AfriaFrica Biz in a Box

AfriaFrica Biz in a Box. Afriafrica Biz in a BoxHow YOU Can Create Wealth For Yourself And AfricaGet access to the world’s first comprehensive training progra...
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Afriafrica Biz in a Box

Afriafrica Biz in a Box

How YOU Can Create Wealth For Yourself And Africa

Get access to the world’s first comprehensive training program & done-for-you business resource for everyone who wants to start a business by importing and selling high-in-demand African products in the global market.

Dr. Harnet - leading African Business Trainer & Consultant shares the new mission…

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To train, equip, and empower you to open up their respective markets to high-in-demand products sourced in Africa. It will allow you to build a flexible, highly profitable business and create wealth, so you can become financially free & live life on your own terms. And at the same time, you are directly contributing to Africa’s economic development, local production, livelihoods, and job creation.

Are you ready to start your journey?

What you will get:

Access #1 to: The world’s first online training on how to import from Africa

The world’s first ever ‘How to Import from Africa’ online training course in 12 modules.

Access #2: Best African Products List

We made a list of the most sought after and trending African products in the world for you. Access it now and simply choose one product to get started.

Access #3:  Check Lists & Email Templates

You may wonder how to get it all started! Well, we will lead you step by step!  Don’t know what to write contacting an African supplier? No problem, just copy-paste our e-mail templates. Done!

Access #4: Success Stories and Lessons

We will share success stories from people who are successfully importing African products.  This will be a growing library of videos where people who just started out like you will share their lessons and advice with you. PRICELESS! - and  great motivator, too!

Huge Bonus!!!

When purchasing the online course TODAY, you get automatically access to our growing platform of African products and suppliers.

We have vetted them….and then partnered with them….so you can start doing business together!

  1. How to import from Africa online course (12 modules)
  2. Access to African suppliers & products (
  3. Best African products list
  4. Email templates & check lists
  5. Success stories & insights (videos)

Get Afriafrica Biz in a Box at the standbysun

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