Volume Trader Course

Akademie - Volume Trader Course digital download.

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Akademie - Volume Trader Course

Type: Digital download

Akademie - Volume Trader Course

Akademie - Volume Trader Course



NEW: The ” SMART MONEY SYSTEM ” is the first and most comprehensive online training in volume trading.

Normal charting technology was yesterday. Nowadays, you need more than just a blank chart. You need an advantage over other market participants. This advantage offers you the volume trading.

Volume trading is the supreme discipline in trading . Only the least active traders use this advantage in the market and wish themselves a life long “finally sometime successfully to trade”. In this training, you will learn how YOU also get an advantage in the financial markets and thus ascend into the small league of successful traders .

The big players, the insiders, are leaving their mark on the market.
In my apprenticeship you also learn how to follow these tracks, recognize crucial market processes and manipulations, and then position yourself on the market with the greatest chance of winning with the insiders.

Further advantages with the SMART MONEY SYSTEM:

  • 10 modules with over 140 videos
  • Sound knowledge compact and in a nutshell! So you can make the most of your learning time
  • Permanent access to my COMPLETE knowledge. Divide your time yourself and learn when and where you want !
  • Constant development of the training based on your feedback
  • Become part of the Volume-Trader Community ! Exchange with other participants
  • Trade without interpretation ! You understand how the financial markets really work
  • You do not need any additional knowledge from books or similar besides this training.

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