AFC Adam Lyons - Valentine's Day (Revised)

AFC Adam Lyons - Valentine's Day (Revised) digital download. Info: [1 M4V] | 208.01 MB. Adam Lyons is well known for making use of concepts first introdu...

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AFC Adam Lyons - Valentine's Day (Revised)

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Format: [1 M4V]

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AFC Adam Lyons - Valentine's Day (Revised)

Concepts and Techniques

Adam Lyons is well known for making use of concepts first introduced by Mystery such as pre-selection and social proof. Adam used these concepts as a starting point and takes them even further. His seduction skills include successful cold approaching without being part of a large social group. At the peak of his career he reports often being accompanied to clubs with 20 or 30 good looking women.

The methods taught by Adam have evolved over the years, although they have always involved the use of pre-selection and social proof to some extent. He often performs short “sets” in a bar or club in which he interacts with attractive women in order to build instant social proof before approaching the woman he is really interested in.

Concepts and theories taught by Adam include:

Myframe which is a basic understanding of what attracts a man and woman to one another.

The principles of attraction which involves the basic qualities that cause attraction between two people before ever interacting with one another. He explains why a singer may seem attractive while performing, but not so much in a social situation.

Metagame which involves understanding the psychology of situations and events in the immediate vicinity of a woman you wish to meet. The idea is that more than spoken interaction is involved when interacting with women.

Entourage game in which being surrounded by many beautiful women will make you appear attractive and, in turn, allow you to attract other desirable women.

One way which Adam explains attraction is by using this formula which represents events leading to someone being attracted to you if they had not been at first site:

(C-R) + Q + S = A

  1. C = Comfort
  2. R = Rapport
  3. Q = Qualification
  4. S = Sexual Escalation
  5. A = Attraction

Adam states that he was voted least likely to get a girlfriend by classmates when he was 15 years old. During his teens he greatly enjoyed playing strategy and role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. He says that he had a difficult time with women until around 2005, which is when he first discovered the seduction community at the age of 25.

Prior to the beginning of his career as a dating coach, Adam held multiple jobs including prop technician for a live action role playing company where he created armor and weapons and PR Manager for several different agencies.

After dating for more than 2 years, he was married to Amanda Lyons (maiden name Amanda Torres) in June 2009.

In 2013 Adam parted with Amanda “in a very pleasant and amicable divorce due to the fact that as we aged we had different goals”. Adam also said “I learnt the skill set I did to have the life I wanted. When my relationship no longer matched the future I wanted It made sense to move on.”

In December 2014 he published the video below with his 2 girlfriends he has since been living with for around a year.

Pickup Artist Career

Adam says that he began spending quite a bit of time browsing forums and looking through other online content in regard to picking up girls after discovering the existence of the seduction community in 2005. It wasn’t until 2006 when he finally took action by using what he had learned to pick up women. Later, he began befriending pick up artists including coaches from Mystery Method, the London Seduction Society, and more.

At this time, he decided to create a nickname for himself, “AFC Adam”, which later became his publically known alias. AFC actually stands for “Average Frustrated Chump”.

Adam first realized that he could use the “social proof” technique to achieve better results picking up women while employed in the public relations and promotion field. This is when he started Project Entourage along with Love systems Sheriff and Mr. The company’s concept was to promote clubs and parties by bringing desirable women to them. The point was to improve the events atmosphere and improve the reputation of the establishment.

People began seeing the success of the company and started asking for advice. As a result, he began speaking at events for boot camps hosted by Love Systems and Mystery Method. He later worked together with the team from PUA Training.

Finally, it was requested of him to open the 2007 PUA Summit which improved his reputation as a PUA in the United States. He was still very new to the industry, but gave his pick up style the title, ”social circle game.”

His was actively dating Amanda Lyons at that time. In 2008 she teamed up with Adam to begin coaching alongside him. Since then, they have hosted many PUA training events together.

He moved to Austin, TX in 2009 so that he could further develop PUA Training in the USA. He formed a new business called Attraction Explained with Amanda in 2010.